philips tv repair

pammingerAugust 24, 2007


My philips tp3281 c101 with chasis #32d700-7570 stop working: will not start, clicks once then all I get is continously repeating 5 flashes of the 'power on' LED.

I found a burnt capacitor when I opened up the unit: pF820 @2kV in position 6233/6234 as noted on an older post apparently a common prblm with this set. This capacitor I replaced with a 3kV unit as recommended, but the set still does the same thing.

I have measured the voltage at the horizontal output transistor's center pin which is 120 volts dc.

I'm not sure however if this transistor is good or not: has continuity with ohm meter between the various legs ?base, collector, and emitter; does that mean it is shorted?

What else should I look for? No other components are visually damaged. Thanks for your input and assistance.

Sincerely, Peter

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