Has there been a change in speaker technology

tobr24uAugust 28, 2007

in the past twenty years to warrant an update of fairly expensive speakers from an earlier day? Or is it just hype?

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There have been a lot of changes in driver materials, crossover designs, and cabinets just to name a few.

But the biggest changes mean nothing if YOU don't take a listen and compare some to what you have.

What kind of speakers do you currently listen to?

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I have B&Ws just below the top of the line from that era. Being a two channel stereo person, who likes all kinds of music, I was thinking of going to the 3K range of Paradigm, Vienna Accoustics, etc. Any thoughts would be appreciated. BTW, these speakers are being powered by an Onkyo that is also just below the top of the line...

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Go and listen. Even the cheapest speakers out there have improved markedly from 20 years ago courtesy of improvements in materials, optimization brought on by computer design, and additional knowledge in the fields of acoustics and materials. You're in a price range where you can take advantage of some of the very best speakers out there.

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