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deemarie5500June 7, 2004


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Hey Dee - thanks for getting these going here.

Is anyone else out there lurking????

Dee- You had a fun packed weekend WOW.

Graduation was unbelievable - they allow the students to come in whatever they desire. they are issued caps and gowns, but they can decorate them, cut them up or not even wear them at all and I do mean at all!!! There was a student that came up on a bicycle in his bathrobe for his diploma, a giant sushi, a girl with a third leg on the top of her cap, a couple guys in their briefs. I would say over 50% did something other than cap and gown. I was relieved to see that DD only tailored her gown to be more form fitting and added a pink pocket to the front for her cell phone LOL. It was very entertaining and I never saw anything like it before.

NH Suzanne - dinner at Al Forno's was exceptional - as always, but a little disappointed that they didn't have the Molton Cake on the menu anymore. Pane e Vino was very good, but not exceptional. The atmosphere is nice, service excellent and we had the most delicious antipasta. Our main courses were good, but not great, except for DD#1 - she got giant rigatonis in a pink sauce and that was excellent (the cheapest thing on the menu LOL). There was a festival on Federal Hill, so it was fun to walk through.

Gretchen - I will e-mail you my itinerary this week. I have to talk to the grooms mom to find out the time of the rehersal dinner, etc.

Hope everyone is doing well. I have to read over yesterdays again. I did a quick once over late last night.

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Hello All,

Thanks for getting us started DeeMarie.

Raeanne, I am glad you had a good time in Providence. I was thinking of you Saturday imagining the lovely dinner you were having.

I had a good weekend starting off Saturday with a wonderful trailride with a group of seven to a remote lake. It was a pretty nice day in spite of reports of rain. We rode with a big black stallion who Sweet Pea took a liking to and hung with all day. We had a really fun gallop at one point and she kept right up with him!

Sunday, we went over to a drive that was organized by a club memeber. It was a ten mile loop and Sweet Pea went really well. Quiet and relaxed. I couldn't have asked for a nicer drive. We did the 10 miles in 1 hour 45 minutes. Very good. DH was my groom too so that was extra nice.

The nice weekend came to a crashing hault when the phone rung at midnight. Younges DS was in a car accident and was in the hospital in Providence! He lost a bunch of teeth and broke a finger. He is okay but in a lot of trouble as he was so intoxicated that the hospital wouldn't release him until 10am! I have no other information on what is going to happen next but I am going to assume he will lose his license and go to court for DWI. Thank God no one else was hurt. DH left at midnight to go down there and he is scrambling around trying to get him to a dentist, etc. I really don't have any more news than that. Maybe this is this kid's bottom, I hope, I pray it is but I doubt it. DH has been spending at least two days a week with him and thought he was doing okay.........boy was he wrong. Part of me is angry about what he is putting his father through. I could vent all day long but it won't change anything.

I will check in later.

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I hope a few of you still remember me. I have been MIA. Please don't think that I have been ignoring you, I have been having a bit of a "medical issue" the past three months and it has been occupying most of my time, thoughts and energy. I will capsulate for you all.

Had been having difficulty since last spring moving my left shoulder - finally ascertained I had torn my rotator cuff - now healing
During that process I was hit was an excruciating pain in my abdomen. It was identified as diverticulitis but to be safe they did an MRI - 11 lesions in my liver - but not anything to worry about. However, they also found 2 lesions in my right breast.

After having both biopsied they found the lesions to be benign, but the breast tissue that was also taken with the biopsy was found to be atypical or the type that can change very rapidly to malignancy.
Rod and I met with the surgeons this week and here is the long and short of it:

Not good, not bad, depending where your head is on this one subject:
They are not going to do surgery as was originally suggested. Not sure how
I feel about it, but not many choices.
Surgeons can't agree on course of action. (two surgeons, my GP and the Doctor I work with have all conferred)
They do not believe that I should have either a bilateral mastectomy or a radical mastectomy as tissue is still left and it does not decrease my chances significantly enough to warrant such radical surgery. If I have the
lesions excised (which are not really the problem, since it is the tissue) and have a breast reduction they will no longer be able to get a clear imaging of the breast to watch for any problems because of the implants.
The only thing they suggest at this time is to go off of estrogen as I am now at the menopausal age and it "could" have an adverse effect on the tissue and to have mammograms and tissue imaging every 12 months.
So essentially what I now have are two boobs that I'm calling Tick and Tock. Biggest concern of all doctors involved is my "mental" state which we all knew was in questions anyway!!!!!!!
A little humour to get us through the day.
That's it for now

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Joanne - I am so glad to finally hear from you. I was just asking about you the other day. However, I am sorry to hear of your continuing medical woes. I am not sure how I would feel in your situation, but I would probably want to have mammograms and imaging done every six months instead of once a year. But I am sure your docs know what they are doing and I wish you nothing but good health and good reports in the future.
What is DH's job situation? Did he decide in which direction he wanted to go?

NHSuzanne - I am sorry to hear about DS's accident. But thankfully teeth can be replaced and no one else was hurt. Sad that alcohol was involved, but won't the courts intervene now and make him go to counseling or therapy? How old is he?

DeeMarie - Thanks for getting the thread started. DS didn't leave until noon today to head back to his apartment.

Raeanne - That graduation sounded like a hoot. At DS's graduation, they kept stressing that it was a dignified service and to please restrain from any "undignified" behavior. But it seemed like they were fighting a losing battle when proud families blew air horns every five seconds and people kept cheering and clapping like they were at a horse race! That wouldn't have been bad except that the families of the next few students who walked across the stage couldn't hear their child's name read.

The pedicure was delightful! DD and I had a great time and have vowed to make this a semi-annual event. The wedding was nice and we got to see lots of former neighbors and old friends.

Now DD and I are off to the mall to do some shopping.


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Hello... I found your forum for sommersizing and hope everyone still is into it. I am a newbie and hope to get some support to start again on the sommersizing way of eating. I have lost 25 pounds on it 3 years ago and of course stopped and gained all back plus some. So I figured if I found others interested in Sommersizing that I could chat with would be good for my willpower as I have NONE.
I live in Southwest Florida and work part time. I do not exercise and need to start. I am married and my husband is very supportive while sommersizing, he does it with me, but he is always the first to say --"Let's get an ice cream". Which of course we do. Any helpful hints or receipes or tricks would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Joanne - ((((HUGS)))) to you, we have been missing you and was hoping that you were off doing a lot of fun things, instead of medical problems. Do they feel that more frequent mammograms would be dangerous? It is good to see you have your sense of humor and that is very important. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts, that whatever you decide will be for your greatest good.

Marci - The funny part of the graduation is that the professors also got into this and they were wearing baseball caps with tassels on them and some didn't have their robes on. This is because it is strickly an art school and they feel the students should be able to express themselves at all costs. I am glad you will be doing the pedicure more often.

NH Suzanne - :0( - I am so sad that it had to come to this with DS. You and DH must be under a lot of stress right now. Hopefully this is his bottom and that it's a huge wake up call for him. (((((HUGS)))))

MagicKitty - welcome. All of us at least started out Somersizing, some still do it, others have modified it, some are following other programs and I am a part-time Somersizer - determined to get back on track. Your story sounds very much like mine. I also lost 25 lbs about 3 years ago SSing and have had some major slips along the way and guess what, I am nearly back to where I started. So we can start over together. Today is Day #1 for me. If you look back through these pages, you will find some SS recipes. The somersizing official site also has a lot of good recipes. So, no matter what your woe is, this is a great place to stop by and check-in. We will offer you support, a shoulder when needed and sometimes a kick in the butt LOL. Any questions please feel free to ask.

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Hi magickitty - I still SS to a small degree. I have modified it to suit me, but I still have TONS of recipes in Word and would be glad to share any with you. Just let me know what you are looking for and I probably have it! Some of the things I do differently are eating nuts and flaxseed, both a no-no on SSing. But if I were in the strict weight loss phase, I wouldn't being doing that. I also eat cereal every day because I need the extra fiber and it isn't always a legal kind. I just try to keep the sugar under 5 grams and the fiber 5 grams or over. But other than those few things and the occasional sweet treats, I consider myself a SSer. We used to post a star by our names for every day we were legal. That always motivated me, especially when I saw the stars adding up. Maybe something small like that would get you motivated again. I found a zero carb whipped cream in a can today, by Land-O-Lakes. That is so convenient for eating on sugar free jello as a snack. Good luck and keep posting.


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Good Morning....

Raeanne and Marci... thank you for the welcome.... I am officially starting on Monday the 14th. I have a trip/vacation coming up this weekend and I am NOT strong enough to carry it through the weekend. I am sure I will be asking for some new menu ideas. I have the three SS books and I started reading the first one again to refresh my memory. Next, need to stock the pantry and fridge with legal food.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!!


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Welcome to Magickitty (Lynn). I lost almost 38 pounds in 1999 on SS; however, menopause struck with a vengenance, and my metabolism took a nosedive on me. I gained back with a bit more. Now I do Weight Watchers (since February) and I've lost 23 pounds. It is very slow, but more natural for me....I was born into an Italian family, and pasta is like a sacrament!!! I find myself adapting to counting points very easily because of my personality. I'm a business planner and counting heads, money, projects, and time is what I do to pay the bills.....adding up points for what I eat is natural for me! Good Luck! If you don't find you what you need here, please go back into the Diet Club Forum, as there are many, many ideas for low carb eating (which fits into the SS program). Take up Marci's idea for some of her recipes---wonderful and easy! She looks terrific, and has done well on this program. Also, look up the SS Recipe threads...some more great and easy recipes for you!!!

[[[[[[[[[[[[JOANNE]]]]]]]]]]], we have been missing you around here. I am glad to see you in good spirits. Whatever you decide, make sure you are comfortable with it. I know that you consulted with the best, so you should feel a bit better. Please continue to come here and let us give you some great big shoulders (and some laughs along the way!). We love you, Joanne!

[[[[[[[[[[[SUZANNE'S FAMILY]]]]]]]]]]]] What can I say? I know these things happen, but when I read it about my own "family" here, it hurts so much. I just couldn't say anything yesterday to you, because I was shocked and didn't know what I could do to help. I still don't, but I hope you can feel my arms around you and your family. I'm praying that this is the kick he needs, and so grateful that no one else was injured. You have my support.

Marci, good to see you post! My only advice to you this summer is "put the M&M's down!" 'Tis the season! I was thinking about your spinach squares and trying to find a way to make them lighter and "point" them out. I love the feta version sooooo much!!! Do you have any special plans for vacation this summer? Oh, and can you send me the new password for the pictures, and your new e:mail address? I seem to have lost them with the new computers at work and at home.

Raeanne, sounds like YOU and your family had fun with that graduation. Do you have video? What a great story to tell grandkids. I love it when schools just go with the flow and let the tension out. I do, however, feel bad that some parents could not hear the names of their kids.

Well, I lost the battle with my primary care physician. Based on Friday's blood work, I need to start Lipitor asap. My LDL was 161, and he was not happy. I feel it's for the best, and will pick up the prescription in a day or two. Perhaps by the end of the year, it will be controlled enough that we can make other plans. In the meantime, I think I've done all I can to avoid it, but it just was not enough.

OK, now it's time to hear again from Gretchen, BJ, Amy, Besh, Patti & Dave (please write), Jen (we need to hear about the kids), and KY Susie (are you still out there?).

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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DeeMarie - I am sure you will see a quick and dramatic change in your cholesterol numbers. I just want to mention something you may want to ask your Dr. - find out if he recommends taking Q10 with the Lipitor. It is a co-enzyme that some cholesterol lowering drugs reduce in your body. Also, if you feel unexplained muscle pain while taking Lipitor let your Dr. know. The school does a video of graduation, so that should be pretty funny. We really didn't have any problem hearing the names, etc. The kids were actually very respectful of each other. A small school and everyone knows each other.

MagicKitty - we look forward to hearing from you.

Marci - I have to look for that whipped cream - I really avoid it, because I don't like making it myself LOL.

NH Suzanne - let us know how everyone is.

BJ - I know your life is filled with landscapers, packing, kids and the other 1,000 things that you do each day - but don't forget us - stop in and say HI.

Maddie - we still haven't gotten the details of vacation and tell us about the auction too.

I went to my Aqua Strength class this morning and have my golf lesson tonight. My friend that goes with me, can't make it, so I will have to take the teacher on by myself LOL.

Last night, the washing machine hose broke and flooded the laundry area, the laundry area closet, the bathroom and downstairs into my garage onto all of DD's belongings that we just moved home. All over her cd player, speakers, tv, dvd player, clothes, sewing supplies..... I am still cleaning up and waiting for things to dry. My kitchen counters are covered with wet items. The only good thing, is that I got to clean underneath my washing machine - I couldn't begin to tell you how much lint and pennies were under there LOL.

I better run and put another load of wet towels into the wash.

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Raeanne, you get to have ALL the fun! Seriously, I always worry about that with my dishwasher. My washing machine and dryer are in the basement, which is not finished, so it would not be a disaster. Hey, save those pennies for our trip next year! Pennies add up, and you may need them to pay for "extras" at the spa!

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for your kind words and thoughts.

Just checking in to let you know what is happening. DS was released from the hospital with teeth broken and hanging. DH got him into a dentist right away to get them pulled and looked at. DS is banged and bruised but otherwise alright.

DH spent the rest of yesteday with no sleep, trying to find out where his car was taken and who, what and where of the accident. DS doesn't remember anything. The police have no record of it to date! It's very strange as DH has the plate number and VIN number with him and their computer shows nothing! It's very strange and I know it's going to turn up somewhere but I can't imagine why the police haven't been in touch with DS yet. The hospital is obligated to take his blood alcohol level, etc and report it. So, I know not much more than I knew yesterday. I am just very stressed and I feel horrible for DH who is trying to get through this. This boy needs to start figuring out what he wants to do with the rest of his life. He's 24 he needs to start getting a clue.

So, I am feeling quite depressed and I am trying to keep busy.

Raeanne, what a drag about the washer. Naturally it had to flood all of your daughters belongings.

DeeMarie, once you start the Lipitor do you have to stay on it forever or just until your tests look better? I am saving my pennies for next year you better believe it.

Welcome Lynn (magickitty). We will look forward to your posts and you will find out quickly that this is a great place to share joy and pain.

I need to get back to work.

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Come out, come out where ever you are!!!

Boring day at work here - but lot's to be done, so I will keep this short.

My golf lesson was superb last night - it must be beginners luck, but even my grouchy old coach kept complimenting me and said I didn't need any help - kept saying perfect to me - what a change from last week and probably next week I will be getting yelled at LOL.

NH Suzanne - you and your family remain in my thoughts - hope all turns out for the best for everyone.

That's it from here, but will be back later - promised DD, I would go see Harry Potter with her today.

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I'm here and working! Getting into the August issue now and today it feels like August! It's so hot here I hate this weather.

Things are status quo except one unbelievable thing. DH found the car and they went to the Police Dept. to get paperwork straightened out. No mention was ever made of a DWI charge!! Just unregistered and uninsured he will be charged with! I am totally beside myself over this because I thought it was mandatory for the hospital to take a blood alcohol test for car accidents. I feel like if he doesn't get charge with this he will have no consequences for his actions and will feel like he's gotten away with it.

I know this is out of my control but am I wrong to feel frustrated by this? I know, I know, everything happens for a reason but I see no good coming of this.

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Suzanne,you are not wrong to feel frustrated. I think that all of us with loved ones on the road are frustrated over people who would drink and drive. Accidents are accidents; however, these people put others (and themselves) in jeopardy. I think, if it were me, I would need to take a step back now and wait to see what DH does about it. Once you are calmer, you may want to discuss it with him, and ask him what he plans to do about getting this young man some SERIOUS help. Good Luck!

Wow, what heat, huh? I'm going to stop by our Fitness Center in a bit to do a circuit class; wait on line for our one shower (gosh, I hate that!), and then it's off to a 3pm meeting.

Because of the heat, I'm planning on making a big old salad tonight with some leftover grilled chicken. Since he seemed disappointed, I told DH I would hardboil him an egg, grill a slice or two of bacon, and pull out the munster cheese for a COBB salad---he loves those!!!

Hey, MADDIE!!! Come out and play with us please!!

Raeanne, I found out why you can't send me e:mails. When I sent a joke to you this morning, I got a message that said I had blocked you! I changed it back for now, so you'd better watch it lady!!

Gotta run.....big "hello" to everyone!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi everyone,

Yes, Joanne, I remember you. :) Still remember me? I'm sorry about all the medical problems. So many things happening it seems. Good things and bad.

I have a deep virtual involvement with that person I've been talking about. It's a little confusing, and I hope it goes somewhere good. He is so unhappy. I'm taking risks and trying hard to believe in myself.

Suzanne - How difficult that must be for you. So many things that we would like to be under our control don't seem to be. I'll be thinking of you. So this is still a place where we can all come to share our joy and pain? Joy and pain. As my friend says, story of life.

I mentioned that I had a friend here (in her 30's)die about a month about ago in the hospital when she shouldn't have. The general belief is that they accidently gave her a lethal combaination of meds, but there still is no official autopsy report or hospital statement after a month. It seems sad.

Re food, I don't have sweet cheats anymore. I don't eat pasta, pizza, sweets (occasionally ice cream, but rarely), chips, potatoes. I've been drinking nonfat milk, but little bread (maybe a couple of times a month. I still drink a lot of protein shakes, but now I'm adding some nonfat milk where I didn't used to.

My vegetable situation is much better than it used to be. I never got the zucchini going - at always gets eaten by something - but I have found a market where I can buy bags of misshaped zucchini for $2 a bag. I'm getting about 2 cups a day of cherry tomatoes from my garden, plus lettuce and green beans.

I'm tired, I don't feel like painting much, and I feel behind in my goals, but there really isn't anything pressing. My family is coming July 5, so I will be able to see them after nearly 3 years. My son just passed his first black belt test. He does karate 3 times a week, kick boxing 2 times a week and weight lifting at the Y 3 times a week. In the last few months, he has lost 45 lbs on Atkins, so he is feeling good about that. He's a great father and his career is looking good. The other one I still haven't heard from. Go figure.

I guess that's about all the news. It's hurricane season again, but I've been lucky the last 3 seasons. I've only read this thread so I'll go back and read others to see what I missed. Nice to still have this for home, even though I haven't been posting regularly.

I read a quote by Franz Kafka yesterday - something about holding off the despair of a shattered life with one hand and recording the ruins with the other - I guess he was unhappy, too. Better to read Deepak today. Have a great day, and congratulations to everyone both for successes, and for hanging in there.


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Update: I just went and read the last thread - thanks for all the well wishes. My son and his two daughters are coming. I'm hoping to keep them busy with island crafts and picnics to beautiful places and things. They want to swim with dolphins. No place to do that on Kauai, but I think it's available on the Big Island, so I'll check that out. Lot's of beautiful places to go, though my health doesn't allow me much traveling around.

WW doesn't work for me if I allow myself to have certain things. For example, if I have a few pretzels, I start craving pretzels. But I am, as I said, allowing some nonfat milk with my protein shakes. The rest of the time I'm doing mostly pro/fat meals with lots of veggies. I do eat bananas and papayas sometimes, but they slow my loss.

I was working on a computer game called To D'ni, was mostly through the game, and lost all my saved files yesterday, so I have to start over. Frustrating. I belong to a forum where we have been writing poetry - an epic poem of Lord Of the Rings, and some limericks and haiku. It's been fun. I'll bring a couple of my poems over later.

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Good Morning All,

Amy good to hear from you. I think it's great that you are getting to eat the bounty from your garden. 2 cups of cherry tomatoes a day! Yum. I am excited that your family is coming to see you.

Joanne, ((((((HUGS))))))) sorry you have to go through this.

DeeMarie, I don't think it's up to DH to get DS the help he needs at this point. We moved mountains and made quite a few sacrifices to get him into rehab last year. We have given him finacial support as well as family support, more support than most people ever have. He has continued to be dishonest about many things and now it's caught up with him. It's up to him to get himself the help he needs. He has to be the one to ask for help and get it. We can show him the way but he has to want to be helped. It's frustrating. The help is there anytime he want to ask for it. Kids are a lifetime sentence!!! LOL

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Good Morning:

NHSuzie, (((HUGS))) and kudos on your great attitude. I have a friend that goes through similar woes with her DS. She is a great parent and has offered more help than anyone can imagine, but you can only do so much. They are adults, they make their own choices and you can't control them forever. I am sorry that you and DH have to go through this, again.

Amy, sorry you are not feeling well. I hope when your family arrives it will lift your spirits (how could it not?). DS sounds like he is doing great. I admire his ambition.

Raeanne, I want to go see Harry Potter this weekend too. Went to see Shrek 2 last week. Too funny. There were very few kids in the theatre, mostly adults.

It was soooooooooo hot here yesterday. We went out on the boat last night to cool off and had to come because of severe thunderstorms.

Welcome Magic Kitty! This is the best group of people on the web! As far as my WOE goes, depends on what day it is. LOL

Got to run. Only 2 more weeks left of school!!!!!

Love, Besh

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Good morning -

Besh - Harry Potter was fantastic. I loved it and didn't want it to end. Our theatre was about a quarter full and mostly with adults. Unfortunately, I caved to the popcorn - I can't seem to resist it. My DD wants to see Shrek 2, so I will probably be doing that soon too.

NH Suzanne - You do have a very healthy attitude towards DS's problem and you are so right, that he has to be ready to help himself. I know that you and DH have done so much for him and would continue to do it, IF it would help.

Has anyone heard of Orange County Chopper? (DeeMarie, I think they come from your neck of the woods) I don't even know who or what they are, but they are in my town, along with a ton of motorcycles. We are having our annual Americade of nearly 60,000 motorcycles, but in addition to that they are expecting at least another 30,000. Our town only has 2,000 year round residents. Our emergency services are parked on the outskirts of town and we have fire boats docked in-town to transport anyone needing to get to the hospital. They will be here through Saturday, so I can only imagine that this mess will only get bigger. I'm not complaining, they are good for our economy and the people are very nice.

Amy - Don't keep your family too busy, make sure you get to spend a lot of time with them LOL. I am so sorry about the loss of your friend, I don't remember you posting that, but I may have missed it.

I went to Aqua Yoga today and it was very nice. I am going to start Pilates next week sometime - I think that will really help me with my abs. I need to do something and soon.

BJ - we are still waiting to hear from you.

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Hello everyone!

Suzanne, my heart goes out to you and DH. I have been feeling the pain of losing communication with a sister and brother, but your's is a heavy, heavy burden. I'm sure it's time to let DS be what DS wants to be...make it his choice and his consequences. We all have to let go sometimes. This is his wakeup call. My shoulders are here for ya!!

Amy, it sounds like you are getting ready to have some really enjoyable time with your DS and grandkids. Hope that you don't tire yourself out. It might be a good idea to get his input as to what he (and the children) expects out of his visit, so that your good intentions are appreciated to the fullest!

Raeanne, DH watches that OCC show all the time. They customize motorcycles for VIPs like Jay Leno, and the like. The show takes an entire hour to show their work....each week....b-o-r-i-n-g to me, but DH is thrilled. He watches the screen like he's admiring a Monet' LOL!!!! Hey, to each his own. We were in the middle of Bike Week in Daytona a couple of years ago, and the bikers could not have been nicer. Most of them are middle-aged yuppies, fulfilling their life-long dreams of owning a bike!

OK, I gotta run. Want to get an exercise class in before I go home tonight.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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We are waiting for BJ AND Maddie to give us the low down on KY Derby day! Why haven't you two shared. And Maddie how was your vacation.

Raeanne, I feel so sorry for you with the motorcycles. It's truly an invasion . Next weekend we have the same thing going on in Laconia. Maybe you should plan an escape this weekend. I wouldn't want to participate but it's kind of neat to see and hear all of the rolling thunder.

Back to work and I so don't want to!

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Maybe what happens in KY on Derby Day stays in KY LOL.

I just drove through town and it seems to be very much under control - I know that Saturday will be the heaviest day.

DeeMarie - If I happen to run into one of them I will get DH an autograph LOL.

NH Suzanne - I would love to get away this weekend, but impossible to do. I have to take 3 weekends in a row off in July and I had to take last weekend off - this is our busiest time of year and it is a lot of pressure on the rest of the office - but I didn't plan any of these things.

back to cleaning my very very messy house.

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Thank you for the all sound wonderful and very supportive to eachother.... that is very nice!!!!

I am going away this weekend to Key West. Looking forward to my last hurrah before Monday. Monday is my official SS starting day and I will need every ounce of willpower I can muster up. I know it works. I just have to keep telling myself that. I have already started this past week with no caffine..... not too bad... I remembered last time that I got a dull headache for a few days.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and talk with you Monday!!

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Hi all!

Long time, no post. I'm sorry--I swear I'm not ignoring you all, but life has been interesting (ahem), and things are (for lack of better word,) ummm... interesting.

Vacation was wonderful! I needed that week so badly, and I savored every precious moment of it.

We left on the 14th as planned, and arrived early on the 15th. The weather was in the 50s/60s, so it was a very nice change from what we left. The drive up was fun; we stopped in Lansing, MI at Gander Mountain to look at more lures and stuff, and had dinner at a great pizza place called East of Chicago by Fort Wayne, IN prior to that.

When we got into the lodge, we met the new owners, and were happily surprised to see that they are as nice as the last ones that we had so much fun with. They've redone all of the cabins, and (drumroll) they've put in indoor plumbing!!! Yeah! No more midnight sprints to the honey hole. :) We checked in, unloaded the truck, and went fishin'. We didn't take a boat out, so we went to a dam by the local hydro plant, and went looking for walleye. We did catch a couple, which didn't surprise me--we were tired, and was just half heartedly drowning worms. We were surprised by seeing a beaver just swimming around. Normally, they are skittish, but this one was interested in us apparently, and kept swimming almost to us, and then slapping his tail and diving under the surface. I could have watched him for hours, but after about 15 minutes, he climber out and headed for the hills. We quit after that and when we were driving back to the lodge, we saw a mama black bear and 2 cubs by the side of the raod! Whoa! What a treat! I had never seen one, so this was soooo cool! :)

Sunday--we went to a new lake that a guide recommended. To get to it, it was about 15 miles up a paved road, and about 45 minutes back a ""path"" (and I'm being charitable here when I call it that). What an adventure! :) We had to lock the 4 wheel in, and off we went! There was a flowing stream at the bottom of a 75' ravine off to one side, and it had rapids and waterfalls, and it was splendid to see! We bounched all over the place and had to drive thru part of a lake, but, by golly, we made it! And then to find out that some smarty had left 2 upholstered chairs around the remains of a fire ring. What a riot to see that! We launched and spent the day trolling, and caught some pike for shore lunch.

Monday, we went back to Seabrook, and we decided to troll some. We had the depth finder one, and Rog was running the boat. Nothing was happening, and I was getting hungry, and comptemplating shore lunch when I got a big snag. I was trolling with a gold spoon, and was not happy at the thought I lost it. I hollared for Rog to turn the boat--I was snagged. He did, and I started reeling us/boat to where I was caught. Well, I'm reeling and cussing amd cussing and reeling, and the boat is moving towards the snag, when all of a sudden, I feel the """""snag"""" move the line. Oh REALLY??? No way. Not me. Holy sh!t!!! So, I say to Rog--you know, I think it's a fish. I'm calm at this point, not realizing that the next 15 minutes or so was going to be the most exciting I had ever had. Well, I got a good grip, and started to reel, and pull. Reel and pull. Adjust my drag, and reel some more. Well, I finally got it by the boat, and it takes off. We got thru this again, and it takes off again. I'm starting to really sweat at this point, and the little elf that controls my adrenline threw down her copy of Playgirl, and turned on the pumps full blast. Well, one more good fight, and I get it close enough to the boat for Rog to see it, and he sees the head and sez $%!^^!! Whatta fish!! So, I got it over for him to net it, and it takes one last run. I get it in again and Rog goes to net it, and sez to me that it's too big for the net. WHAT??? You don't say a thing like that to me--I'd jump in the lake for this one. He trys twice and then he finally made it, and dropped it at my feet. Ladies--I caught a 42", 22" girth Northeren Pike. We estimate it to be about 21 pounds (see the link for pic, and why the estimate. Remember the above reference to Gander Mountain? I had a digital scale, but put it back--never dreaming that ***I'd*** actually need it!!!) Lemme tell ya--I have never done such a happy happy fish dance in all of my life. I was so stunned to catch something like that, that I was just speechless.

To be continued.........

Here is a link that might be useful: some vacation pics

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Maddie, I can't wait for the next chapter. You tell the story so elequontly. I love the way Roger narrated the pictures also. By the way, are you Kim, or did Roger take his other wife as well? LOL

OK, I am sitting at my computer at midnight and I am doing some deep diet thinking. I have decided that any WOE sets me up for failure. I think I have said this before, but I am either on or off of a diet. Never just eating like normal people do. So I have a QOD from all of this thinking.

QOD: Have you ever just stopped dieting? And if you did, how did it work out for you?

My answer would have to be no. Like I said before, I am either on or off. I have never been able to just not think about it and use common sense. Eat when your hungry, stop when you are full, make good choices and exercise. It sounds so simple.

I really should get to bed.

MagicKitty, have a great trip!

Love, Besh

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Great QOD! I have stopped dieting, about a couple, maybe 3, months ago, but I still weigh in with Weight Watchers, but mainly I eat a light and healthy brekky, some lunch, usually with lots of veggies and fiber, and a regular dinner. I have a sweet treat late at night -9 or 10 o'clock. (fruit with half-n-half or 1/2 cup low-fat ice cream). I have a fruit juice in the afternoon and a V-8 a couple times a day if I get hungry. I haven't gained any weight, but I have fluctuated quite a bit. I've lost very slowly, but losing is losing, in my book. I'm okay with the way I look, so it's not a HUGE priority to lose a bunch of weight. The main thing is that I began exercising. When I feel like I'm getting enough healthy exercise in my life, I eat like a healthy person should! Good luck in whatever you chose. BTW, my DH STILL asks me if I "should be having that", whenever I eat anything remotely associated with dessert. THAT DRIVES ME RIGHT UP THE CRAZY LADDER! Why do people feel like they can police other's eating habits?

I have been busy with landscaping, bridging for my 13 yr old (going to high school), end-of-school for everyone, finals for DH and my 16 y.o., and the mania of packing for our move. I decided to have a send-off dinner party for DH tonight on top of it since he's leaving a week before I. I feel like I'm a walking dead person; I am SO tired! BUT! When I get to Alaska, I'll rest---REALLY!

Sorry I haven't checked in, but I have been reading. Maddie, I loved the pics! Welcome magickitty!---what does your name mean (if you want to share!).


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Besh - I could've written your post - for some reason I just can't eat like a normal person.

Maddie - The pics were great, thanks! I was wondering if Kim was your alter ego??? Let's hear the rest of the story - you should really be writing a book - you have a real gift with words.

BJ - so glad to hear from you - I have missed you, but I did know that you would be busier than ever and you are.

QOD - I haven't been dieting and it shows. All my clothes are very snug, once again. I go to sleep every night, telling myself that I am going to start anew tomorrow and it doesn't happen. I have to do something and it has to be soon.

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QOD, seems like I've always been "on" or "off". When I am "off", I gain, gain, gain...emotional eating and eating when I'm bored. I haven't changed much, EXCEPT that I point each and every morsel, even on the days when I overeat, I point it out. I'm feeling that even if I lose a pound a month, I will be happy with it, because I don't want to see the scale creeping up anymore. I'm tired of it, and I feel so much better when I eat healthy. I don't care if I'm never skinny, I want to feel good in clothes, and if that is a size 12 or 14 eventually, that is OK with me. There is no shame in feeling good with your size; I just need to get to that place in my head!

OK, Besh, you asked!!! LOL

Raeanne, how about I start walking up to you and then we walk to French Lick by next April? Will we be thin enough by the time we get there? Interesting...

Maddie, I can't wait to show my DH your pics; he loves fishing and will be very impressed! Write more!!!!

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Good SATURDAY morning!

I'm up early to do laundry! Trying to beat Raeanne and BJ at it. LOL

Got a call late last night that one of DH's nieces was rushed to hospital with severe abdominal pain. She's 24, so don't have any idea what it could be. Appears they ruled out appendix and ovaries, but we are still waiting for test results. Please think some good thoughts for Steph.

OK, I hear the buzzer....just thought I'd get you all started on the weekend!!


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DeeMarie - I will keep Steph in my thoughts throughout the day and hope that she is feeling better by now. I wish I was at home doing laundry, instead of at work, listening to the roar of the bikes as they go by on this glorious morning and wishing I was riding along with them......
You are once again Miss Motivator! I will meet you half way and we can make it to French Lick before April! I took a 1 1/2 mile walk this morning, so I am on my way LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend! I will try to check in later or tomorrow.

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Mind if I join in the walk?? I got out my walking tapes and walked two miles yesterday and today. Yesterday I did Pilates and today I worked out with weights. I am determined to get back in the exercise groove, slowly, but surely. I have decided that variety is the key and I am going to try to vary my routine between Curves, walking (on the track or my tapes) and some kind of anaerobic workout with weights or Pilates. I also hope to slowly strengthen my lower back and get in shape for next school year.

I am also doing laundry and wishing I was outside. It isn't raining for the first time in days and I am planning on getting out later today. But I just need to get a few things done first. All that rained played havoc with my sinuses the last few days and I have had excruiating headaches. Today I finally feel good and I need to take advantage of the extra burst of energy while it lasts!!!

DeeMarie - I will keep Steph in my thoughts and hope that they find out what is wrong so they can take care of it.

Raeanne - Are you saying that you want to become a biker chick?? LOL

QOD - I think I am always thinking of food, whether I call it a diet or not, I am still thinking about what I eat. I think being the chief cook and food provider makes it impossible to not think about food. The grocery stores are just full of too much temptation and I have to constantly tell myself NO!! You do not need that!! I wish I could buy sweets and eat them sensibly, but I know that is NOT possible. I do try to have some lower calorie sweets on hand so I don't feel deprived, but for the most part I have to consciously think about not eating sweets EVERY DAY!! For instance, my well-meaning, sweet DH brought home a piece of triple chocolate layer cake the other day. I know he meant well, and I ate the cake and enjoyed every bite, but then I felt like I had opened the flood gates and wanted sweets the rest of the day. Thankfully I didn't have any other sweets in the house or I would have been doomed. So I don't think that at this point in my life I can never not be watching what I eat or at least thinking about making the right choices. When I do stop thinking I tend to make bad choices.

Wow, I wrote a book on the subject, didn't I?? LOL Now I need to go make a portabella mushroom pizza for lunch and stop thinking about chocolate!! (Although I just read that dark chocolate is actually good for us. It is a saturated fat that the body transforms into a healthy fat. Only problem is that it is calorie dense and shouldn't be over done!! Easier said than done.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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YEAH! L-A-U-N-D-R-Y! I can't hear you! Laundry, laundry, laundry! E-R-R-A-N-D-S! What'd you say? Erands, errands, errands! Wheeeeeeeee!

Dinner party last night was a huge success. I made engagement chicken, artichoke dip and LOTS o'veggies, all kinds of olives, flatbread, tomato salad, cream cheese stuffed hot peppers, and many bowls of grapes, strawberries, mini cream puffs, and brownies. And we had a few bottles of wine. The last guests left at 1:30 this morning. It felt good to have our friends around us before we leave for the summer. Everyone liked the landscaping and the kids all played while the sitter supervised. "Good times", as my 13 yr old would say.

DeeMarie, I am thinking of Steph and will continue to throughout the day. Having a young relative in the hospital is NO fun. Been there. I hope it turns out to be okay. I can hear the worry in your words. We're here for what it's worth. Keep us posted. And everyone check in with your positive input for Steph! Stay strong.

I have a ton to do today---one week to blastoff to AK! But I wanted to check ni and say hi and will read to hear updates on Steph.

Make it a positive day~

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Good Afternoon:

Dee, positive thoughts are being sent to Steph. Please keep us posted. (((HUGS)))

Thanks everyone for your input on QOD. I like hearing everyones opinions and experiences. I guess if we all didn't need to think about food and "diet", we would have never met. So there's a plus! I am really going to just focus on healthy eating and making good choices and doing some walking. I really feel that trying to follow a plan sets me up for failure. I spend way too much $$$ on diet books, gadgets and food that I don't eat or use. I am going to try and be NORMAL!

BJ, I love artichoke dip! Your menu sounds awesome and very do-able and healthy. You will still keep in touch with us when you are gone right?

Marci, you really started off with an exercise bang. I am proud of you and admire you.

Raeanne, bike week is next weekend in this neck of the woods. They come to Laconia, NH every Fathers Day weekend. DS went last year and had a ball. The father and son from Orange County Choppers were there. My future DIL was drooling!, she thinks they are quite cute. This house watches American Chopper every week. I watch it now and then. The interaction between the father and son remind me of DH and DS #1! (DH even has the same mustache.)

I am on my 5th load of laundry and now I need to vacuum and then bring DS#2 to do a community service project for boy scouts.

Going to see Harry Potter tonight!

Love, Besh

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Besh - I am going to go with DD tomorrow and see if we can meet the OCC guys. I didn't even know what they looked like until last night when they were on the news. They brought the largest collection of bikes with them here.

Well it looks like it is laundry day for everyone around here. I did a lot yesterday, but need to do more tomorrow. Time to do comforters, etc.

Marci - just wait until you see my next photo - probably more like Biker Mama than Biker Chic. In the mid-70's my DH (then boyfriend) had a bike and I loved it, but have no desire to do it now.

Besh - You sound so ready to have something work for you right now, so probably whatever you decide will be perfect. I am going to increase my exercise routine too. I love to walk and I haven't been doing much of it, so I think between my Aqua Strength, yoga and walking, I should be getting a pretty good workout throughout the week. I find walking really clears my head and gets me thinking - in a good way.

BJ - what a lovely dinner you had - everyone must have had a great time to stay so late. How is your friend with the twins doing? Keep on packing girl - maybe I will catch up with you by the washer/dryer tomorrow.

Can't get my head into work with the sounds of fun all around me outside. I'm taking a quick lunch break right now and will take a short walk a little bit later.

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BJ - I got the pictures and they are in the album!! You guys look marvelous!! I love the hat, Maddie.

If anyone needs the link to the album, click on MyPage and email me.

Gotta run,

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Hello everyone,

Wow, lots of laundry getting done here today. I have been outside washing truck and trailer, then the farrier and then a short ride.

Something is going on with Sweet Pea and she isn't at all herself. Yesterday we went for a ride and I thought she was lame. She was walking slowly and when I put her into a trot she didn't want to. I got off her and we checked a few things but I decided to walk her home. Today we checked her thoroughly again and can't find anything but it's the same. She is lack lustre and is making an effort to just walk. This is the horse who has a spirited and animated walk...... the leader of the pack. I feel very upset and worried about what's going on. It's not an emergency so I won't call the vet until Monday. I wonder if I pushed her a little too much last weekend. I am really worried.

I am going to start some laundry to take my mind off it.

DH is home for the first time in a week. He's a wreck over DS's current problems.

What a glorious and beautiful day. Hope everyone is enjoying it.

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QOD: There was a point at which I had stopped dieting for several years. Before that I always dieted by going low calorie. After I stopped dieting, I gained weight, but I also helped to reset my metabolism so that I didn't gain on such a small amount.

I started SSing/low-carbing in 2000 (I think). My ability to control my weight with that has enormously improved and I'll never go back to just eating anything I want, but I don't usually have to keep my calories low, just reasonable.

I haven't had a donut or a chocolate chip cookie in four years, though I have occasionally had ice cream or muffins. I think I've pretty much accepted that that's just the way it is. Yesterday I made a veggie mix with tomatoes, onions, garlic, zucchini, beef broth and melted cheese. When I want a treat, it is most often a chocolate protein shake made with cottage cheese and water instead of milk.

I know that everyone is different and can control weight in different ways - some just by "being careful" or exercising more, like playing tennis. My son started karate, thinking it would help, also kick boxing and and weight lifting, then ate as he had been. After a year he had only lost 5 lbs (better than gaining, especially with the muscle he put on) but he wasn't happy with that, so started low-carbing and has lost 45 lbs in 5 months.

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UPDATE ON STEPH: They finally went in to have a look and found that her appendix (sp?) was about to burst and was wrapped around her intestines!! That's probably why they could not diagnose her quickly. She is out of surgery and on her way to recovery.

Thanks for all the well wishes. She's a strong young lady, and should be up and about in a few days. I am so grateful that it did not burst.

OK, now all this talk about chocolate has got me going! I'm dying to have a peek into these brownie cookies I bought DH! LOL Maybe I'll just have some blueberries.

Tomorrow, we take my DSDs strawberry picking, then off to breakfast at a typical New Jersey Diner! Wish you were here, Raeanne!!!

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DeeMarie, I am glad that Steph is on her way to recovery. Good news.

    Bookmark   June 12, 2004 at 10:17PM
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Yay, Steph! Best on the recovery~

    Bookmark   June 12, 2004 at 11:38PM
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Dee - what great news, thanks for the update. I wish I was meeting you for breakfast at the diner too! I walked another 1 1/2 miles this morning, so I am 3 miles closer.

NH Suzanne - I hope SP is okay - I am sending positive thoughts and light her way, also to your entire family.

BJ & Maddie - those are great pics, thanks for sharing. Love the hat Maddie - can't wait for French Lick.

Getting ready to go to see the OCC with DD#2 (if I can find a parking spot) and then we are off to an Arts & Crafts festival - it is suppose to be a very nice one with unique items and then maybe a picnic later on the lake.

3 miles closer to Dee and French Lick.

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Good afternoon...I made it back home from Key West. It is a 5 1/2 hr drive and one I hope I don't do again for quite sometime. Driving thru Miami is not pleasant. I know I a new here, and from reading your posts, everyone sounds like they are doing different Ways of eating. So, I am making an offer out there to everyone and anyone to start the SS way with me or any version of it, level one or two, please do, there is strenght in numbers... Raeanne has already offered to start it up again... Raeanne how are you doing on it, you started last week right?

BJ, my name is Lynn. My user name is Magickitty. One of my cats name is Magic and one of my many pet names for her is Magickitty. So it is really an easy name for me to remember and use it at work and at home. My other cat's name is Simon, he has really bad eyes...he was born that way, but it just makes him so much more special.... enough about my fur babies... I can go on and on.....

So, I am off now to the grocery store to get some legal food for this week... My husband and I are gonna get a BIG HUGE PIZZA tonight... and savor every morsel....

Take care and hope some more ladies want to start again with us....

Bye - Lynn

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Lynn - I wish I had good news to share with you, but I have once again strayed. I have been increasing my exercise and I normally get back onto track when I do that. So tomorrow we will start together! I hope you enjoyed your weekend in Key West. I haven't driven through Miami in years, but it was bad back then, so I can only imagine it is worse now.

Dinner Menu tonight was:
Grilled Strip Steak marinated in Teriyaki sauce smothered in sauteed onions

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