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ruthieg__txJune 20, 2006

I watched Oprah yesterday and it was about her weight loss challenge for 4 of her employees with Bob Greene her trainer helping out...might have been a re-rum but I thought one thing she said was so important and we need to keep reminding ourselves of it...

Anyway she said she required the 4 participants to sign a paper saying they had made the decision and were committed to weight loss and better health and committed to the "HARD WORK" required to succeed...then she said...

Listen folks...I know you all see all the ads about this diet and that diet and this pill and that pill but I want you all to know that the only thing that will make you succeed is hard work...trust me when I tell you that if there was any kind of pill that would take it off for you...I would have bought it...I would never leave something like that out there without trying it if there was any chance it would work.

See the point I'm trying to make is that I believe she is right...you can take all the 200 dollar or 10 dollar a bottle pills you can buy but when it gets right down to it...it comes to eating right and exercising....plain old hard work.

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Of course she is right, its just plain common sense. What she doesnt say is that a lot of that hard work was done by her personal trainer and personal chef. The challange most of have, is doing it all on your own on a budget. Food good for you cost more, thats why a lot of poorer people get fat on cheap carbs.

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I think we all know that Oprah has a trainer and a chef....and I think by now she knows that we all know that fact as well...

The point she was making was that you cannot buy weightloss in a bottle ....that there are a million bottles of "buy me and loose the weight stuff" on the shelves...Her point ...if there was she would be skinny.

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Honestly, I disagree that good for you food costs more. Chips and convenience foods are very costly. I live in the Chicago suburbs and there are many ethnic markets that are far cheaper than the big chain grocery stores. I can get a week's worth of produce for 2 adults for $10-15 if I shop the local Italian market. This includes fresh garlic, ginger, lemons, limes, zuchinni, avocadoes, salad, artichokes, carrots, onions, potatoes, cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, celery, melons, grapes, peaches, cucumbers, mushrooms, asparagus, you name it! I don't buy all that every week, but they often have avocadoes for $.50 each whereas the big stores they are $2 each. Limes are $.05 each. Vine ripened tomatoes are $.99/lb instead of $3.99. Yes, it takes more time to shop the sales, but it doesn't have to cost more if you can't afford it. They also have very cheap lunchmeat - often 1/3 to 1/2 the price of the chains. It pays to shop around! I go to the big stores only for their sale items, and almost assuredly they lose money on me...but I am not their typical customer, so they don't care. : )

I also have strayed away from packaged rice and noodle mixes latety and I do everything from scratch. It doesn't take any longer, really. I just make my own mixes now - rice and thyme, cumin, paprika, cayenne...whatever I feel like throwing in that would complement each other and the rest of the meal. I used to cringe at powdered garlic and onion, but now I keep it on hand so I can make my own rubs and such.

And I totally agree with Ruth & Oprah - losing weight takes hard work, plain and simple. It basically takes creating a life that is purposefully trying to lose weight. It takes mental effort and perhaps bordering on obsession at times. Yeah - that stinks - it doesn't come easy for anyone, unfortunately, but if you want to make your goal, it has to be done.

I guess this is as good of an introduction as any to a forum - Hi! I am Christine and I make all my own rice and other mixes. I don't use any artificial sweeteners or fats (olestra/olean) and I am caffeine free. I sound like I am probably really hippie/granola/crunchy, but I don't think I am - I am really just trying to eat as healthfully as possible. If I am losing weight in addition, that is a bonus. I like real food. : )

I am looking forward to getting to know this bunch!

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Hi christine...Welcome...I enjoyed reading your post...I agree that eating healthy isn't more costly and I certainly agree that it is better for you....Honestly when I put a chip in my mouth it tastes so greasy, I can barely stand it...

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