Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 6/21/09

harold14370June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Here are the results of last week's weigh-in

Harold - Weight 218, lost 3, total lost 57

Silver - DNWI, frolicking on the beach.

Eklektos - Weight 142, gained 2, total lost 10

Jasmi - Weight 138.5, lost 0.5, total lost 9.5. Doing great.

Betty - Weight 164, lost 2, total lost 16. Auntie is running her ragged, pounds melting off.

Helen - Weight 164.8, lost 0.8, total lost 35.2. Even with a splinter in her foot and hubby doing the cooking.

My results for this week:

Weight 216, lost 2, total lost 59

I was at 214 most of the week, then the scale started playing tricks on me.

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Good Morning,

I will give my official weight on Tuesday. The scale is refusing to move. :-(

How great that you've lost another 2 pounds! And how mean that scale is to play that trick on you.
But, you are steadily moving down toward your goal. You are setting the example for us to follow.

I was telling DH yesterday that I have to get back to my treadmill somehow. What was the weight room is now Aunt Bernice's room and my treadmill is sitting in the livingroom. I am going to try to get it moved into my bedroom today. Maybe it is far enough away from her room that I can use it early in the morning without disturbing her. I DON"T WANT to stay at this weight. Even though I cheated and had a LARGE bowl of chocolate ice cream with milk last night. DS took one look at me with it and raised his eyebrows. I said, "It is my anniversary and I am eating this ice cream!" (13 years yesterday)
It was so good. I ate it and snuggled down and slept like a baby.
But, today I pay the price when the scale sits there and doesn't move.

Can't wait to hear from Silver about her trip to the beach wedding.

Have a great day,

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Hi Harold

Its always motivating to see you losing weight :-)))
This week I have been little heavier on the calories side, but I still see my abs and butt getting tighter.. Hoping to see the same weight tomorrow if not less than what I saw on last Tuesday . There is nothing wrong in hoping rt ??
You guys have a great day..

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Hi Betty and Jasmi,

I think you give me too much credit, but I hope I do set an example. I know that I put off going on a diet for a long time because it seemed like it was such a struggle for people, and then they just put the weight back on. So if I can show that it doesn't have to be that hard, at least not for everybody, then it might help someone decide to do it too. Of course, I know I haven't really accomplished anything until I've kept the weight off a good long time.

Betty, I hope you solve the treadmill problem. I know that's your favorite way to exercise. But if not, then there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

I have a treadmill, but never use it. I prefer to walk outdoors. Even in the winter, if it gets too cold to go outside, I don't use the treadmill; I just do calisthenics or march in place while watching TV.

The good thing about a treadmill is that you can set a certain speed and just walk, and you will always get a consistent amount of exercise. Another way to accomplish the same thing might be to get one of those heart rate monitors. I've thought about getting one myself.

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Hi everyone...

Weight 164.4, lost 0.4, total lost 35.6.

Didn;t lose much this week, but DID LOSE a bit. Today I took hubby out to the chinese buffet and omg, it was awesome !! I ate a huge platter of all sorts of wonderful oriental goodies. And I know I will pay for that !! We haven't eaten Chinese for nearly a year.

Tomorrow, back on track and the menu is lean chicken and a tossed salad. I picked up some 9 grain bread at WalMart today and it has only 80 calories per slice. Makes great toast.

Harold, you are my hero !! You are doing so wonderful !! I am so happy for you.

You all are my heros and I am so happy to post here.


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Thanks, Helen. You're my hero. I took a cue from you and got a scale to weigh my food. I got one of those flat ones with the glass top. It makes it really easy. You just put your plate on the scale, zero it, and put the food on the plate and weight it. Zero it again to weigh the next food item.

How's your splinter?

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That week felt like a month. Ate pretty much whatever I wanted, stepped on the scale before coming back and am at 129. YAY!!! Still going for those last four pounds but am really happy where I am. I guess the running around all week helped me keep off the lbs.

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Hi, everyone,
Harold, congrats on another 2 pounds. You're just trucking right along.

Silver, welcome back. I'm amazed at you: 129, even after "free" eating for those days. That would never happen to me. Did you knock 'em dead?

Helen, a loss is a loss! We'll take them in any size. Good job.

Betty and Jasmi, how'd you do today?

I saw 139 again a few times over the past week, but was at 140 this morning at weigh-in. Weigh-ins are so cruel. I'm glad that the gain from my bad day is over, but breaking below this 140 mark to stay is really proving to be a challenge. My body is just refusing to relinquish its weight. My mid-section measurements have held steady for the last 3 weeks, only my thighs are shrinking, and I really have no excess to speak of there. Strange how that happens. My thighs now measure 19.5" each at the biggest point (started at 20.25"). I hope to lose some weight from the more troublesome spots as I finally break through into the 130s to stay.


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Today I weighed in at 140.8 . That is a +2.3 pound from last Tuesday . But no worries. This is just water retention. I should be okay next week. But I would definitely take care of my calories this week. I have been averaging about 1250/day last week.

Ek, hang in there ..
Silver , you must be a happy camper. Would like to know more about your beach wedding trip.. How did your friends react ?
Helen, you are doing great . As long as the number on scale is not increasing , it is motivating .

By the way, my boss and my Project manager passed comments on me yesterday that I have slimmed down and that's too slimming down at right places which is noticeable. They usually don't make such comments on the team members . But they did , as it was noticeable and that made me embarrassing and proud at the same time:-)))

Still holding my mini goal at 134 .

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Good Morning,
I didn't even get on the scale yesterday. Was busy from the time I hit the floor 'till I hit the bed.

Dstep-son is moving back from Fla. He arrived night before last and I had about 8 for dinner. Lots of talking and music. Everyone in DH's family plays some kind of musical instrument. When I weighed day before yesterday I showed a large gain, so I was scared to weigh yesterday, even if I had remembered to do it before I ate breakfast!!
This am I'm at 163. Man, that was close!! Must have been some water retention as well as that chocolate ice cream Sunday night.
Gotta get my low carb cookbooks back out. I'm bored with the same old - same old.

Silver, we want details Girl! How was the wedding? Did you knock them down with the new you? What did they say?
We've been waiting a week for this. Spill it all!!

Helen, I'm with everyone else. A loss is a loss and I would be happy to get it. I bought the old type scale and can't see it too well in the mornings, so I just go by pounds. But, I would gladly count .s if I could. After all of that pampering from Hubby I would have lots of + .s!!!
Is that foot all well yet?

Ek, those scales are going to make you beg for the 130s! Don't ya just hate having to kick and scratch for each new goal.
I about passed out when I saw that big jump on the scale day before yesterday. I had only eaten a few fried apples (sweetened with a little splenda) and a large helping of lima beans for dinner the night before and couldn't believe the jump. The limas must have really bloated me up. Thank God it went away!
Talking about thighs. UGH!! With the weight loss my thighs keep moving even after I've stopped moving! Gotta start those dreaded thigh tightening squats soon.
Jas, It is so great to hear positive comments from others to spur us on when trying to lose weight. Especially when we hit a little bump in the road that tends to depress us.
That bump can't stop you now.
Gotta run.

Have a great day,

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Silver, congrats for making it through that kind of week without gaining anything.
Eklektos, congrats for losing the 2 lb you gained last week, and with the scale hovering around 139, it looks like you are back on track.
Jasmi, congrats on the people noticing your weight loss, and for not panicking when the scale bounces around a little.
Betty, congrats on surviving the ice cream and milk.
Helen, congrats on keeping the scale moving in the right direction.

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I was at 139 again this morning. Hoping that tomorrow or the next day I might break below that. 139 is my lowest low point yet, and it keeps showing up, then disappearing again.
I just finished cracking out a quart of pecans and didn't even eat one piece. I love nuts. That's how badly I want to see a 138 on the scale.

Hope everyone's having a good week.


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It sure looks like everyone is doing pretty well and staying on track. We all have little setbacks from time to time and that's okay. I did end up getting on the scales and had a bit of a whooosh in the wrong direction!! UGH !! But I just figured it was because of my DH's good pampering and my inactivity.
As for my splinter, I had to go back to ER as it really began to feel as if there was something left in there. Lo and behold there was still a little piece that was about a half inch long and skiiiiiiny !! But they managed to just pull that out with some fancy schmancy tweezer type thingies. They cleaned it up really good and now my foot feels almost like a brand new foot. I can go for a walk now and then again. I try to go for a little walk in the evening when it cools down a bit. Mornings are usually filled with lots of other activity. (Like sleeping ) LOL

In the meantime, I am looking for new and yummy recipes that are low fat, low cal and taste sensational !! I am hot on the trail and have found a few that I love.


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Eklektos, I think you ought to have a few of those pecans. They're good for you and if you starve yourself too much, there's more chance to fall off the wagon. We're rooting for you.

Helen, glad to hear your foot's on the mend. I'd be interested to hear about those recipes.

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The bride was pretty happy, and jealous. Of course she's skinny as a rail, but still...

Everyone kept telling me how fabulous I looked. It was so affirming. And I'm glad I didn't just lose the weight but gained muscle because that's what makes the weight loss look good. I fit into my size 6's no problem, wore my bathing suit without concern, and soaked up the compliments. Nothing like being around people who haven't seen you in a year and a half and then showing up 25lbs less!

Of course it rained all week ;) But...The wedding was beautiful. It rained the days before, then was sunny for the ceremony and then rained the whole rest of the afternoon. I will put some pics on Photobucket and share as soon as I get them off my camera. I'm still a little in recovery mode.

The bride was gorgeous, the groom proud, my little girl was a fabulous flower girl. The ceremony was held by a koi pond surrounded by beautiful flowers and ferns. No one got mad, or hurt, and nothing was broken. A fabulous success!

I MISSED you guys!

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Sounds like a dream wedding--for everyone, including you. That's really nice.

Harold, I did eat 6 of those pecans, but I did it with control as part of a planned meal. Nuts are allowed early on on Atkins, because they are high in protein, fiber, and good fat, but they do have to be measured out and controlled. Nuts could easily be a downfall food for me because they are so calorie-dense and such a favorite.

Today the scale said 138.5. That's a new low for me, and even though it might not stick around right away, each new low that I see eventually does become a reality. So I was excited this morning.

Helen, glad your foot is better.

Harold, do you feel totally different now after all the weight you've lost?
I'm wondering when I will see a visible difference in myself. My husband and his friends have commented that I look a lot better. I'm wearing smaller clothes and gave away a lot of things that are too big for me. But I don't see a real difference when I look in the mirror, and my female friends don't mention it either. In fact, at our clothing exchange, I picked up and tried on a pair of shorts that one other friend had donated. They fit great, so I took them. She was really surprised that I was taking them, and when I told her that I'd lost some weight--about 12 pounds--she seemed surprised again. That wasn't really encouraging...

152/138.5/119 5' 2" tall

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Ek, dont get upset about it.

I know what you mean and I was exactly in the same boat until last couple of weeks. I was happy since I lost some weight and started telling friends about it .. Everyone gave me either a surprised look or just kept quiet. Neither my colleagues nor my friends said anything encouraging or atleast noticed my weight loss until I started toning /losing weight at the right places.
I started doing some weight training and am getting tonned at right places . Thats when I started hearing positive comments from my colleagues.

I think there are many reasons why ppl cant notice our weight loss. One could be the above reason. Or it may be that the other person is looking at you every day and so it is not easy to notice for them to see any difference . Or it could be that you are still wearing the clothes which are big for you hiding ur weight loss.
Anyway, hang in there . I think I lost about 10 pounds but I really dont feel I have slimmed down when I look in the mirror. :-))))

Guess we should lose further more weight for others to notice the difference. Right now, my goal is to eat healthy lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off.
You guys have a great weekend.

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Silver, your post made my day. I just love to read a success story.

Eklektos, congrats on hitting 138.5. Things are looking up.

To answer your question, there's a world of difference. When I think about what it was like to weigh 275, it makes me shudder. The hill I walk every day now would have looked like Mt. Everest. I could have made it up, but would have had to stop every 50 yards or so to catch my breath. Now, I can bend over and pick up something off the floor, without having to pull myself up holding onto the back of a chair or something. I used to break out into a sweat doing little jobs that weren't even strenuous, when it wasn't even hot.

The best thing though is not feeling like I have one foot in the grave. With my weight up so high, and sugar not under good control, I felt like a walking heart attack. There's no guarantee I won't keel over any day, of course, but at least I feel like I am doing the right things to stay healthy.

After I had lost about 25 lb, I was sort of expecting people to start noticing. Nobody did, except my SIL, who is pretty observant. It seems like before people notice, you have to go to a whole different category. In other words, a 250 lb big fat guy looks pretty much like a 275 lb big fat guy.

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EK, don't get discouraged. It all depends on where you are hiding your fat too. No one can believe I lost 25 lbs. Honestly, where did I put it? But it was there to lose. They think it was more like 10.

Harold, I know what you mean about the hill looking like Everest. I would drag myself on my walk- so hard! and now I'm powering through it at twice the speed. It feels good to have confidence in my body again.

I'm dreading the weigh in tomorrow. I ate pretty much what I liked when I got back. Hot dogs when camping, pie and ice cream, s'mores, cheese, french dip sandwiches, etc etc etc. Not a salad in sight. I told my DH that I would be on my diet again on Monday, and here it is. I'm thinking I'm around 132. My goal is still 125. Now, to get there with muscles!!! I'm really going to have to work hard.

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