Eggs down the stairs

mdasayOctober 25, 2006

I never thought I would be posting this one, but...yesterday my two year old son took a carton of a dozen eggs and tried carrying it down the stairs (I am sure he just wanted to show me what a big boy he is - wife was in laundry room folding clothes). I heard the eggs falling, and worried it might be Jake, but it was not - it was 12 eggs clanking together and breaking all to pieces on the stairs (carpeted). I cleaned them up the best I could, and immediately called Stanley Steemer, and luckily they could come out at noon-only a couple of hours after the incident.

Question is, do you think the eggs will go rotten, giving my whole house a lovely bouquet? What else should I do in addition to the steam clean. Whould you put Baking soda on the carpeted stairs? Any thing else? I hope to see lots of responses.

Thanks in advance.

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This is a test on how good Stanley is. LOL

Seriously you shouldn't worry, eggs wouldn't soak into the fibers or padding, especially since you cleaned it up right away.

What did Stanley charge you for the emergency cleaning? One of the best investments I ever made was buying a Hoover Spin Scrub. It was expensive 10-15 years ago but paid for itself in less than a year.

It has cleaned up after our kids, our Grandson and dogs, it has been borrowed many times and still runs like a champ. I half hope it will die, the newer models look great and cost under $200.00.

No, this is not a paid advertisement! LOL I just know without it I would have spent a fortune on carpet and furniture cleaning and probably would have had to replace both.

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