LCDs in an armoire

shay13August 29, 2007

I was told that you shouldn't place a LCD TV in an armoire because they generate too much heat and it would greatly shorten the life of the TV. Is this true? I purchased one back in May and the salesperson who knew I was putting it in armoire did not mention this at all. Someone who was visiting in my home mentioned this to me.

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Your "friend" is full of baloney!! Of all of the "new- tech" tv's -- the LCD (flat-screen - NOT - projection) are the coolest running and the least electricity using TV's of all.

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I thought so! Thanks!

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I have my Sony 32" XBR2 in my armoire in the bedroom. LCD's are so thin there is lots of room for air to circulate all around it. Plus they run fairly cool anyway. Unless you have the worlds thinest armoire, you should have zero problems.


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