Ideas on how to capture gray water runoff from A/C?

momfromthenorthJune 4, 2014

The pipe that comes out of our crawl space which empties the water from our A/C system is only about 2' off the ground outside. I don't know why it wasn't set up higher but it's not and since it comes through cement block and brick, I can not drill another hole to move it up higher.

I currently have an old garden hose hooked up to the pvc drain pipe so the water will drain away from the house/foundation and down the slope of our back yard but lately I've been thinking that we could be using that water for the garden or other plants in the yard. Does anyone have any ideas how to capture that water? I've looked at the barrels for downspouts but they are too tall to fit under the A/C drainpipe.

It might just be a crazy idea on my part but it seems like such a waste of water to just let it run off into the back woods.

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Annie Deighnaugh

A kiddie pool?

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We bought a house last year where the inspection showed water on the original foundation where the master bed/bath were added on -- so the dripping never showed on the exterior/new foundation. DH figures out where the water was coming from. The shortest route to the exterior wall was a pvc pipe sticking out of the house crawlspace vent with a 5-gal bucket under it to catch the condensate. It's not pretty or elegant but it works. I'd like something less obvious but he's an engineer -- and if it works, he's not fixing it!

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