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jaw2000October 7, 2002


After a second meeting with the adjuster and the contractor. The ceiling (at a minimum is covered). Seems the adjuster saw that the ceiling had been nailed and glued and saw discoloration on the beams (joists/tresses) and insulation and some drops (again at a minimum) on the sheetrock.

The walls are wallpapererd.

Here is my first question (or series of them):

As the ceiling must be removed to the walls, and the taping/mudding will contact the wallpaper, what is covered? In other words should insurance cover the ceiling and insulation removal and replacement, and since the job cannot be completed without messing with wallpaper, a new wallpaper job too? And, if so will that also include removal of the old wallpaper?

I am not trying to gouge the insurance company (though since they are dropping us, I am tempted).

Moving on, as some here know the company is dropping us --- too many claims, but now this claim is being called of a previous hail damamge claim, hence it is weather related, and not a condition (in VA) where we can be dropped.

What all this meams is: we have a total of 4 claims, 3 are now part of the original hail damage, and 1 that is water damage from an exploding refrigerator. The cost of this last one was $500.

Are we now in a position where we could actually be re-instated? Or, more likely will we be dropped over a $500 claim?

And, finally, if the latter is true (that's how I'd bet), might we find it easier to get new insurance, seeing how 3 claims are weather related (eg act of God), vice anything that we did that was stupid or negligant.

Hope this makes some sense and I value your inputs, thanks in advance for them.


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Its not the $500 claim that is getting you....its the 4 claims and the total amount of all of them...
Sorry for your problems, I am sure you are not entitled to new wallpaper...that will be out of your pocket.
Its not hard nor expensive to do yourself to save $$.
Karen L

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