contractors going very very slow

refinOctober 18, 2006

We have a project that involves three areas of our home, roof deck, bedroom and a large lr/dr area. The contractors we signed on to do this gave us a schedule. They are seriously behind schedule and seem to be unable to get a good workflow going. They are usually working on 5 things at one time where they need to get one thing done and then move on. They are also fairly messy. While they do a great job (drywall is repaired and immaculate) they don't listen to instructions (they have them ALL in writing and there isn't a lot). So they install a light in the wrong location. AT what point can I say "enough". I think if they were fired I could use the money I haven't paid them to get the work done although the new guy could suck too. Should I hire someone to do the work that such as drywall and lighting? What other recourse do I have? I have told the contractor that the next time they do any drywall work, I will hire a cleaner for 4 hours.

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How are you paying them? Hopefully through a bank and not upfront.
Sounds like a lot of problems for you, but just because they are slow doesn't mean they aren't good. You say they are doing a great job but then hope they won't so you can say "enough". I don't want to sound rude but do you want it quick or right (of course I would want both! LOL)
As far as working on 5 things at once, that's common. Sometimes material isn't there or has been received unusable for some reason. Would you want them to stop and wait for the usable material so they could finish one thing at a time? Our GC ordered trusses well ahead of time but they were 3 weeks late in arriving. That wasn't GC's fault but now our timeline is a over a month behind schedule.
As far as being slobs, what do you define as a slob? Left over food and trash? Or, pieces of wood cuttings and shavings? We're building on a Scenic Byway, so DH told GC upfront that the job site would be kept clean, still 8 months into our build and DH has to remind GC ever so often. If you are paying your GC as work is completed you can easily tell him there will be a penality for any job cleanup you need to have done in the future. He may quit on you but it sounds like that might be ok.
Good luck!

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