HCG Buddy??

masuimiJune 17, 2008

Hi! I will be starting hCG injections this Thursday, June 19th. Does anyone want to buddy up for support? Let me know!:)

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Great! I'm on Day 9, and at my weekly weigh in, lost 3lbs. I'm doing the 1000 calorie diet instead of the 500. At my most recent visit, I also got phentermine, so I'm hoping that will curb my appetite tremedously and can't wait for the next weigh in. Do you guys self-inject or go to the clinic? I go to a clinic everyday (except Sunday). How have your experiences been with hcg?? So far, I have no complaints, but won't say anything until I give it a chance for about a month or so. Thanks for responding! Email me at my yahoo address if you want a quicker response. BYe!

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I'm a first time HCG dieter, on day 18 of the VLCD. I started at 173 pounds. Today I'm 158 pounds. I'm going to stop taking the HCG at the end of the month or when I get back to 150, whichever comes first. I've been 150 most of my adult life, but I gained weight last year after my father died. I went into a depression, stopped exercising, and stopped caring about eating a balanced diet. For the long term, I feel confident that I'll fall back into my old habits of good nutrition and regular exercise, but I was wondering about the transition of going from 500 calories to a more reasonable caloric intake of a healthy active adult. I'm 5'8", 36 years old, with no health problems.
What's everyone eating during the 3 weeks immediately following the VLCD? Dr. Simeon's book says you can eat anything except sugar and starch, but I'm worried about putting the weight back on if I eat too much right away.

I also wanted to add my impression of the diet so far as an objective first-timer. Before starting the diet, I was seriously skeptical when reading all the claims on various forums. Now that I've experienced it for myself, I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their great experiences. I probably wouldn't have tried HCG if I hadn't found numerous positive experiences on countless threads. If you're reading this and still wondering if HCG actually works, I can tell you it's worked great for me. I'm not hungry, and I've had no problem staying on the diet. My disabled mother lives with me and regularly bakes fatty, sugary concoctions. I'm surprised to say that it's been easy to turn away from the cakes, pastries, casseroles, and fried foods. I'm not sure why. I've had no cravings after the first four days. I'm so excited to get the weight off, that I probably wouldn't cheat even if I had the cravings.

Thanks again to all those who shared their stories!


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Hey guys!! I want a buddy so bad! Today is my first day. Can you guys email me and we'll be email buddies? :)


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It was nice feeling nice for the last 10 days. Hey buddy i already loose 6 pound.Wish me luck.

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on day 2 of loading. new to the hcg diet and hoping this works. still not sure about the amount of veggies that i can have. i do have all my meat pre weighed at 3.5-4 oz per serving and i understand the fruit but in order to get 500 cal. a day what about veggies. if 1 cup of lettuce = 8 cal. is it ok to have 4 cups =28 cal with lunch?

here is and example of my first meal starting tomorrow
10 hcg drops and black coffee for breakfast

10 hcg drops and 3.4 oz of chicken, 1 lg apple, 6 cups lettuce all of this =250 cal

10 hcg drops and 3.5 oz of shrimp, 1 lg cucumber, 20 med strawberries this all = 250 cal

brings my total for the day to 500 cal

does this sound ok for this diet?

any comments and/or suggestions would be very much appreciated

i want to do well and just need a little advice


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