pet smell on chair leg

jayvavOctober 17, 2002

We recently purchased a nice oak table and 8 chairs at an estate sale. Little did we know that (2) of the chairs must of been used as a "fire hydr" for one of the previous owners pets. The legs smell of pet urine.

Is it possible to sand, seal and then stain the legs to match again? If so which product would I use? Will the smell be eliminiated? The leg is not rotten but stinks of holy h***

This is quality furniture and would hate to throw away 2 chairs.

We help is greatly appriciated.

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I'm not familiar with the exact odor produced by Holy H*** : ) but if it's anything like pet urine, you're right to be concerned. Assuming that some sort of protective urethane was used, sanding them down and restaining may work. If the stain has broken down at all because of age and the substance seeped into the wood it may not be that simple. I would find a furniture refinisher in your area and call and ask or even show them the chairs. It would be a shame to get rid of them - I hope you have some luck.

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