Philips Projection TV sound goes off and on

rosetreeAugust 3, 2009

I have an 8-year-old Philips projection 60" TV. Yesterday the sound started going off and on. I also tried playing a VCR tape, and the same thing happened...sound off and on. Do you think it is work calling a service man for an 8-year-old TV or should I just bite the bullet and buy a new flat-screen? Thank you.

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Depends on whether you want a new tv or just worried that the repairs are going to cost alot. The wonderful thing about service people is they will always quote before they do something. I had a washing machine around the same age as your tv and About 2years ago it lost power. I decided to just buy a new one and I gave my old one to a friend. She got the service man out $80 and all that was wrong was a fuse $4. so for $84 she got a good washing machine that she loves. In your situation it really depends on wheter you can afford to change to a flat panel if not there is no harm in paying a small amount of money for a quote that may only cost $84 to repair.

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