jrs363May 20, 2004

Anybody using BioDiesel here?

I am building a generator that will run biodiesel, and later SVO or WVO


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Pooh Bear

Sounds interesting.
What is your source of bio diesel.
What is SVO and WVO.

Pooh Bear

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I live in aan area of NY state where biodiesel is not commercially available, so it will have to be made at home.

WVO = Waste Vegatable Oil
SVO = Straight Vegatable Oil

Diesel engines can be run on vegatable oil, in fact that is what they were first designed to run on.

Check out the link:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I looked into but it is all but impossible to get in this Province at this time.
You are going to make it at home that sounds great. How are you going to manage the process? What are you going to do with the glycerin? I'm a soap maker and that is expensive to buy so you may be able to sell it to someone local.
I know of one huge company in Mass. that will deliver to NYS and there are a few in NJ as well as and least one in upstate NY(I do not know if they deliver)

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Pooh Bear

I saw a show on the Discovery channel with a segment about this.
One guy was collecting used cooking oil from fast food places.
Made the exaust of his cars smell like french fries.

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Just saw this add in Mother Earth News and was wondering if anyone had any comments on it. Good? Bad? Is it really neccessary to have equipment? I obviously don't know much about biodiesel but DH has a diesel truck and has been asking questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: make your own

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One of the oil companies in my area offers a #2 fuel oil product (available by special request and delivery) that has a 10% non-petroleum content.

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If you want to know where to buy biodiesel:

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here!

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Natural Oil Replacing Diesel- GREENFUEL (SVO)

Dear Sir,

We offer Pure Botanical Plant Oil Replacing Petroleum-Diesel, from Botanical and renewable sources, which is Non-Pollutant, Environment friendly and is non-petroleum fuel of Natural derivative.

We offer oil for running all range of movable and immovable machines, such as power generators and pump sets replacing Petroleum-Diesel.

We can supply several thousands of Tons on continuous basis. We offer Natural Oil Replacing Diesel- GREENFUEL (SVO) in bulk of 23,000 liters in rubberized collapsible containers of 20 feet.

We are located in India and can offer on continuous basis 10 containers of 23,000 litres as our minimum order during 90 to 120 days. We can supply 100 containers as our maximum offer.

Our FOB price is USD 11,040/- ($0.48/- cents per litre) for a container of 23,000 liters. Bulk packing of one container is offered.

We need distributors who could invest with us for long term profits.

Best Regards
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