Electrostatic speakers, and ribbon speakers, are they better

tobr24uAugust 1, 2007

than cone speakers? It seems that some new speakers using this tedchnology are superior to the usual speakers. I am still considering new speakers and wonder if anyone has had any experience with them...

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My son has Martin-Logan electrostats that I think come very close to my B&W 801D's for about $12,000 less. I find them extremely fast, and airy. What they do lack is a bottom that's as solid as my 801's. My son attemps to compensate by using a Velodyne sub, but I find the bass to be flabby and not worthy of the lightning fast ML panels.

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Thanks for your reply. And, although they can be great in certain regards to everything but the bass, it confirms what I have read about the bass being inadequate. Did you say $12,000 less than your B&W 801s? I was planning on getting some 801s but did not think they were more than about $3000 for a pair...

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Listen to them, and be the judge. Buying speakers is like buying shoes.
at any rate, electrostatics have been around for decades.
I used to see Jensen Electrostatics advertised in "Stereo Review" in the late 1960's.

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