tree root causes sewer backflow into house.

blockheadbabe_2October 3, 2013

We have had the outside drain repaired and the restoration company sent by the insurance company has cleaned and set up fans. There is damage to the kitchen counters and floor and into the dining room carpet. Also drained through the basement ceiling into the laundry room and ran into the adjacent family room carpet. Ack! Any tips on with insurance and restoration companies? Questions I should be asking? I was told anything on the inside would be covered, replaced.

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You'll need to find out if the insurance company is paying you, the mortgage company, or the contractor.

In the case of my roof, the check was paid to me but had to signed my the mortgage company before I could cash it and then pay the contractor.

There will also be a deductable and proration of items unless your policy calls for actual replacement.

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Normally I wouldnâÂÂt recommend using an insurance companyâÂÂs contractor/mitigation company. They have loyalty to the insurance company, not you. When insurance companies have a claim, their main priority is to minimize expenses, PERIOD!!!

Insurance companies do this (among other ways) by applying pressure on their vendor to do the repairs their way and with their pricing structure. ThatâÂÂs why insurance companies push contractors on their vendor programs so hard.

If itâÂÂs a franchise company doing the work, even more reason to be cautious. Franchises pay a major chunk of their profits to the franchisor. With these funds coming off the bottom line, they usually donâÂÂt have the funds to hire better quality staff which usually means lesser quality service or repairs.

I could tell you a million and one reasons to be cautious with insurance companies and franchisees but your insurance claim is fairly minor. Even the worst restoration companies in this industry should be able to handle this without much problem.

Unfortunately, the adjusters that handle these small claims are typically the most incompetent boneheads on the planet. You are going to need to stay on top of the adjuster to make sure he/she does things in a timely and equitable manner.

Good luck,

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Take lots of pictures of before, during and after the work and document everything. Make sure everything is in writing also.

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Thanks for the responses. It's been overwhelming and the info was exactly what we needed. Love this site!

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My next door neighbor had a massive Maple limb fall onto their place and crushed an exterior wall. The insurance company hired their people to do repairs and they in turn sub contracted it to a few non licensed fly by nighters. 3 years latter if she plugs in a toaster the breaker trips. The list goes on and on. These guys had to borrow my Hydro everyday and were constantly looking to borrow tools from me. Insist on approving the contractor.

They are very laid back people, certainly more than I. I think they're retired hippies, and live with it, I wouldn't. Peace man.

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You didn't ask so perhaps the root cause, sorry for the pun, has been addressed.

Install a backflow check valve, sewage will never back flow into the home again.

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