theglo22October 2, 2002

everyone seems to recommend boric acid. Where can I find it. I looked all over drug store, home depot.

My house is slab on grade. I keep getting occasionally ant invasion. I caulked everywhere. But they still seem to get in. I try the powder form that spread around the perimeter and the ant traps inside the house. They don't seem to work that well.

The ants I am seeing seem to be tiny black ants. (probably not carpenter ant)

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Try the drug store. I mixed boric acid and sugar, 50/50 and put it on my counters. The ants ignored it, until it accidently got wet and then they had a feast. It was supposed to take up to a week to work, but the ants were up all night eating the wet boric acid/sugar mix and were gone the next morning. Then some smaller ants came and took their place. Sigh.

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Boric acid is available as a powder at most drug stores. Mix up a solution with something sweet . . . in baby jar lids or such . .. and throw them a picnic . .. . it works like a charm in killing the ants. Since they carry it back to the nest it usually wipes out that as well. Though it is not exactly cake frosting; it is FAR less dangerous than ANY chemical ant killer. It is commonly used to treat eye infections in a dilute solution. Safe, very effective, and cheap . . . . . .


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Ace Hardware usually carries a product called Terro. It is basically a boric acid mix that you put on a little card, and sit out, so the little critters can drink from it and take it back home to their nest. It worked for me.

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ug we have the same problem we are on a slab and the little buggers get in, we got a product called Ant begone, its a liquid you sqirt in the area they are coming from. its awsome stuff. supposed to take a week took us about 3 days. go to home hardware or home depot some place like that and they are really helpful.


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I use Borax that you can get in the laundry section of the super market. It has all the right stuff in it. Mix it 50/50 with your sugar. Just be very careful where you spread it as it will kill your lawn.


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I have those tiny ants in a new condo in FL. I just moved here from NY and am going INSANE. Tried 20 Mule borax - but without the sugar. NG. Reason without the sugar is that TERRO didn't work - and that is for sugar ants - so I thought they wouldn't go for the sugar. Vaccummed on sat -and by Sunday night - big party in the bathroom. Thought they were gone for a short while - but must have only been on vacation - because they are back and ready to party now. Must be careful because this room is where the kitty litter is. I will try the borax with sugar tonight. Any other suggestions - have had an exterminator since JUNE... no luck. HELP!

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If you have the white footed Argentinian ants they are very hard to get rid of. We had them in one of our rental properties and took a couple of years to get rid of them completely. One thing that helped was having the pest control people spray the attic and inside the walls with Borax. Also, you have to make sure to not leave any food around and wipe your counters down after each meal with some sort of cleaner.

Here is a link that might be useful: White Footed Ant

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Here are several solutions that work:

1. Sprinkle the area with Morton Salt and they'll be gone.
2. Cinnamon gets rid of ants.
3. Baking soda is a poison to them. Dust baking soda in cracks, corners and crevices.
4. Lysol kills ants faster than Raid.
5. Spray 'n Wash kills them.
6. Windex is better than any bug spray (suggestion from a pest control person)
7. Sprinkle raw Minute Rice where ants are a problem, they take the rice to the nest, eat it and the rice swells in their stomaches killing the whole next. Same thing happens with dry grits.

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