? How to record stored shows on DVR to another medium

bfff_txAugust 21, 2011

I've recorded a bunch of a special sport shows (60 hrs worth) over the years which are stored on my DVR. What equipment is needed to record these shows from the DVR to a DVD format.

I could play each episode and record them to a VHS tape but there has to be a quicker and more efficient way to do it.

Any assistance / advice greatly appreciated. Thank You

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The easiest, and really only method, is to use a stand-alone DVD player/recorder, to record from the analog outputs. That is, as long as there is no analog copy protection enabled on the video outputs as may be required by the copyright holder.

You don't mention your service provider, or what the DVR is you have, however, chances are you should be OK using the analog outputs. It'll take a while since it's all done in real-time.

And, no, you can not just do a digital copy from the hard drive - the DVRs record the entire "transport stream" from the head-end and they are not just clear unencrypted MPEG video files.

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Thank you Yosemitebill. Not sure what you mean by analog copy protection on the video outputs ??????
SP is Dishnetwork, DVR is about 3/4 yrs old.
Hey there are no quick fixes to anything these days. Appreciate your response. Cheers.

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Nice information. I think it will be easy for us to record stored shows on DVR to another medium. If you want to do extensive video editing and create a professional looking DVD for your home videos, you should use a computer with a recordable DVD drive and a video editing and DVD authoring software package.

Here is a link that might be useful: gaui 330-xs

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