hooking up a dvd player, vcr and tv set

cheerful1_gwAugust 23, 2005

I presently have Cable TV, a non-cable ready TV set (bought in 1989) that's hooked up to a VCR and a video player. I want to substitute a DVD player for the video player. Are the hookups identical, or do I have to disconnect everything and start from scratch.

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They should be. Chances are both the DVD player and the Video Player use both use a Yellow RCA connector for the video signal along with Red & White RCA connectors for Stereo audio. It should be as simple as disconnecting the cables from the back of the video player and plugging them into the back of the DVD player.

That being said, you really want to check if the TV has an S-Video connector. This cable would replace the Yellow RCA cable from the DVD player, and would be a significant improvement in picture quality.

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I just want to say thanks so much for posting this question I have been trying all morning to connect the dvd player. LOL And this made total sense and it worked!!!!!! Thanks!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

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