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Tikanas2June 19, 2006

Yes, it's Monday again! Time to roll out of bed and start moving those feet! Lol!

What's cookin' everybody?


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Hello everyone,

Tikanis thanks for getting us started this week. I feel like I missed last week. I perused a little but still not caught up. Glad your computer is running again! It is not fun when they don't work well. I love Burmese cats, are the personalities similar to Siamese? I find the Siamese so un-cat like but fierce protectors of their people. I named Blue because when I got him as a baby he cried all the time and I used to tell him he was singing the blues........then there are his incredibly bluer than blue eyes. He is without a doubt 9 lbs of pure love!

Donna, good to see you posting!

Okay all you walkers............I am walking my bunns off, (only the bunns aren't leaving!), so where are we walking to? To meet Marci? I'm in.

It was really hot this weekend and it made me literally ill. We worked on building the perfect chicken coop and DH is making it like Fort Knox so hopefully we won't have any critter trouble. My girls are growing by the minute and I feel like a tired Mom! They spent thier first night out on the screened porch and I was awake checking on them all night! They were fine of course.

I have been riding very early mornings to beat this heat and the bugs and have seen a couple of really wonderful things. One morning last week we saw a cow moose and her baby at Norway pond. The did not mind us at all and stood and watched us. Also last week we saw a mother bear and her two babies! That was thrilling let me tell you. The horses smelled something and began snorting uneasily and just as we crested this hill on an old logging road there they were down below us. Momma saw us too and headed for cover with her cubs. I am glad that we did not have an encounter of any kind.

This morning the first crop of baby turkeys emerged in my field as we returning home. Eight little babies whose heads barely stick up above the grass. It's so sweet. They made thier way to my back yard and they all paid attention to the chirping from my porch.

Okay, enough animal tales. How was everyone's weekend?

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Hi all,

Tikanas ~ congrats on your weight loss and your exercise.

NHSuzanne ~ I love sitting on our deck in the early morning watching all the wildlife greetthe day. We have baby turkeys too, along with baby geese, ducks, rabbits, pheasants and twin fawns.

Hi Donna ~ When I went grocery shopping last week the girl in front of me had on the cutest shoes. I couldn't resist asking her where she got them . Went shopping today on my lunch hour and immediately thought of you and Raeanne. Got a great deal so I now own 3 more pairs of shoes.

I don't know where you guys are walking to but can I join in? I could cross the bridge at Port Huron, stop and get Joanne and then meet up with all of you OR you all could head west and I wouldn't have to leave my yard....LOL

Joanne ~ thinking of you and your family. Hope all is okay

All right everyone come out, come out wherever you are and check in!


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Happy Monday!

Thanks for getting things rollin' Tikanas!

Suzanne - it's good to be posting again - I don't think I will be able to catch up though. I know what you mean about those buns not going anywhere...join the walk as we meet Marci and Dee to head to Raeanne's....actually you can meet us there! I love your animal stories!

Zig - how cool you now have 3 new pair of shoes!! I am jealous. Grab Joanne and head east - leave the yard wearing a new pair of walking shoes! I love that you get to enjoy nature in your own yard.

My weekend was uneventful - just the way I like it. Suzanne, I love the summer but very hot weather will sometimes make me feel sick too,if I am doing something with lots of exertion, yuck. It does not happen often thank goodness.

I was a good girl tonight and took a (short) walk after dinner. I feel very proud of myself today - I ate well, drank my water and walked. Now if I can just do this everyday I might see some results.

OK, where the heck is everyone?? I was MIA but have come back..I saw Milkdud post over the weekend (glad you are doing so great) but where are all the others?? You know who you are!


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This board is really moving - or should I say walking! I love it. And I received a nice unbirthday surprise in the mail yesterday. Sweet NHSuzanne sent me a new pedometer! Now I can accurately track my steps. I will have to look at a map and pick a place in PA to "meet" before we head north to NY. All you (or should I say Y'all) northern peeps will have to head south.

I did have a bad weekend as far as walking goes, but I blame it on my DD. She MADE me stay up late and watch movies Friday and I was so tired on Sat. Then I was having company for lunch on Sunday and needed to get things ready. Yesterday, it was pouring. But I headed out this morning with my audio book. I am loving these audio books! Last night I worked on a mini scrapbook and listened to my book. I also got a portable CD player for Mother's Day and I listen to either a book or music on my walks.

I need to head to the grocery store. Poor DH has nothing for his lunch.

(50 miles closer to NJ)

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Hi Guys!

Quarter's finally over! Classes put me over the edge for time---I'm thinking---never again?

Maddie, thanks for the card, article, and nice note, sis!

I gained SO much weight this quarter. None of my clothes fit comfortably.

I gotta catch up on the board, but I will!

Here is a link that might be useful: Coupon for Janet book-hope it works!

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Suzanne - You know I love your animal stories and I agree you need to have them published.

Maddie - You too, need to get your writings published - I think we are overdue for a Maddie tale.

Tikanis - I hope things are going smoother for you this week.

Dee - does your office do summer hours? Seems like that is very popular in the city these days. Both my girls get a half day on Fridays.

Gretchen - can't wait to hear about the wedding.

Jen - check in and give us a progress report - you have been working so hard - you must be losing by now.

Zig - 3 more pairs of shoes LOL. I have been good and have stayed away from the shoe stores.

Donna - I hope you did as well today as you did yesterday.

Milkdud - are you still working out in the pool?

Marci - sounds like you had a lot of fun with DD being home. I love how my relationship with my daughers has evolved. Many relatives and friends with younger children are envious of our relationship - I tell them to just wait.

We really need to find some people in the mid-western states so BJ can meet up with them and join us in our walk LOL.

I want to join in the walk, but I don't walk a lot any more, so for every hour that I workout with the trainer I am going to count that as 3 miles and then I will total what I do on the elliptical the other days. This way you won't have to walk as far LOL.

3 miles south

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Okay,I will start counting my steps and miles each day and I am heading south to where ever we are going!

BJ, great to hear from you Sis. I miss you and I know we all do!

Raeanne, you must be looking buff with your personal training!

Zig, I wish we could sit on the porch together and watch the wildlife! Don't you just love the early morning of what is going to be a really hot day? There is something very special and particular about the air and light.

I have to run but wanted to check in and say Hi!

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Fast check in!!

BJ - glad to see you back!!!

Marci - that is a cool little unbirthday gift Suzanne sent you!

Just wanted to pop in and say hi!


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Hi everyone!

Maddie ~ You are the best!!! Thank you so much!

BJ ~ Glad to see you post,. Hope the stress is over at least for a while anyway

Donna ~ the shoes are strictly for show. I could probably make it to the end of the driveway but not much further without breaking my neck, my leg, my ankle or all the above....LOL

Raeanne ~ there just happened to be a bogo sign in the Payless window when we were walking by and it just didn't seem right to ignore it...LOL

NHSuzanne ~ I grab my coffee and a muffin and head outside every chance I get. The early morning just before dawn is the absolute best time to enjoy the outdoors

Marci ~ I love my pedometer and I'm sure you will too.

Did a 4 mile WATP tape yesterday and today plus 20 minutes of Pilates tonight. I'm on my way somewhere, just don't have a clue as to where


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Hello Ladies,

Thought I would check in. Everyone seems to be staying cool and keeping busy. I did some nature watching too last week up in Laconia NH at bike week. Lots of hogs and chicks to keep an eye on. Its funny that the event used to be party central and now is yuppie fest. They replaced all the beer booths with T-shirt boots :/ still was a fun day though.

Other than that not a whole lot new. Still looking for work, the job market is tough right now and im not about to give up yet, but its getting close.. oh well.

Things with the GF are "all over but the crying" as a friend would say. It came to a head this weekend. Before it was about things that she needed to work through before she wanted to get more serious, and now out of the blue there are things that I need to correct before she will. These are all things that were never mentioned before and have been going on since we started datting. Im calling BS and moving on. Sucks to be single again, and all my plans for the summer are out the window. Time to regroup and figure out where to go from here.

Anyone want to buy a kayak? :)

Anywho, ive lost a couple of pounds this spring, down to 220 so still another 30 to go. Think im going to join a gym to get motivated and maybe meet some new people.

The good news is my friend said her neighbor thought i was cute, shes datting someone right now, but I'll take a compliment when I can get it!

I went to my nieces graduation tonight, she got a tatoo on her 18th b-day. All grown up now... My poor brother looks nervous!

Im going to read a bit and catch up on the news. Good to see all of you happy posts. I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!


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Good day all,

John, am sorry to hear about your girlfriend. Sounds like you might be better off than with someone who can't even be honest with you. But WHY do you have sell your kayak? There has to be a way for you to meet other kayaking babes in these woods up here? I sure it sucks to be single and I am very grateful that I am not in the search mode. It's so complicated these days.

Yes Zig I am with you. I love to be outside and I adore the very early morning at this time of year.

Donna, don't disappear again!

I am home right now and the appliance repairman is here to fix my refrigerator! I gothome from my ride this morning and everything was warm. I am so lucky he could come out quickly.

I have some amazing photos to post here and I will post them as soon as I can.

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These were taken outside of Tulsa. A friend sent them to me.

P.S. After the horses moved on, the doe came for her wandering all is well in case you were wondering.

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Suzanne, those pictures of the horses and the fawn are so sweet. Thanks for sharing them!

John, there really are more fish in the sea, or in your case - the lake! So keep that kayak and start rowing and looking again. And shame on her for fault-finding instead of just being honest with you if she was ready to move on. And having only 30 lbs. to lose is great! Now get busy and get moving!

Hi to Marci, Zig, Tikanas, Donna, Dee Marie, Raeanne, and BJ! Someone asked if I'd heard from Patti lately. No, I haven't. I thought she might get in touch when they were here for her DIL's graduation, but not a word. Sorry.

I'm still working out daily in the pool. The more I get to know my new knee, the more I like it! I'm also building up the muscles in my other leg which still needs surgery, so maybe I'll be in better shape for the next time.

Take care!

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Suzanne - those photos are absolutely beautiful and I am glad that you added that the baby and mom were reunited - that was the first thing I thought about LOL. We have had a big old gray fox hanging around the wooded edge of our property waiting to catch something under my feeders, so I haven't been filling them lately. The crows are quick to warn everyone that the fox is around. I know the fox needs to eat or feed her kits, but I don't want to make it easier for her LOL.

Milkdud - I am glad the knee is doing so much better. I bet the other knee will respond better by strenghtening it now.

BJ - come back and post some more.

John - I wish you lived closer I have the nicest and cutest single girlfriend that is looking - not knowing your age - she may be too old for you. If you find your way out by me this summer let me know LOL. In the meantime I am sending you a (((hug))) and hope that helps.

Have a great evening.

6 miles closer

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Hi everyone

NHSuzanne ~ Love the pictures. They really touched my heart.

Milkdud ~ the more you strengthen your leg muscles now the easier the next surgery will be and with your new knee it should be easier to do that because you can trust it not to hurt or give out on you

John ~ How hurtful and unfair. You know the saying " sometimes a gal has to kiss a lot of frogs before she finds her prince, well I think the same is true for guys trying to find their princess. I am sure there is some very special princess out there just for you. I hope you find her soon.

Raeanne ~ I wouldn't serve the fox dinner on a silver platter either, I'd make him (or her) work for it...LOL

Did a 4 mile WATP tape this afternoon and roller bladed to DQ and back, which is almost 8 miles, tonight. FYI he had a flurry and I had iced tea. I'm surre I will pay for it tomorrow. I'm 20 miles closer to wherever I'm suppose to go


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I went to edit my post and submitted it instead. I meant to say DH and I roller bladed to DQ. There is no way I would go that far by myself especially to get iced tea at a DQ...LOL

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Hi Guys!

Raeanne~ I told myself I'm going to try and post every day. After a nearly a whole quarter of not posting, I am ready to get going here again!

I have been going to the gym about 2 or 3 times a week for 1 to 1-1/2 hours each time. I work out with the teacher that taught my younger girls' kindergarten class. She's 66 and a firecracker to be with. If it wasn't for her, I'd probably procrastinate or skip more than half my workouts. I gained 10 pounds over last quarter's finals and everything that followed, so I am working on taking it off...not easy!

John~ I'm interested in the kayak---but only if it comes via U.S. male! ha! I had to say that---but you can come visit and bring your kayak anytime. LOTS of water around here! And lots of single chicks canoeing and kayaking too. Sorry your GF dropped the bomb on you, but better now than after marriage. I've had that happen a couple of times! Don't give up on finding Ms. Right.

NHSuzanne~ Pics are SO cool! What a tender little scene!

Well, I gotta go --- it's late!

Hasta tomorrow!

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Good Morning,

Donna, BJ, John, It's great to see ya post. We have missed you!

NH Suzanne, I love the pics. I printed them off for DH.

Report on my "getting in shape"! From my measurements of March 6th to June 6th, I have lost 12 inches and 4 lbs. So, I am keeping the Firm. It's frustrating that I haven't lost more pounds, but the inches is great. That's a whole foot, so I can't complain. I can't wait to see the results of September 6th. I will keep you posted!

This summer is flying. I looked at my calendar and July is filled up again.

Gotta run. Have a great day.


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Good THURSDAY Morning everyone!

The only good thing I can say about the last 6 days is that I've lost 5 pounds and got about 10-12 hours of heavy duty cleaning/painting under my belt. Long story that I won't go into here, but things will be improving over at the home that my parents left me and my 3 'troubled' brother and sister live in the home.

BJ and John! Good to see you posting again.

John, hope you're feeling better about what happened. I agree with BJ that it's better to get it over with now if she's not the right compainion for you. you can be assured that Raeanne's friend is cute if she says so. I've met at least one who's single and living in Jersey. :-)

To all you shoe freaks out there----did anyone mention that they shop at zappos dot com? My sister loves it and I may order a new pair of walking sneaks.

Gotta run; I've been out of this office since last Friday and the piles are getting taller!


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Popping in to say a quick hi!

This thread is moving fast again! I'll catch up tomorrow.

Hi Bj! Long time no "see".


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Storms moved through and no electricity until late this evening.

So I thought I say Goodnight and sleep tight. :~)

See you in the morning.
(53 miles closer to NJ)

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CONGRATS on the inches and weight los, DEE MARIE and JEN!

Hi Zig! Roller blading, huh? I'm going roller skating on Friday with the kids at the rink. Should be fun...yeah, right!

I have been weeding, weeding, weeding my yard, and today I went to move a potted hydrangea off my patio and grabbed the edge of the pot and tugged. Well, I felt a stabbing pain in my thigh, then, my calf, then my ribcage. I stepped back, and realized there was a yellow jacket nest in the potted dirt! I ran up the deck, sweeping yellow jackets off my legs! I felt burning under my shirt and lifted my shirt up and there yellow jackets up in my shirt! I flicked them all away and went in the house. DH put ice on all the bites---about 6 total. They still hurt!

But...I had my first belly dancing class tonight, so I went anyway. Holy cow! ----Used muscles I didn't even know I had! Really fun tho'. The instructor says at the end of 8 weeks (every Thursday), we'll know a short dance. I plan on taking level 2 after this, if I can, so I might be able to shake a coin belt by the end of it!

Not much else happening. Continuing to go to the gym and sort of keep the calories in check!

Nighty night!

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QOD: What's up for the weekend?

We have having dinner with friends tonight, but since we are going to have rain, rain, rain....I've decided to hang inside and continue working on my home office files. That should also keep my hands out of the chip bag!


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Deemarie, WHAT weekend?? lol! Saturday nite, I am in charge of the Men's Banquet at church, Erica has a cheer clinic all day Saturday, need to cook all day Sat. for the banquet. Sometime between tonite and tomorrow, I need to go down to church and get my room ready for Bible School next week. Sunday is just as busy. I can't wait for July 1st to get here! Bible school is great for kids, but it sure is a lot of work. I have the kindergarten class this year. WISH me luck!! 16 kiddos and no helper. Sounds like fun to me!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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Erica is cheering?!!! I was a cheerleader and absolutely loved it! If I lived closer I would help with those 16 kiddos, Jen. Make it fun!

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QOD: Like Dee, we are having rain and more rain this weekend. Plans are dinner tomorrow night with a friend and finish shopping for a birthday gift.

Zig: Roller blading - I am impressed!!!

Suzanne: I love those pictures!

John: I know it's tough - relationships are never easy but like so many others have said - better to find out now than later.

Jen: Cheering is so much fun but not always for the parents.

Dee: I will definitely have to check out zappos dot com.

Heading out now for something to idea what or where.

I am glad to see so many posting!!! I will check in later.
Have a great night!


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Hi Guys!


A.M.: Work out!--Shopping at Costco for party I'm hosting Saturday.--Running errands with kids in tow - all day.
P.M.: Cleaning house all night.--Practice isolated body movements for belly dancing class.

A.M.: Picking up last minute groceries for a going-away party I'm having--one of my dear friends is moving away for 4 years!--Touch up house.
P.M.: Party starts at 7pm.--Diet goes out the door at 7:05pm!

A.M.: Brekky out with the kids and DH.--Clean up after party.--Rest in the hot sun!
P.M.: Out to Mystery Dinner Theater at a local restaurant with 2 other couples. MY G.F.'s theater group is doing the mystery theater at the dinner. FUN!

A.M.: Exercise at gym @ 7:30am.--Recommit to diet and exercise program.
P.M.: Watch G.F.'s son. Boys in the house---what? Actually, he broke his nose and can't go to day camp, so he's coming to BJ's funhouse for the day!

GADFREY! This sounds somewhat like Bridget Jones diary without the smoking and sex!

Have a great weekend everyone! Smoochies & Huggles!

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BJ - I am once again exhausted reading your post and who would have time for smoking or sex LOL. I have heard that belly dancing is a fantastic workout - shake it girl!

QOD - last night was dinner with friends to a favorite restaurant. Today, I worked out with trainer, now I'm at work and no plans for tonight. Tomorrow will be food shopping in the morning, a long walk and planning on a boat ride and picnic. I need to get some housework in there sometime.

Dee - you are still a cheerleader. You guessed the friend I was trying to fix John up with. She lives up here full time now LOL.

Jen - I used to be a Daisy leader and absolutely loved that age group - I think it will be a lot more fun than you think. WTG on the inches - I would gladly take that.

Make the most of your weekend.

10 miles south

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