smokin' dryer

xminionOctober 28, 2002


I have an electric dryer that has been giving off a smoke

odor. Does anyone know what this is likely to be? Is it worth getting a repairperson out to the house? Any shared experience/info is appreciated.


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Could be just a belt, get out your owners book. I think it tells how to change in there. The back comes off the dryer very easy.
Theres not much to a dryer and they are pretty easy for most handy folks to fix.
Karen L

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It could be lint buildup. Check your lint filter and your pipes. What does it smell like? Lint, wiring, and burning belt actually all have a different smell.
To change the belt the top and front actually comes off on newer dryers.

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Clean up the dryer exhaust, I think this should be done every year or two.
Can you afford $60.00 for a service call ?? I cannot, for certain.
so, break open the unit, its rather easy, and check it out. lets us know what happens..
the earthworm

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Check with You may be able to find some info there. You can also email them with questions and a real person will answer your email.

Here is a link that might be useful: RepairClinic's link to trouble shooting your dryer.

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Thanks all for the advice. Winter is here and DH needs to deal with the issue. xminion

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