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bcskyeJanuary 26, 2014

We're in Ft. Myers right now and my husband said we needed to go to the Sweet Bay store instead of Publix because our friends who live here shop there. Inform me, please. Is there any special reason to go to Sweet Bay. Is it a specialty store or just another grocery? Thank you.


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I don't know what the attraction would be for SweetBay. Personally I rank 1) Publix, 2) SweetBay, and 3) WinnDixie. But it will be a moot point soon as SweetBay has been closing stores in Florida and others will become WinnDixie soon.

I hope you enjoy you time in Florida.

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I just thought of something--I have only found turduckens and shaved beef at Sweetbay. I do shop there occasionally just to do something different, they do have a slightly larger international department (canned and packaged items).

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Thank you, mustangs. Now I know I'm not missing anything spectacular. It will probably be Publix for me from now on. And yes, we are enjoying our stay. Love the cranberry orange juice from a fresh produce market down here. Will be duplicating it when we get home.

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Madonna, I don't have any information on Florida grocery stores, but I do hope you are enjoying your time there.

Heck, I've never even HEARD of Sweet Bay!


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Annie, you better believe I'm enjoying being here. Because of all the snow, we couldn't get our RV down our steep hill until the 13th and its been all great since then. We experienced cold weather in Ocala, but it was like springtime to us. Feeling so sorry for my sister, my niece and all my friends up in the horrid, frigid north. Don't freeze your feathers off, Annie.

Friends here have taken us out almost every day to sight see and eat. The weight I'd lost is back with me. Had my first grouper and loved it. Also had my first Hot Brown. It was too rich for my DH and I. Fell in love with the cranberry orange juice from a local orchard and want to make it all the time. Have also fallen in love with Honey Bell oranges. I'm going to be so much fatter when I get home.

Hope you are all hunkered down and warm as toast.


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Madonna, I'm glad that you are enjoying your time here. Honey Bells are great for marmalade; I use them when I can't get Murcotts.

I was at DGS baseball practice last night in short sleeves. I'm not bragging because I do feel so sorry for those who are suffering with this extreme and extended freezing weather.

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Madonna, I'm glad you're enjoying your time there, and I'd spend as much time as I could eating the local fruit and fresh stuff too. I do like grouper, although I haven't eaten it often, it's not readily available here. Too bad, the red and black grouper from the U.S. Gulf are fish that Monterey says are good sustainable choices.

Cathy, don't feel badly for me, I'm not suffering at all, really. I hate the heat and am much happier now than I ever am if it gets above 80F. Now, I can't speak for everyone else here, but I actually like winter and dislike summer. Sometimes I dislike it intensely, depending on how hot it gets.

The only suffering I feel is that darned heating bill....


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Oh, mustangs, did you have to mention making marmalade with the Honey Bells. Now I really want to do it and my DH will have a fit. Don't know if my dutch oven is deep enough and I'd have to buy some jars. Is there anyway to save them until I get home, probably around the middle or late April?

Annie, I love the type of weather that you and my hometown are having. I love snow and cold and just cuddling around the wood burner in the evenings. DH can't take it anymore and that's why we're down here. I'm probably one of the few that say "Wish I were there".


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Madonna, check with some of the citrus shippers down there to see how long they are available for shipping.

If I make a batch this year, I'll run some jars down to you...or you could come to Tampa and we could have a marmalade making day as I have all the equipment and a source for honey bells!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shipping HoneyBells

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UPDATE-Hey Madonna, I went to SweetBay today for two reasons:

I got a request to make Napa Slaw for the SB party and neither Publix nor Aldi had Napa Cabbage so I thought I would check SweetBay for the cabbage and also to see if there was anything that might be of interest to a CF buddy. Keeping in mind that the one I went to is pretty old.

-They had the Napa cabbage. The produce section was nasty as in dirty; I waited and continued to check for a produce employee but no one was in the area.
-The store is large and they have many items that Publix doesn't have. Not necessarily things that I want, but they do have a substantial International department as I mentioned.

It wouldn't hurt to check it out, you know how we like to see what different areas have to offer.

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Mustangs, sorry I'm so slow in responding to you. Everything for me is sort of up in the air right now. DH has a rapidly growing cancer that needs to be removed immediately. We were scheduled to have it done at the VA in Tampa yesterday afternoon, but after waiting for hours, they decided not to even do a biopsy, even though they know it is a very aggressive, rapidly growing cancer. Their excuse was his blood pressure was up too high. Well, when you've sat hours past the appointed time with your wife sitting in the car in the parking lot with your dog waiting, you get a little angry and your bp goes up. We thought we'd get into a campground up there then it would be easy to get there and back when they decide to do the surgery, but the two campgrounds we wanted had no openings. I want to stay in our spot down here anyway, even though we need to visit his brother in Tampa before we head north. So, I appreciate your offer of a jam making day and would love to do it, but might not be able to. DH even mentioned if it wasn't for the horrible snows, ice and frigid temperatures, he'd consider going home and having the surgery done there at our regular VA. I still want to meet you before we leave Florida. Thank you so much.

Guess I'm going to go to SweetBay down here for the experience. The international department does call to me a bit. Will definitely have to check it out.

By the way, I've found a house down here I like and would love to figure out how to buy it despite the fact that we haven't even got our house in Indiana up for sale yet. That happens this spring - or maybe sooner now. Love the idea of having my own fresh citrus in season.

Will keep in touch with you. We're supposed to vacation through April so there is still plenty of time.

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I am so sorry about your experience yesterday!! It must have been awful for all three of you (puppy included). I am 5 miles from the VA and Moffitt Cancer Center and could have kept you company. Also, you could have stayed the night at my house (CF members have in the past and they survived).

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What lovely supportive people you all seem to be.
Good luck to all.

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