wood burning house

hoosierdocMay 31, 2008

We are working on a house in a rather rural area. I've always loved the idea of a central wood-burning stove for heating a house. We are considering having a cabin on the property that we'd just heat with burning wood. There is a large forest that has an endless supply of renewable energy. I also wouldn't want to run power to the cabin, but would like to have it powered. Is there any way to convert burning wood to electricity? Some sort of large thermocouple, or would it have to be a boiler that powers a steam generator like a nuke plant?

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I think you are better off finding a different source of electricity like solar. You can skip the electrical step and use wood for heating your water as well as your house though. You could even get a wood cook stove to do all of that.

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IF you were in europe.. you could pick up a reg wood burning stove with a back boiler built into the firebox..along with a circulating pump and aqua pipe stat.. very simple and it has the capacity to heat a number of radiators etc.. alas.. they are not available in the states.... no idea why....

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