Regency R1075 Scanner

june58August 15, 2009

Iam having a problem with my scanner. When I plug the antenna in all the way and it goes through the small metal ring inside the scanner,its like the scanner shorts itself out and I get nothing but static. If I back the antenna out, the static stops but I don`t pick up the channels like I used to. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it ?

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sounds like the antenna or antenna cable is shorted ..

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Alright, this probably a somewhat older scanner, so I bet it has a Motorola (almost banana)style antenna jack, meaning there only a hole in the back of your scanner, the antenna end has a tip and then a metal shield around it with a few little long springy tabs cut into it. Make sure nothing got into the hole in the back of thescanner, a little piece of foil, or maybe a broken tab from the antenna. Next make sure the outer matel shell with the springy tabs cut into it are not touching the tip.

Outside of that, it could be a shorted antenna, as already posted. Or the receiver is history. It's pretty old.

I you really like scanning, It may be time for a new scanner. I'm not going to recommend any here, but there are some very nice simple ones there, that have multiple modern antenna connections, PC programming, etc, etc, the sky is the limit. If what I mentioned above does not work, take the scanner to a good radio shop, they are VERY hard to find these days, but search for a HAM Radio store, they usually know their stuff. I'd bet they'd check out your set for free, and point you in the right direction.

Sorry so long, but I'm a HAM, and a BIG scanner freak, I LOVE the older stuff and I like to tinker with it, but if you want to hear your stuff, go tslk to them.


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