crickets everywhere

davidandkasieOctober 20, 2006

our house is being over run by crickets. literally thousands of them converge on the house and in the garage nightly.

what can stop them? every time we open a door several come in the house. 20 or more a night come in around the front door where they ATE the weather stripping to gain entry! seriously, last year when we bought the house i replaced the broken weahter stripping with the self adhesive foam type. i have watched these buggers eat the foam. now the weather stripping is gone again from floor level up to about 2.5 ft.

the exterior of the house almost looks solid black first thing each morning from the shear numbers of crickets. i sweep up a small garbage can full of dea crickets out of the garage every other day.

any ideas? i am sure i need chemicals, as organic is just slow usually, but i am willing to try anything.

our exterminator said last year that he has never seen anything like it, but now we can't get in touch with him. i think he moved out of town since he sprays our house and our office every 3 months but has not been seen in 6 months now.

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I'd look in the phone book for a local branch of the
MS agricultural extension service. See if you can talk with the insect guys. They might want to come see.

Take any photo's ?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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i have not took photos yet. i will try to get some this weekend.

i basically coated the whole exterior of the house in malathon and liquid seven the other day. i helped some, but not much. seems to only repel them, not kill them.

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This used to happen in Austin when I lived there, but the whole city was plagued with them for a few weeks every year and then they'd disappear as quickly as they showed up. Are you being singled out for this particular plague or are your neighbors also suffering?

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my neighbors do not seem to be as bad. in town the crickets as no worse than normal for this time of year. at work we have several get in every day, but nothing major.

but at home they congregate by the bucket full! my garage actually smells like a cricket cage at a bait shop.

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