yellow paint disaster

janMDOctober 4, 2003

Painted Behr's Banana Split, which is a pretty bright yellow, over a deep taupe and a greyed purple. Used primer first. After 3 coats of paint, it still looks blotchy and garrish. We're considering starting again with a lighter tint of yellow. Anybody have any suggestions?

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Well, you have two problems... First is the brand of paint. I know a lot of homeowners here have said they like Behr, but I've used many different brands, and personally find Ben Moore to be the best. (But what do I know, I just do it for a living)

Second is the color. Yellows just dont cover very well. And it's not every yellow either. The creamy linen white type yellows use a much darker, browner tint in the paint. The bright big-bird type yellows use a very light pigment that just doesnt hold together very well. Even a top brand paint will have trouble covering with a "bright" yellow. If you have enough paint, just do another coat. If you already ran out, go to a real paint store (NOT Home Depot), have them color match the paint to a better brand. It can be done easily.

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yellow by nature is a transluscent paint, and even the Home Depot nimrod should have asked you what you were coloring over...yellow will never color over purple, no matter how 'neutral' it is.

the 'blotchy' and 'garish' are two different problems, however... one is caused by improper priming, the other is caused either by bleeding - or it's just the wrong color.

you might want to try repriming the worst wall, and coloring it again- just to see if it IS fizable.

I have had some walls that just would not give up the ghost of colors past- and the only fix I have found is to paint the dratted thing black, and then prime over THAT.

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Buy a gallon of Killz, that should hide whatever in underneath. I once painted a mural of Winnie the Pooh on my sons nursery, when he grew up enough not to want Winnie the pooh that was the only way we could cover it up with Killz.
You can find it in Home Depot paint dept. Then try the yellow again it should cover it.


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Blotchy color can be caused by not being mixed completely. I use a drill powered mixer that does a better job than just useing a stick.

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Paint is one of those items that should NOT be bought at orange box. Look in the yellow pages under paint and find the Benjamin Moore dealer near you. You won't be disapointed with either the product or the service.

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Problem solved - This was actually a project in a condo we purchased for our daughter. She picked the yellow; we painted before we left town. When she arrived with movers, she reacted to the garish yellow the same way we did. She has since repainted two coats of the lightest yellow on the chip card. She's much happier with it. So now the previous colors have a total of 6 coats. That should cover just about anything, don't you think? We haven't seen it yet, but if she's happy, we're happy.

As to comments about where & what to buy in paint, I agree somewhat. We've used Benjamin Moore in several rooms and on 3 story exterior. If we're doing something to last longer, we'll use BM. Sometimes going to "the orange box" satisfies the needs at the time, though.

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Home Depot,Walmart,Lowes, others? are warehouses, not generally good places to shop, particularly if one does need service as well as goods.

The local friendly Ace or BM paint stores are much the better, IMO.. The prices may be higher, I think, but the service is well worth it.Our local Ace has many many important little items that HD would never bother with or know about..

I used to be a supporter of these biggies, but no longer..

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