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ellendiMarch 18, 2014

My daughter just received a text from a long time childhood friend to save the date for his upcoming wedding.

He has three very close friends and will have them all stand up with him as he takes his vows. Not picking one over the other for a best man.
My nephew had his best friend who is a woman be his "best woman."

I like this! Years ago we were so formal, often choosing these roles out of obligation and not given to those who truly deserved the honor.

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In 1978 I was "best woman" at my college friend's wedding. I moved east and they moved all around and ended up here and live a mile away. Ironically, I am closer to his wife now than to him!

When I got married 3 years later in 81 for some reason I had it in my head at the time to only have a maid of honor and asked my oldest friend from 3rd grade. If I had it to do over, I would have asked all my closest friends and not necessarily had the equal number of bridesmaids/grooms, etc..

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Indeed, I like that very much, it's more meaningful.

All kinds of traditions are more relaxed now, DD did not have the wedding party wear matching frocks, they all wore what they wanted: it did help that she knew they all had excellent taste.

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Back in the 80's, a friend told her 5 bridesmaids to just wear a purple street length dress. It was a smart, cost conscious choice. Unfortunately, I didn't know that and as a guest I wore a purple, street length dress. It looked like I was an uncooperative bridesmaid, never lining up for the pictures, not doing the things the others were doing. I should have just jumped into all the pix and years later they would say "I didn't remember she was a bridesmaid, but look there she is in a purple dress in the back of the pix so she must have been one of my bridesmaids."

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When DS and DIL were married ten years ago, his "best man" was a woman, who wore a black gown, and one of her "bridesmaids" was a man (bridesman?) who wore a kilt.

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The no best man, no maid of honor distinction sounds a lot like the overall "everyone's a winner" mentality that is so prevalent today. Each to their own - people should do whatever they want for their wedding.

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A popular alternative to the word 'bridesmaid' is 'attendant'.

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My dd is having "usherettes" and ushers for her upcoming wedding. Two of each.

Her fiancé is having two best men.

It's her wedding. I'm just getting out of the way :-)

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Our nephew was married last month. His sister was his " Best Maid". She wore a pretty silver grey gown while the rest of his groomsmen wore the same color tux (es).


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This is a trend I like :-)

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I have been to, and heard of, several weddings where there was a 'best woman' of the groom or 'best man' of the bride. And one was a dog! Why not? Love it. Also like the idea of just a lot of good friends in the ceremony.

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My DH and I walked all 3 of our DD's down the isle. They all felt it was the correct way for a bride to be 'given away'.

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DD2 had her brother serve as 'man of honor' and her sister was maid of honor. Both stood on her side along with 2 other bridesmaids.

DD1 had her brother escort her down the aisle rather than my DH (her stepfather). He then served as one of the groomsmen. Groom also had 2 best men, one of whom is my DD2's DH (and grooms best friend). DD2 was matron of honor, and DD1's dog was ring bearer.

Both DDs attendants picked their own dresses to coordinate with the wedding colors. DD1 was short sun dresses in jewel tones and groomsmen wore color coordinated shirts & ties (no jackets). That wedding was a casual outdoor affair.

DD2 had a more formal wedding and the maids wore 2 diiferent dresses (one short, one long) in gray that coirdinated with the MOH dress...a floor length pink & gray floral. Men wore traditional black tuxes.

Both ceremonies had unique twists, too. Both had a friend ordained to marry them, and at DD1's, guests were asked to stand, join hands, and take part in the vows to support the couple with love. It was so awesome, and guests still talk about both those weddings as being very unique and enjoyable.

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