Not Getting some cable channels with DTA box

SeedyGuyAugust 1, 2014


Hopefully I can avoid hassling with my cable company and fix this myself. :)

I have Service Electric Cable TV.

I have an old tube style TV.

I can currently get most of the channels I am supposed to get, by using just the analog cable signals, through my vcr. When using just analog, no DTA, most of the channels I get are pretty clear, but some higher channels are fuzzy.

But Service Electric started transitioning some of the analog channels to digital only, and they sent me a free DTA box to hook up to get the new digital channels. I hooked up the DTA between the cable in, and the TV. Bypassed the VCR completely.

But when I hook up the DTA box I do get the new channel, but some of the other channels don't come in anymore. I just get an error message about "interruption in service. Please check connections. Call us at ....."

When I select one of the "missing" channels it displays the right name of the channel, and the number in the right lower screen, but the error message also. So the DTA box apparently knows it supposed to look for a certain channel, but isn't receiving it.

I checked the connections. All tight.

I noticed that the initial installer installed a cable splitter down in the basement. Splits it into 2. There is a brass cylinder around the connection so that I can't (?) remove the splitter.

In my internet searching I found some references to a splitter messing up the signal enough to interfere with digital signals.

I only have one cable hooked up to the splitter. i.e. one cable in and just one cable out. One of the two out ports is empty.

The channels that do come in over the DTA are all nice and clear, with just some occasional screen freeze.

Could it be the splitter?

Could it be I have to have my cable company resend something to my DTA?

By pressing the info button on the remote, when on a working channel I get : power level -6.1, signal to noise ratio 32,
cat present yes, pat present yes.

By pressing the info button on the remote, when on a ** non-working ** channel I get : power level -50.0, signal to noise ratio 0,
cat present no, pat present yes.

My gf has called the cable co about it, and they have her leave our number, but haven't gotten back to us yet. Hopefully I will not have to rely on them to fix this. So many horror stories about what happens when you try to get your cable service improved. :(

Thanks for any help.

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It sounds to me like the box isn't programmed correctly or is just farkled. Have you tried unplugging it and waiting a couple of minutes before plugging it back in?

Does this box need to be "registered" on their system? I had a friend who picked up new boxes at her local Comcast office. When she hooked them up she still needed to call Comcast to activate them.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have unplugged it and waited up to an hour. No difference. When I hooked it up I followed all the directions. I think I had to call the Service Electric people and have them do something also. Can't remember.

I remember that after it was initially working, I had to unplug it to play a dvd or something, and when I plugged it back in, I got a message something like "mandatory reload in progress" and it has been missing channels since then, I think.

But unplugging it at this point does not bring back any missing channels.

Maybe doing a "rescan" would help ??

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