Old Love? - Remember when you used to drool over 19' Where now ?

gardurnitAugust 2, 2009

Are there any websites , or workarounds , that make it simple for me to find old models of LCD monitors

or products of anykind which were excellant , in their day, and probably are still very good?

I think some of the Samsung 20" Monitors should be just fine and I'ld bet there's a bunch sitting

in a warehouse dying to be sold at any price to make them go.

Anyway my point is this: I'm pretty sharp about finding out anything. But today I'm tired and could

used some advice / help where to look , how to look, for older models which had excellant reviews

and specs that would makes them still OK for today.

here's somethings that crossed my mind.

Some forums still save their old olds. Most do actually.

Here's some I am thinking of.

Steve's Digicam Site - Stev'e's always had a better than excellant site but it's for cameras not moniitors.

If you need to buy an old camera go there to see which was made great and buy it. The Fuji 3mp

were excellant quality and value even in 2005. Today a new one should be just fine too.

So that's the game. Help find sites that still describe the good qualities that made a monitor, or any product,

so very excellant. And throw in your $1.00 worth of advice for today's world and maybe we can tell the Chinese

to sell it to Japan instead.. At elast today.. Right?

Peace and God bless everyone who wants it.



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