Do I need a DVD w/ Tuner??

mrminrmAugust 15, 2009

I have a Panasonic Plasma TV and have cable with a converter box. I want to purchase a DVD recorder VHS combo so I can put some old VHS tapes onto DVD. Is there any advantage to getting one with a tuner? I have found the better deals on the ones with a tuner, but don't know if there is any reason I would want/need one.

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If it doesn't have a HD Tuner, you wouldn't need it ...

If it did have an HD Tuner, it would only be useful for "over the air" (antenna) broadcasts ...

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If thats all you want to do then no you wont need a tuner but those units are built to last a long time so for future use a digital tuner would be extremly handy if you want to record tv. Another option is if your video player is still working just buy a dvd recorder and connect your vhs into it to copy vhs tapes. its very simple to do.

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