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aka_raeanneJune 11, 2007

Where is everyone?

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Dee - I am wondering what you thougth about the finale last night. Are you among the ones that found it brillant or were you disappointed. Count me in with the ones that found it brilliant. I was on the edge of my seat all night waiting for the big hit - I don't think I ever watched a more suspenseful episode.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Don't miss last weeks posts - Maddie has a little serenade on there LOL.

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Raeanne, I am really mad about that ending. David Chase is really full of himself. If he wanted that to be the end, he should have given us closure after 8 years. Opie and Anthony spoke with Frank Vincent this morning (Phil Leotardo), and he was laughing about it. Everyone else was furious!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better about it. haha

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Dee - seems like you either loved the ending or hated it - no middle ground. I just felt that I was on pins and needles more than ever before and I like that I can have the last person coming through the door be whoever I choose it to be. Don't you worry they will fill in the blanks with a movie LOL. My all time favorite ending was Six Feet Under - that was unbelievable.

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Hi Goils--

I loved it--thought it was brillant. I kept thinking that the next scene would be where Tony got whacked, and then AJ, and then Phil. Man--it's like *we* got whacked--we're standing there, watching them eat dinner, and then Bam! Darkness. Cool as h3ll, I think. I fixed stuffed shells with arrabbiata sauce, a spinach salad, rosemary/olive oil bread, and had an Italian wine for dinner, and we had a panna cotta for dessert--salut! :) A great night--

Let's see--what's happened--well, my BIL got married on the SC coast 2 weeks ago, and I had my first chance to go to Charleston--incredibly beautiful city. We lost a close cousin last week. I got to go to the Oakes (the day before the Derby; never did hear from Beege). I love my car--AC--what a treat!! I'm still auctioning--we have one this Saturday. I'm down 30 pounds from my highest known weight, but am really stuck at my current weigh. The job is killing me--so much work and so much stress (I figured out that--taking into account overtime (I'm salaried)--I don't make much more than a burger flipper (when you factor in my 70 hour weeks)). Rog is wonderful, although he's made some snarky comments lately, and I told him that as soon as he models CK underware, then he has the right to be a PITA. We're going to Canada in August, but we're going to cross at International Falls, MN, which should be interesting--I've never been to MN. The cats are as evil and hairy as ever, and are wonderful! :) MIL is nutz, nothing has changed there. My youngest BIL (32) has moved back in with his married girlfriend (don't get me started; I can rant for days), and seems to be blissfully.....stupid. We now have a Sephora here, and this has turned ugly--it's amazing what that place has, and it's like this irresitible force that drags me in--(dang! I hate when that happens! LOL)

So, that's it in a nutshell--has anyone heard from Beege?



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Good morning all,

MADDIE!!!!!!! 2 posts in one week! I loved the song and thanks for giving us an update. You are missed my friend. Charleson is a beautiful town!

Dee, I hope you are done fuming over the Sopranos! LOL It's fun to hear all the discussion and controversy.

I have not watched the Sopranos for years. I think I got through the 4th season and have been thinking of catching up with Netflix. I don't know what season it was but Ralphie (a despicable character) hurt the horses. After that I couldn't watch it and lost interest. I think he got whacked eventually. I am so hopelessly behind but I did like the show until that. Do any of you fans know what season that was? I can pick up as soon as I figure that out. LOL

I had a great weekend. We got into camp on Friday afternoon and set up. It was hotter than he// and the horses came off the trailer really hot. Saturday we woke up to pea soup and just as we were in the middle of tacking up the skies let open! I hate getting in a wet saddle - but off we went for a 20 mile ride through beautiful landscapes from gorgeous farms with sweeping fields of hay ready to be cut to narrow winding trails along a brook. My favorite parts were a reclaimed railroad bed that was a good 30 feet wide and five miles in length. Wheeled vehicles are banned so there was no ruts - just beautiful footing. There are not many places like this where you can trot non-stop for five miles. IT was great. On Saturday we were always out ahead of everyone because we left in the downpour. This ride had 120 horses and it's good to be out ahead so you don't get bottle-necked in between groups. That tends to make the horses very jiggy. Anyway, Sunday's ride was equally nice only it was 15 miles and on different trails except for the rr bed. Wish I could share it all with you.

While I was gone for the weekend DH modified the chicken coop (the outside part) so that the chicks could go out and not get harrassed by the elders. They can see each other and get close but they can't peck at the babies. It's a great arrangement and I am so happy to have them out streching there little wings. Hopefully within a week they will be ready to be intergrated. Older hens can be really mean to newcomers but there are 13 to 3!! They are so cute zooming around in their new space.

That's all the news from the zoo!

Maddie has checked in who is next? BJ?? John?? Gretchen??
the list goes on and on..........check in sisters and brother.

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A day without my SS Family is like a day without sunshine!!!

Where are you all?

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Here I am.....busy and totally stunned that we heard from Maddie TWICE!

Got a meeting with my business manager to see what can be done about Maddie taking over the singing duties of this board. LOL!

Missed you Maddie..................stay around here

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Raeanne, I just heard back from my cousin (a VP over at HBO). He was surprised that I did not like the ending; he thought I would love it (and he was waiting to hear from me!) haha I left him a message that I wanted 1/2 hour with Mr. Chase so I could beat him with a six-foot pepperoni! LMAO!!

Still don't think I'm over that ending, but I guess it ended like every other gatherings. I can choose whatever I want as closure.

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OK--**3** times now! LOL!

Suzanne, I completely understand about the horses. I watched Prison Break until the show showed a riot, and a guy's cat was killed for spite. (I mean, they didn't show it, obviously, but you know what happened.) I walked out of the den at that point, and have not watched it since.

Speaking of TV, I've developed a love of H3ll's Kitchen--does anyone watch it? Gordon Ramsey is something else--his facila expressions are something to behold. I am also watching Deadliest Catch--scheech--I'm surprised that crab is actually not more expensive.

Things are quiet--Rog is at work, and the cats are asleep, and I've got 2 library books to read--one is called "Death's Acre" by Bill Bass, and it's about the body farm in TN, and the other one is called "Stiff" (yeah, I know), and it's about dead people. Why these 2? I took a several week course recently about behind-the-scenes-of-the-coronor's-office, and we really went behind the scenes--saw stuff that would curl your hair--makes me want to chunk everything and be a deputy coronor--



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I haven't caught up on all that is going on but I did see that Maddie is posting again.

Maddie~We love watching HK. Who do you think will win? We have watched it all 3 seasons now.

We are busy getting all of our dr. visits in so that we can make this trip the end of the month to TX. We are both looking forward to it very much. We can hardly wait to see DSs, DD, DGD, DGSs, etc. It should be a great trip. I'm hoping to visit with my sister some too. My blood pressure has been runnning high & Dave is having a lot of trouble with his arthritis. I have an eye infection. Yuck! DS#1 says, "It is always something!" LOL Like I don't know it. LMAO He was 29 Tues. Getting a little too big for his britches, me thinks. I've been trying to guess who I'll have for my Christmas buddy so that I can get some ideas started. LOL I know, I'm too funny.

Oh, yeah, Maddie, I've always thought that being a coroner would be kinda neat too. Or maybe a forensic scientist. (Evil laugh!)

Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. I'll try to post more tomorrow. We are still working on the 50th anniversary scrapbook. It isn't too many pages so we did 6 on Sunday & ran out of card stock. We got more today. Will try to work on it tomorrow while Dave is doing the clothes. Patti :)

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Good WEDNESDAY morning!

Ed and I love H3ll's Kitchen too. We make a special effort to clear the dishes, put away papers, turn off the phone and just take it all in. I really like the gal who's the short-order cook at Waffle House. Think she was snubbed by teammates and want to see her get further while she learns. She may be one of the best under pressure! Great concept and Gordon Ramsay is an entertaining @ss. LOL!

Gotta run to our Wednesday morning Managers' Meeting....can we say boring?

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Dee - seems like I am still in the minority of loving the ending. It really makes me want to watch the entire series again.

Suzanne - That was season 4 - no I didn't know that off the top of my head LOL. I don't know if you saw what happened to Ralphie after killing the horse but it was gruesome.

Maddie - it really is so good to have you back - your stories were sorely missed.

Patti - If I had a stronger stomach and was better in science - I would've loved forensics.

I need to get busy at work, have a great day.

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Me, again--

HK--I'm cheering for the Waffle House chick (since I have a thing for their cheese eggs), and I adore Aaron--the crying retirement home chef. I think Rock might win it, though. Gordon also does a series about making over a restaurant called Kitchen Nightmares--has anyone seen that? He's an @ss there, too; great show. Trivia here--do you know how old he is? (No googling, either! LOL!)

Food TV--does anyone else watch this channel? A bud calls it food-porn (LOL!), and I just like to watch "Guy's Big Bite" and Paula Deen. My favorite though is Giada ("Everyday Italian"); I can follow her receipes, and she just seems so nice (like someone you could meet IRL).

Off to take a soak, and read 'Stiff'. :):)



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Maddie - I didn't know He11s Kitchen was so interesting. I never watched it, but I think I am missing out. I also love Giada, I also enjoy the Barefoot Contessa - she has a very calming effect on me and.

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QOD: what's up for the weekend?

My weekend starts tonight. Having dinner with a friend. Tomorrow we head out for AC (aka, Atlantic City!) where we hope to meet up with Donna for a bit in late afternoon. Tomorrow evening DH and I plan a stroll along the Boardwalk and dinner at one of the large hotels/casinos. Saturday morning/afternoon we will be lounging in the hotel pool if weather permits. Saturday evening/night, it's a 21st birthday bash for my youngest stepdaughter followed by some gambling and fun. Sunday morning is brunch and heading home early afternoon to avoid traffic. Sunday evening, DH's girls will come by to go out to dinner.

WHEW!!! I'm tired already!

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Good morning all,

Maddie, I think I am dreaming!! You seem to be back!! Yeah!!!

I too have watched Hell's Kitchen and think it's great! I dont' watch often - probably should TIVO it. I love Barefoot Contessa and love her ideas. My DSS calls Giada food porn LOL

My vacation plans for next week seem to be falling apart! Long story but now I don't have an animal sitter for the time I will be away and don't know what to do. PLUS - I have to go see an endodontist (sp)because my dentist thinks I need a root canal.......does the fun never end?

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Hello???????? Anyone going to check in here today? Tell how you are?

QOD: What are your plans for the weekend?
Do you plan on checking in here ever again??? LOL

We are painting the barn this weekend! Should have good weather. I don't think I will want to do much else except squeeze in my early, early morning rides before painting!

Check in - I am lonley here.

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hey there lonely girl....

Suzanne - I am so sorry your plans have changed. Painting the barn sounds like a lot of work to me, I'm glad you plan on getting out on SP. I hope they are wrong about the root canal. I have had my share of those and I really don't find the procedure to be nearly as bad as it sounds.

Dee - must be on her way to AC, I hope she had lady luck on her side. I also hope she meets up with Donna tonight.

QOD - my weekend started last night too. I had company for dinner and we had the firepit going with some nice wine and music. Tonight DD#2 comes home for Daddy's Day, we will do as much boating as we can and probably have an early BBQ on one of the islands on Sunday if weather permits.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Raeanne - I have mixed feelings on the ending of Sopranos and am hoping for a movie to come out in the near future, but I am not gonna hold my breath. I am dissapointed that they ended it that way but I was on the edge of my seat til the "blackout". I also like the barefoot contessa, she does have a claming effect on me too.

NH Suzanne - Hope you had fun painting the barn. The new set up for the chicks sounds great!

Patti, Maddie, Dee Marie and everyone else a big Hello shout out to you all!!!!!

DH and I went to a birthday party for a friend of ours who turned 60. He is Italian and he and his family put out a huge BBQ with steaks, ribs, shrimp etc... it was great, but My tummy is hurting now cause I did eat a piece of cake. UGH!!!! I am mad at myself now!!!!

Take care......


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