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ournewhouseinlaAugust 1, 2007

We currently have directv and want it in our new house but not sure about when to call. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am curious to know if we need the company to come out to the new house to install anything before the the insullation is installed.

I hope this doesn't sound to dumb. I just want to make sure everything is done in the right order.


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We just had an addition put on our house. We had the GC make sure that the electrician brought the satellite cable into the room from the outside, which he did before the drywall went on. So your GC or electrician can bring in the correct wiring during the building, so you won't have another hole in the side of your house where the wiring will enter.

It will be up to us to get DirecTV out to take it from the dish to the family room - which we aren't planning to do yet. (We're currently using the new addition, which will be a family room eventually, as a temporary kitchen while the kitchen is being remodeled.)

Hope this helps -


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RG6 coax is generally the standard now but make sure its RG6 or better. I had one person post in another thread that RG5 (I think) is available now and is better but you would only notice it on runs over 100 feet if memory serves me.

Anyway, I have found RG6 to be fine. However, the fewer the splices or loops, the better. Not many of ours (in NH) are looped. Most are direct feeds to the hook up box...lots of wires though.

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