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nhsuzanneJune 27, 2011

Hello all,

WOW, no one started this thread yet! I am just back from a week in Acadia with the horses. Wonderful time, great weather and amazing carriage roads! I am still unpacking and cleaning the trailer. This will be an all day project!

Where is everyone? What is everyone up to????

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Good afternoon, NHSuzanne! I'm happy that your week was so good with the horses. Looking forward to pictures and stories, too.

I took my car in today for the body work. Enterprise didn't pick me up like in the commercials because they were swamped with business and their computers were all down. It took about 45 minutes to get my rent car, but I didn't have anything else to do, so it was okay. I'm driving a Chrysler Sebring - not a convertible, which is just as well since we're having temps in the 100's for at least the next week.

Now that I'm eating healthier, I've noticed that my insomnia problems have cut way back. It still takes me about 30 mins. to an hour to fall asleep, but now I sleep through the night. That's a huge incentive for continuing a healthy WOE!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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To start off the day, I went to Panera and met some friends for breakfast. Then I went to visit my parents, came home and detailed my car and weeded the flower beds. It was a beautiful day and it felt good to be outside.

Carolyn - I definitely think there is a corraltion between our diets and sleeping patterns. I find that the days I don't eat after dinner, I sleep so much better. When I snack on carbs, I toss and turn. I have decided that even though I am retired, I need to set my alarm and get up on a schedule, so my body is ready for sleep at a reasonable hour. I can see that I am slipping into some bad habits already.

And I have found that I need to combat that late afternoon slump, by keeping active and not giving in to the urge to sit down. That keeps me busy and keeps my mind off idle snacking.

NHSuzanne - Glad you had a great time in Acadia. I do have fond memories of my childhood vacations there.

Off to stir the sauce and get dinner on the table.

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You detailed your car? You mean painted it? Wow.

Today were off to the city to do some running around - it's going to rain all day here and there. Got as much stuff put away/sorted in my spare room for my crafts that I'm now ready at last to sew curtains and girly the room up a bit. Going to Ikea to look at counter tops and have an affordable lunch. Time permitting I may get to drop into one of our local "chain" charity stores. Looking for shorts and leggings and keeping an eye out for curtains. Have more windows to cover properly.

My weekly weigh-in on target for maintenance. Here's a photo of the new me taken from the weekend visit with my soul sister Rolande. This is the first summer I've not put highlights in my dark blonde hair. I'm tired of doing it. The dress I scored for $3 at our local charity shop...and yes we had 1 glass of wine with our salad lunch followed by a pot of tea.

Rolande said I look transformed this summer - not just weight but much happier inside, more relaxed and back to being Peggy again.

Don't quit on yourself - your dreams are possible. Just believe and see yourself reaching your goal and you will. Mine took me years of struggling while learning to cope with life's challenges. The reward is worth it because I finally learned - I'm worth it.

Aren't you worth it? Think about that today - LOL.

I have to go,
Let's make today a good one. At the very least be kind to yourself.


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Hi all--

Not much time, but I'm asking for good test vibes to be sent my way--I have another one in the same class where everyone failed the last test (except 3 people).

Peggy--you.are.gorgeous!!! What a great, happy pic! :)



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Hi All!

I have a new puppy! So sweet, a rescue dog from the shelte, originally from Tennessee. She is a dashhound and beagle/spaniel mix. Very cute. I am not used to a puppy around, so much energy and so much pee and poop! Her name is Ellie Mae.

Peg, what a beautiful picture. I am so happy to get to know you better!

Suzanne, welcome back. Glad your trip was great.

Maddie, how did the test go? I am sending you good vibes now, probably too late for todays test, so save them for the next one!

Marci, when I used to have the summers off, I had the worse habits. Stayed up late, really wasted a lot of time. You are smart to keep on a schedule. It is so easy not to! Congratuations on your retirement. You earned it!

WW weigh in tomorrow. I am still down 27#. I keep kind of playing with the same .8 of a pound. If it goes over one pound, I will cry!

My sister is doing great. Radiation is done, she has healed nicely, and has a low percentage of a reoccurance. I am so happy for her (and me)!!!

Ivamae, how are you doing? I think of you all the time and hope that things are going well for you.

Jan, you as well. I hope that you are doing ok.

Hello to everyone else. :)

oxoxox Besh

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Maddie and Besh - thank you for the compliments! I feel like a million dollars after seeing those.

Besh I am happy your sister is doing well. Keeping good thoughts coming your way. And a puppy! OMG I love puppies. Give her a big kiss for me. Lucky girl you are.

I will be on and offline - my laptop died big time, DH set me up on his other laptop normally used for work...but I've also been busy finally making curtains for my spare room after sorting the junk out. The weather is playing nice again - we have running around to do along with getting me a new laptop. I balked at the idea and asked if I could just get a refurbished one. Dave wants me to have a new one because I use it for everything, we are not subscribing to TV since moving out here and use the laptop for reading news, watching TV online etc. It's our social life when we sit down and work beasts for both of us. There are some really good ones out there that are rated high for performance and COOLING under $500. My old HP sucked on cooling - my hardware in the machine just got slower and slower, things started stalling this week until it gave up completely yesterday. Boo. We're looking at a Toshiba Satellite. I had a Toshiba before and wore that sucker right out and I'm using an old Toshiba right now (DH's work laptop). It's also a much older machine too but still working well.

Sometimes I wonder if the ground we have built on is cursed. Since our homebuild went wrong, lots of other things around here go wrong. Even our contractor said things that have been challenging just never happen on other sites. And get this, EXACTLY to the day we left Ottawa last year to be homeless in a trailer on site, we had a lightning strike on a tree in our field. It traveled to the house, damaged/killed our modem, wi-fi equipment, an outdoor outlet and possibly the start switch on DH's table saw (it was plugged into an extension cord from the house) which got zapped (circuit breaker went off). Because we have a $1K deductible on our insurance to keep costs down, it doesn't look like we've past that on damages to bother with it. Honestly I just don't know sometimes. There was a huge BANG and we both swear we saw an arc around our woodstove - which luckily the attached fan was still plugged in so it was grounded. Given the trees around the house and the fact we are on a hill top we are now thinking of getting a lightening rod installed.

I don't want to say "what next". If we won the lottery we'd be gone tomorrow from here - not kidding. This has not turned into our dream home - it's a house on slab which we've been told will be hard to sell, the value is not as high as it could be because of the slab (supposed to be our walk out basement).


But we march on. Never dull although I would not mind some "dull" these days.

So excuse me if I'm not online much over the next few days and maybe not until next week. It's Canada Day weekend too and we will be busy with family.

I hope you are enjoying some fine weather, getting outside and taking care of yourself. Drink some water and try and have a walk!


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Only just a minute--but I had to log on to say:

I passed, I passed, I passed, I passed, I passed. Insert big grin here!

Am I doing a happy dance? You bet your sweeet patootie!!

Oh, btw--

I PASSED!!!!! :):)



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'Afternoon, all!

I just popped in to see how everyone's doing and saw Maddie's happygram post about passing her test. Big CONGRATS to you, Maddie!

My car is completed, and I will pick it up at 4:30 today. I barely put any miles on the rental car, but it felt good to know it was there IF I needed it.

Besh, I'm happy to hear good news about your sister. And, congrats to you on acquiring a puppy! I miss my dogs so much. Where I'll go today to get my car, they have a resident 1-yr. old 'classic' German shepherd which I love to play with, even if it's only for a few minutes.

Peggy, I've lived in a house before that felt cursed, so I know exactly how frustrated y'all must be feeling. I also love the picture of you. You are a lovely woman!

Marci, I so admire your determination to stay on a schedule now that you're retired. It really does make a difference in your life.

Time to get ready to pick up my baby! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend if I don't see y'all around!

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Hello everyone!

Thought I posted twice this week, but it does not appear to have worked.

Congrats to Maddie and Besh for their accomplishments!

Peggy, you are so beautiful and look very relaxed. Keep up the good work!

Carolyn, have fun getting reunited with your car. Be safe!

Waving hello to everyone while I finish up about 2 1/2 hours more work. I'm outta this office at 3 today and off for a week of fun at the beach. Will check in next week.

Happy Canada Day!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA! God Bless America!

Best regards to all!

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Love hearing all the good news.

Besh - I am so relieved for your sister and YOU.

Peg - You do look happy - that is a great photo, thanks for sharing. If you have any belief's old Indian rituals - you can cleanse your home with burning sage to release the negative energy that is held there. I know it it "out there" but I believe when anything is done with a pure intention it will have a positive outcome.

Maddie - we never had any doubt but CONGRATULATIONS!

Carolyn - glad your car is back.

Marci - I could easily fall into that pattern too. Good for you to recognize it and deal with it. I am so happy for you to be retired!

Where is BJ???

We went to the most awesome party last night and had such a great time meeting many new fun and interesting people.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Holiday weekend!

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