Paradigm vs Polk vs Boston Acoustics...Help

breezy_2August 12, 2007

I am ready to get our theater/stereo speakers. Some are in ceiling and some book shelf and tower. Any input as to the best? I do not particularly like Bose in this arena. One local dealer really likes the Paradigm over the Polk.

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Hard choice as all of them are top notch. Your dealer should be able to give you the best advice if he can see the room your are going to install the system in. At least offer them the dimensions.

You wont go wrong with any. I have Boston Acoustics, my father-in-law had Paradigm. Both are awesome. HeHe, my car has Bose.

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I have listened to all three brands. All make a quality product.

Listen to them and buy which ones sound best to you.

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I'll third that. Any of them are good and all of them will sound different once they're actually installed. I've owned BAs and Polks and have heard Paradigms; I could be happy with any of 'em.

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All good stuff, but I would throw in B&W and Vienna Accoustics if you can find them and afford them...

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