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milkdud_2007June 15, 2009

Good morning! I'll get us started (two weeks in a row!), then I'll come back and post later.

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Thanks, Milkdud, for gettig us started!

DEE MARIE! Welcome back!!!!! Sounds like you need a vacation---lol.

I spent the weekend packing---AGAIN--and vacumming mouse gifts out of garage--DH came out of the house and asked, "What are you doing?" I shouted (above the roar of the vacuum), "VACUUMING!" and went back to it. Duh. Doesn't EVERYONE vacuum the garage on the weekend? --Also got rid of some yellow jackets (why is that insect on earth?!?) Last night, I felt like I was SO sick of playing catch up with chores, packing, etc on weekends, but today I feel good that I got a lot done. I was happy to go to the ferry dock and pick up Baby V last night--we all miss him like crazy when he's on visitation.

Weighed in this morning and am up a pound. Kick in the bootie and I'm back on track...little by little, I'll do it...

Check in....I miss hearing the DAY-TO-DAY of your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muh-wah! Monday love~

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Checking back in, and I'm so happy to see you posting, BJ! Your energy is boundless, isn't it? I had to laugh at your dh's question because mine asks things like that, too, and I just can't help but think, Duh!!! Welcome home to Baby V!

I never got in a workout this morning because I ended up going to our library's book club. I'd never attended before, and it was most interesting. We read a mystery book about Josephine Tey, herself an actual mystery writer. This book was a fictionalized account of Tey including many factual aspects of her life. The book was an interesting read, and the ladies at the club were a lot of fun, so I'll go again next month.

Dee, welcome home from yet another trip! Reading so often about your wonderful cruises inspired me to talk to a couple we've met about cruising together, and we're actually booking a trip for September to the Caribbean on the Carnival Conquest.

It's already 94 here, and we still have a couple more hours for that temp to climb. Ugh. I can't even sit out on my front porch because of the black flies and mosquitoes.

I had ordered several items from abc Distributing and opened them last night. What a mess I made because of all the styrofoam packing inside, so I recycled all the cardboard today, and now I have to dust and vacuum away all the stuff.

Dinner tonight will be grilled pork chops, turnip greens, and grilled tomatoes. Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

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Dee - welcome home - I feel like I am always wishing you a bon voyage or a welcome home LOL. Hope things went smoothly at work

BJ - My DH asks those obvious questions all the time LOL. Glad Baby V is back with you but glad you had the "free" time this weekend.

Milkdud - where are you going to find time for a book club? You are always on the run. I didn't know you got black flies in TX. Our season runs from Mother's Day to Father's Day, but I would say that most of them have already gone.

Nothing exciting to tell you. I am still hard at work with the Adirondack Chair auction. The chairs will be at an art reception this weekend and then off to the shops in town to be displayed until the auction. Then I will concentrate on organzing the 4th annual townwide art show.

Hope everyone finds a minute to check-in.

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Milkdud, cruising is SO much fun---you'll love it!

Ha! Raeanne, you're one to talk to MilkDud about being busy when you are always going 100 mph YOURSELF!

I'm at home now, so I guess I'll pack some more stuff and look ahead to this weekend...we MIGHT move! I'm at home because...

...well, I got fired again today. Last time I only made it a half hour into the day before I got fired; this time I made it to 2 o'clock. I'm getting tired of being fired, so I'm wondering if I should ask to be paid, so that when I get fired, I can collect unemployment...what do you guys think? Seriously, though, it feels like I'm powerless when I have to pack my briefcase and leave the office as DH orders. And he's fired me twice this month. It's not really funny any more. I wish I could be more like Erin Brockovich sometimes. What should I do? REALLY. I've never felt this bad about doing my job so well before.

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Wild chicken, I had to take a nap after reading your post. It pooped me right out !! You are one whirling Dervish aren't you. LOL

Cruising is fun indeed !! But not very conducive to losing weight !! When DH and I used to cruise, I would drop at least 15 pounds so I could eat my way back up. I know that sounds nuts, but that's what I would do.

This week is going to be full of activity of all sorts. I went to the greenhouse place for a nice hanging basket for a friend that just had some surgery, and saw a really magnificent Beefsteak tomato plant in a large bucket. I asked the price and they said $3.50, so I bought it. I had to stuff it into the Passat, but I got it in there. It is like a young tree and loaded with tomatos. DH helped me plant it already. I can almost taste the first one off that tomato tree.


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Helen~ Yeah, I love the variety of cruise food and the fact that someone else is cooking! I would always bring my MP3 player and headset, make myself get up in the morning and walk around the outer deck of the ship for an hour so I wouldn't gain weight on the cruise. If I did that at home, I'd be in GREAT SHAPE!!! lol.

Helen---I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of your tomato plant! I want a garden of my own. Maybe I can get some summer herbs going or something.

Well, I am back at work again today--babysitting a client's 5-year old while they have a meeting. My paralegal skills at their best! Actually, I am in my element when I have a kiddo next to me!

Well, it looks like the MOVE is on for this weekend....FINGERS CROSSED.

Okay, now I am going to send a mass email all the "sistahs" to check in. Where the heckuva is EVERYONE?

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Boy, it takes longer and longer to log into this site with all the messages about certificates. Time runs out on me, as this week is very hectic. I just got finished moving into a new office here and need to get adjusted to where everything is....I'm not at all happy with this keyboard tray; keeps moving all over the place. Hey, it's a job, right?

Hope everyone is enjoying the week. I have a presentation to put together for a meeting in 45 minutes, so I'll just say that I need to track my food again. I do best when I write down every BLT (bites, licks, and tastes)...LOL!!!!


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I just had a Mexican restaurant lunch---but I did pretty well...

Well, the move has been pushed to Wednesday. But I'm calling the movers and scheduling TODAY. That's it.

New office, eh, Dee Marie? What gives? Nice? Window? Corner? DO TELL.

Back to work----

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'Afternoon, ladies! It's 100 F. here right now - want to come for a visit? LOL

BJ, if you put it out in the universe that the move is on, it will happen! You go, girl!

Helen, YUM on the tomatoes. I love them, as did my mom, and nothing tastes as good as a fresh, homegrown one.

Dee, are congrats in order on the new office? I couldn't tell from your post. ;)

Raeanne, the book club at our library is harmless, so I won't have a problem doing it. We barely touched on the actual book we read; the librarian was more interested in discussing the author's other books in order to generate more interest in her. It seems that this is how it always works, so I won't have to knock myself out being prepared for an in-depth discussion like I thought before Monday.

Today was a busy day: Curves at 8:30, chiropractor at 9:15, TOPS at 9:45; home to shower and eat before going to the library to do a 'patron count' from noon to 2. Then another stop at the chiropractor's to pick up my newest schedule and payment plan. I also solicited a GC for 4 from my favorite Mexican restaurant owner while there, so it was a good stop.

I'm down another half pound - not great, but not a gain. I had chopped barbecue off the bun and the best darned potato salad last night (good enough to go off-plan for!), and that kept me from showing a better loss.

BJ, I'm meeting my neighbor for lunch at above-mentioned Mexican restaurant tomorrow, and it's easy now. I get my regular salad and allow myself 4 tortilla chips and 4 dunks into the green sauce. I now know too many people here in town to break my diet!

I'm meeting our friends tomorrow after lunch to officially book our cruise to the eastern Caribbean in September. Woohoo! I know that it's hurricane season, and we will be purchasing cancellation insurance, but it's worth the risk. We'll be gone for 7 days beginning 9/20. This time, we won't forget our hanging clothes because I'll be OCD about it.

Well, nobody snuck in and cleaned my house while I was out, so I'd better do something around here. I just put the beef ribs into a slow oven for our dinner tonight; just need to fix a big salad to go with it.

Hope everyone's having a wild and wonderful Wednesday!

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Good morning, everyone!

We got home last night from Chicago. Wow, what a beautiful city! So clean, and lush gardens and flowers everywhere! No humidity! I could go on and on, singing Chicago's praises!

We had such a good time, we are already making plans to go back at the same time with our friends. We stayed at the Affinia hotel, had a beautiful suite with gorgeous views. We took the architectural boat tour, which was very entertaining - learned a lot about the city's gorgeous buildings. We were delayed because Obama was flying in at the same time for the AMA convention, and they had to secure the surrounding areas, including the river. That, in itself, was rather exciting.

We saw the Broadway play, "Mary Poppins." It far exceeded my expecations! If any of you have the chance to see it, definitely go. Loads of talent, such beautiful, colorful scenery, etc.

Left my WW journal at home - ha. Ate at Geno's East (line was all the way back into a nearby alley) but it was worth the wait; Lawry's (for prime rib), Shaw's Crabhouse? (horseradish-crusted walleye, delish) - and other tasty places. To try to work off some of the pounds, we walked every morning - again, the cool breezes and beautiful scenery made it a joy to exercise! Maybe I wouldn't have a weight problem if I lived in Chicago. Wait a minute, Oprah lives in Chicago.....hmmmm.

My husband got to see a Cubs game, and they won! He loved the stadium. Oh, yeah, we also shopped until we literally dropped.

Can you tell we had a good time?

Now it's back to dirty laundry, a drought, temps nearing 100, and drying flowers and grass.

Can't wait to read what everyone has been up to. Have a great week/weekend.


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---Think I'm gonna change my name to Wild-CHECK_IN!
What do you all think? (HINT HINT)

Wodka---Sounds like a relocation is in order for you! HAHA. The dinners sound absolutely heavenly! And the shopping sounds fun too. I forgot how it feels to shop! lol

Milkdud, the library group here sounds as laid back as your town's. Here, everyone reads a different book (you choose) and then meet at the library and talk about it once a month. After I move, I'll have time to read and check it out! I need to get out more...REALLY.

Well, I called THE moving company (yes, there is exactly one moving company here) today and the owner and her family are out of town on vacation---ONE MOVING COMPANY HERE and they happen to be on vacation when I'd like to move...HELLO! She said she'd call me back tomorrow and tell me when it's convenient for her company to move me. They'll be back at the end of next week. Gotta love this! I'll say it: "Welcome to SMALL TOWN USA, Wild_Chicken!"

Maybe I will write that book afterall.

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BJ, I just read a wonderful book called "The Sanctuary of Outcasts." True story where the author was sentenced to 18 months for "kiting" funds. Instead of a normal prison, they sent him to Carville, Louisiana, to a home for people living with leprosy (sp?) When he was caught, he was living the high life - young, wealthy, had everything going for him in life, beautiful wife and two kids, and as you read you see how his life drastically changes and how he is humbled and graced by these people he meets during his sentence. I read it in one night, could not put it down. Author's name is Neil White, you can google and read more about it. I've already loaned it out, but look forward to re-reading it, it was that good.

I know all about "Smalltown, USA" - quickly reminded of it when we came home from Chicago. I hope your move goes well!

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Hey, checking in on a TGIF day!

re: my new office. My director is in the process of getting me a promotion; however, the HR staff is bogging him down in paperwork over the last 9 months. Frustrating, as I suspect this would not happen if I were a man...ya just get that feeling. Anywho, I'm OK with it for now. The nuns always told me that patience was virtue. LOL!

Now that I have staff, my days are filled with constant interruptions, but we'll get by. I've set up 1/2 hour Friday morning staff meetings to update projects and air grievances. If they have nothing, it's a short meeting; if not, we table the rest after 30 minutes. I can deal, but it would be nice to get that increase in $$$ to deal with it. LOL!!!

Make today count, and enjoy the weekend!

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Wodka, THANKS! ---I'll have to check out that book...sounds like a good distraction.

Well, I can forget moving for a while. The builder said the electronic panels didn't have to be done for the inspection and occupancy permit. The inspector came yesterday and what-do-you-know, he flunked the inspection because the electronic panels aren't installed yet! He refused to check any other parts of the house after that.

It'll be a couple more weeks until we move, so this weekend, I am going to the shelter to walk a new black lab they just received. I love the labs! Last weekend, they had zero dogs, 15 cats and 2 kittens. Guess where my 10-year old spent the entire time? "Kittenland!" I love taking the kids to the shelter, where we can LOVE the animals but not take them home. We also dropped off a case of Friskies--the donations at the shelter are down in this economy...

Then I think I'll get the family to go to the beach for a surprise Father's Day cookout. A weekend off will be good for us. Too much moving-day-that-never -comes stress!

DEE! CONGRATS!!!!!! New office, new staff...Hope you get that raise! It's great to hear that a sistah is moving up in the world!

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Good Saturday morning, BJ! Sorry about the delay in your house. You always make lemonade out of lemons though, I see. Have a fun cookout.

Jan, welcome home! Your Chicago trip sounds like it was everything you hoped for.

Dee, sending good karma for that raise!

We played Canasta last night with our friend Susanne and our two new cruising-friends. We played individually since we had an odd number, but we managed to have an evening full of fun and lots of laughs. Also, our friends were the big winners of the evening, so they really enjoyed themselves. A good time was had by all!

Today we're going to trade in our old cell phones for new ones. I'm going along because I want numbers that I can actually keep straight in my head. LOL I am forever giving out the wrong numbers; I've never liked the ones we have; so it's time for a serious change!

My house is all nice and clean for the weekend, and that will be nice to come home to later today. It's already 92 F. here and very sunny - no chance of rain AGAIN today.

Wishing everyone a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Maybe next week our MIA's will post?!?

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Suzanne - where are you sistah???

Jan - you gave me the bug to go back to Chicago. It really is a wonderful city and it is small enough to travel around easily. I am glad you had such a good time and glad you enjoy the boat tour. I am going to check on that book too.

BJ - where the heck do you find the time to go to the shelter and walk dogs? I hardly can get home to take my own dog out LOL and you are busier than I am. Your moving company story is a funny one. I hope they find a convenient time soon.

Dee - I have a feeling with the new office will come that new promotion - because you deserve it!

Milkdud - you have made so many good friends in such a short time. It sounds like you are living right where you should be.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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Good night all,

Literally, I am on my way to bed. I leave for the carriage roads of Acadia National Park in the wee hours of the morning. Just me and the sweetest of Peas....... I will tie up with others later. It's a 7 hour trek and I leave at 5:30. I will be gone for one week and will check in then.

I have been ruminating on a issue with my feet for some time. After two years and treatments and three "second opinions" we have gotten to the bottom of it. I was mis-diagnosed twice and the third doctor ( woman of course) got to the route of it. After some grueling testing I have a firm diagnosis but it's not great news. Peripheral neuropathy! We cannot determine the cause yet. I am saddened by this because there does not seem to be a solution to my discomfort. In any event I will have a great time in Acadia, I will think of all of you and when I get back I will face the music and go on to the next test, a nerve biopsy which does not sound like much fun. In the meantime Sweet Pea and I will be driving and trotting along more than 50 miles of carriage dedicated roads designed by the Rockefellers. It's a gorgeous place and i haven't been in four years! Really looking forward to this. I miss you all and promise to check in when I return...... Hopefully with a great new perspective!


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Good Sunday morning and Happy Fathers Day to your SO!

Suzanne wishing you a wonderful trip with Sweet Pea! On a side note, my dh had bad neuropathy in his feet, too, and a neurologist took him off caffeine. Within 3 weeks, his feet had feeling again and he feels good now. This worked for him, so I'm throwing it out there for you in case it could work for you.

Church in a bit, but Father's Day breakfast at church first. Then, we'll go out for lunch, hopefully, with our friend Susanne. Hubby didn't want a present this year since we just booked the cruise and just wants a nice lunch somewhere.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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It's pouring rain here---absolutely miserable but the fire danger level was high, so a higher power took over that situation, obviously!

Yesterday middle DD and I hauled and DH and youngest DD stacked about 2 cords of wood at the new place. We took some trees out and a guy stripped them, cut them into rounds, and split them. We have 4 1/2 cords to haul and stack, but got a lot done during Baby V's nap. Today, despite the rain, I'm heading over there to try and finish the job. I really felt good getting the exercise, but took 2 Aleve when I got home, just in case!

Wodka, I ordered the book. They didn't have it at the library here, but whilst I was at the library, I managed to check out 6 books on spritual and calming home interiors and one on island homes, so I have enough "picture" books to keep me busy until the book you suggested gets here.

Milkdud: Here's my cell story. Bought a new phone and asked for a "local" island number. Sprint had to change my number 4 times before they told me they were "out" of island numbers and I finally ended up with a Seattle number! AND they cancelled my rebate for the phone because "I" changed my number so many times! Gadfrey! So, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!

Canasta sounds fun whenever people describe it. I should check it out.

Raeanne- I "use" the dogs at the shelter because I don't have time for my own dogs and the dogs there are happy to see me anytime! lol

Well, the word must have gotten around this small town that I am trying to move because 2 college kids have called the office, offering to use their own trucks and move me for extra dough! Gotta love the go-getters!

NHSuzanne- Bon Voyage!!! Got to the bottom of your foot problem---good one! But I am sorry for the diagnosis if there is no relief in sight. I know that the worst pains in my mind are headaches, back aches, and foot aches. I hope that, at least, there is a pain relief med out there that you can use to relieve some of that discomfort. Have fun on your ride, sistah! WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT UPON YOUR RETURN.

Going off coffee for your feet, though, milkdud? I don't know if I could handle THAT!!!

We're doing lunch out for Daddy's Day. The kids all made cards for him (even Baby V.) DH is at work today, so we're gonna pick him up and take him to a crowded restaurant!

Warm fuzzies to all! Love you all for checking in!!!!!! Reading what everyone's doing makes my day WAY more interesting!

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BJ, I'm so envious of your rain. Heat index today is 112 degrees - it is miserable, and no rain in sight for the next 5 - 7 days. To think last week at this time I was strolling through the nice breezes of Chicago. darn.

Did I tell y'all the maid threw my temporary crown away in Chicago?!! It had come off at dinner the night before, so instead of fussing with it, I thought I'd get my walk in that morning, then come back and deal with it. I had it on a clean bathcloth on the vanity, but it was small and she probably didn't notice it. My mouth is a little sensitive, but not too. I will get my real crown on Tuesday.

Suzanne, I'm sorry about your foot problems but hope they can alleviate the problem. In the meantime, I hope your ride is a most pleasant one, for you and Sweet Pea.

BJ, I hope you enjoy the book. My mom has already finished it, too, and loved it. We both agree it would make a wonderful movie.

Speaking of movies, I just watched "The Flying Scotsman." It is wonderful and for those of you with TMC (The Movie Channel), it will be on again tonight at 8:15 p.m. CST. Angelina Jolie's ex, Jon Lee Miller? is the main star - he was Eli Stone on tv - he's really good in it.

Stay cool, everyone, and have a good night.

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Hi all!

Gad--long time, no hear! :) I've missed you all like crazy, and i'm glad to see everyone posting! :)

Beege--my sista! Moving again? I thought you all had just moved--(it's been a while since I've posted (obviously), so maybe my timeframe is waaaay off!)

Dee--I'm trying to get to NYC again this December, so hopefully, we can get together again--:)

Let's see, what's up with me--well, school has got this old, dried-out sponge of a brain of mine working again. I just got my first algebra test back, and got a 97. I think I'm gonna frame it! LOL! Rog is good, as usual, gardening like a dog; and having a blast doing it.

My heart adopted mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimers, and I had to put her in a nursing home in April. This has been so stressful; as her POA, I've had to do it all, and while I do not regret one one second that I've spent helping her, it's my heartfelt prayer that I am doing the right thing. Since her house has a reverse mortage, I am trying to clean it out so the bank can take it over--I've cried for 2 months straight, and then got mad, and cried all over agin. It's like I'm in mourning; and in a way I am.

Anyhoo--enough with me--how is everyone? Does Amy or John still post?

Hope all is well with everyone!

Love and hugs,


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