sundaypicnicJune 30, 2006

Do you guys have any tips and tricks when youÂre on a diet? IÂm trying to lower my sugar intake. So, of course, the first thing I did was stop eating most sweets and stop drinking soda. I started getting those sugar-free jell-o cups. They really deliciousÂhas anyone tried them? Do you guys have any other good ideas for low-sugar snacks?

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I have never tried the jello ready made cups but I buy the packages and make my own cause it is wayyyyyyyy cheaper....I also make my own SF & FF chocolate pudding....I love it and it fills the need for dessert for me...You can buy the pudding cups too but again I make them because they are much cheaper...Cost isn't really an issue because I don't have a budget I have to stick to but the cups are usually at least a couple of bucks as opposed to packages which are often 3 for a buck...I bought 1/2cup Glad containers so I have about 20 little containers to use just for my own individual desserts.I love jello too.

Good luck on giving it up...I think you will feel better...

The best way to cut out sugare is just to use a little splenda or other sweetener if you have to have have something and just don't use it any more. I was a sugar addict and I just quit. I don't eat any of it...I was suffering so bad from all kinds of sugar maladies including yeast infections that I just got rid of it period.

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Are you having any success.....

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The South Beach diet is a good one for people who want/need to cut sugar. Sugar free jello is allowed.

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I use Splenda quite often. Love it on fresh fruit with a bit of spice...nuke it in microwave and you have a pretend pie! I often spoon the fruit mixture on ff, sf vanilla yogurt.

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