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dollhouse2009October 21, 2009

My husband and I bought a disaster foreclosure on Cape Cod 1 year ago. We gutted the entire house (12 tons) and are in the process of putting it back together. There were wood floors everywhere in the house except the kitchen and I was sure the floors in the rest of the house were red oak so I had a beautiful red oak floor put down in the kitchen. I live in a house with white oak floors and the floors at the Cape look nothing like them!! Last week we had them all sanded and refinished and the contractor called me at work to ask if I knew I had different woods, that the rest of the house was white oak, not red oak! OUCH. He said he would stain the red so it wouldn't look so "pink" (ahhhh). When we went to see the finished floors they all looked beautiful, but if I had taken 5 minutes to ask someone who knew what the existing floors really were I could have avoided this DIY mistake!

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There is no requirement that all the floors match.

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Don't feel so bad, Dollhouse, the same thing happened to me -- except that it was my professional flooring installer who made the mistake (gee, thanks for the $8000 mistake, Hilyard Hardwood Floors). My remodel opened up my floorplan, so I asked my floor installer to match my existing hardwood flooring, which turned out to be #1 Common white oak, which I guess he mistook for Better & Select red oak, because that's what he recommended I put in for the closest match. If a so-called "professional" floor installer can make such a fundamental error, then you certainly shouldn't beat yourself up for making the same mistake. I'm glad your floors turned out beautifully, mismatched or not. Unhappily I was not as fortunate, so now I'm saving up to have the red oak changed out to white oak in a few years, as the mismatch is simply too glaring in my case.

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Thanks for your support overmyhead08. It is just so dissapointing when you are trying to make it all work and things like this happen. I also was told by the salesperson at the plumbing store not to try to match the white fixtures in the bathrooms and my sinks and toilets were put in and I think the whites don't match at all and now I feel like nothing matches! I will change the toilets eventually to match the sinks, but b/t the floors and the bathroom fixtures it is starting to feel like a patchwork quilt, and I like everything to match!

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We also added new hardwood floors to our house, and tried to match the existing hardwoods. They don't match, even though its the same species. Our installer said his product would be the closest you could get to what we already had, and that's probably true, but you can really tell a difference. I would recommend anyone who has hardwood floors in their house and wants to add more, to just put new hardwood everywhere, or use another type of flooring. That is, if you want the floors to match.

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You're so deep in it that you're zeroing in on every little detail and 'flaw' that bothers you. Went through that myself when we did some heavy remodeling. I used to fixate on some really tiny details, lol! ;) But you know, when all is said and done, and furnishings are in place, all those annoyances don't seem to weigh so heavily after all and they sort of meld into the background. I personally like mixed woods, it's not unlike nature and gives some character! I'm betting your house will be lovely when it's all done!

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