Silk vs aluminum tweeter? I have a pair of

tobr24uAugust 6, 2008

Paradigm speakers that I had one of my sisters purchase at the same time as I purchased a pair of B&Ws. Same price, same size and twenty years ago! The Paridigms have the silk tweeter with poly woofers. My B&Ws have the aluminum tweeters and paper woofers. My sister got rid of these speakers as she never used them and would prefer a mini-stereo, which I have found most woman to prefer. I don't even think her speakers were broken in. I have read that the silk gives a warmer high end especially in regard to vocals. I switch them back and forth and don't know if I am hearing difference. I am going to give one pair to my son, which pair would you give away?

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They are both excellent speaker companies. Much depends on the systems you both have and the power driving them and your room acoustics. A well-made aluminum tweeter that is both thin and rigid can work every bit as good as silk and even better. It is all personal preference. If you can't hear a difference between them, then I would say it is a toss-up which you give away. If you don't have a subwoofer, I would probably keep the one that goes deeper before distorting. But that is my personal preference. To each his own.


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Thanks for the input. My sister's Paradigms were used so little that I don't think they are even broken in, so I may go with those...

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