Mouse, Squirrel, Rat???

jcinatlantaOctober 12, 2012

Off of the sitting area in the master bedroom in my house, there are 2 side attics. They are small but I am able to store a few plastic bins in each. In one of them the other night, I heard something in there crinkling plastic at 3am. I opened the door and must've scared whatever it was away. It had been chewing on an old roach bait disk that I had placed in there about 3 years ago. I went back to sleep and at 5:30am it was in there again chewing the bait disk but ran away when it heard me open the door. DH and I set up an old baby monitor camera in there as well as a Havaheart trap and also some sticky traps. I left the roach bait disk in there. Sometime during sunset the next night, I happened to look on the monitor and the disk was GONE! I have no idea where it went. No other noises have been heard. No droppings found... I have even looked up in the main attic as well. There is another disk in that same attic, too, and the next night, it went after that. I never heard it but the next day I looked in the attic and the critter had learned to flip over the disk, tear the paper, and retrieve the old bait. It left the disk this time. Last night, I did not hear it and there is no evidence that it came. I am just scared as I have 2 DD that I am trying to keep safe and I really just don't like the idea of a critter in the house. No chewing or holes have been seen as of yet.

Does anyone know what would go after roach bait? Does anyone have a guess as to what this critter is and how to get rid of it fast?



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The question should be what goes after Roach Bait, enjoys it, comes back for more and does not die from it?

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It was a mouse!! Caught it yesterday with an old school mouse trap.

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Not all insecticides are rodenticides.

One is a mammal, the other is not.

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