Looking for eye cream and concealer

oakleyokMarch 22, 2014

I just got over a long bout of pinkeye which left me with dark, purplish circles. None of my concealers help much.

I also want an eye serum/cream for dark circles. I know they're out there but the reviews are all over the place.

Do any of you use eye products that help with dark circles that you're pleased with?

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I've always had dark circles and have tried every concealer. I am currently using Bobbi Brown concealer....I like it a lot....it is thick but does not cake.

I've never tried any serum or cream for dark circles...will be interested to see what others have to say.

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I've been in the beauty business for 45 years and the very best is Dermablend concealer in the tone closest to your skin. It comes in a small tube but you use soo soo little each time and it goes on like butter and covers completely, even scars. If you do purchase it, open the tube and barely let a dab come out as that's all you'll need. One tube last me a year.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I use dermablend cover creme but have not tried the concealer before, will have to check it out.

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Yaya, I did a websearch and mostly the D.B. "quick fix" concealer showed up. It had great reviews though.

Look at the concealers on Amazon and tell me if you see the one you use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Concealer

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I use Clinique cream "all about eyes" and "dark circle concealer" and really like both of them.

I use a heavy concealer from Dermablend to cover `a part of my nose where I had surgery to remove skin cancer. I didn;t realize that they had other types of makeup as well. My plastic surgeon just suggested that specific product for me.

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I use benefit 's Boi ing concealer, on spots and red patches, it holds super well: for under eyes, the reviews seem 50/50 though so you should try to sample it at sephora if you can. I only dab the inside corner of my eyes with it and it stays all day.
They call it industrial strength !

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Oakley I use the Db in the tube, the stick one is too sticky lol. I pat the tiniest amount on and let it dry. Then I apply my foundation but you can use it alone without make up and still get great results. I love the DB makeup too. It stays on all day, so many of them don't.

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I'll get some of the DB. Thanks!

The other day a friend was over and I mentioned the dark circles under my eyes and she said, "I don't see any dark circles." And I didn't have makeup on! lol But I can see them for sure.

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