I could use a laugh...whatever happened to the post about...

aceyOctober 14, 2007

DH disaster...it was really long, many different stories within it....something about cutting the shrubs, then something about cat hairballs and it would hurl itself....it was sooo funny...I hope it is archived in a section for classic THS posts?!!!!

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There is this one which references another one but I don't know where that one is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oops stories.

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This is certainly one of the best! I haven't read through it all, still waiting for the cat hairball episode.....Although maybe that was on a pet forum???....although I recall them all lumped together! Still worth it's weight in Gold these true stories!!!!
Hope you all enjoy the re-run!!!

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There was a cat throw-up thread. Maybe that's what you recall.

Here is a link that might be useful: The cat and the washing machine.

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Here it is ! Enjoy your laugh.

Here is a link that might be useful: DH Disasters

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I'm looking back on these posts, and the links above, and I'm laughing hysterically! I thought I was the only one...

When we purchased our home, DH and his best friend decide to completely gut our kitchen for a remodel. In trying to remove the kitchen counter tops from the cabinets, hubby comes up from the basement with an axe in one hand, and a sledge hammer in the other. Wide-eyed, I asked what he was doing. He tells me he's going to remove the counter tops. I said, honey, the counter tops can be lifted off of the cabinets, you just have to loosen the seal where the backsplash meets the wall, and dislodge the countertop and lift it off. You don't need an axe to do that. His engineer best friend is standing there with the same DUH look on his face, totally clueless. I had to go into a 10 minute explanation on how countertops are attached to the cabinets, trying to convince him that an axe really isn't necessary. Meanwhile, best friend is removing the wall-mounted oven (that we were planning to salvage), and in doing so, tempered glass shatters everywhere.

I asked DH to saw some vent holes in the paneling on the small room built around our furnace, for increased air flow. I purchased the vents, just needed him to saw the openings for me. No problem. A short while later, I come downstairs to find that DH and best friend had sawed the openings for the vents - but not at the top of the wall or at floor level, but smack dab in the middle of the wall. Right at eye level. Because that's exactly where you'd expect to see a vent in anyone's home. We've since replaced the paneling.

DH was replacing a light fixture in the bathroom for me. I was happy, thought he's getting better at his handyman skills, though I always wonder why it seems to take him so long. Finally, after what seemed to be an hour or so, DH comes out of the bathroom and tells me that he doesn't know why the light doesn't work. Turns out, he never kept the wires separate, and combined the grounding wire with all the other wires, not knowing what was what. We had to call an electrician.

We have old plumbing in our 1920's home, and about a month ago, I asked DH to remove the stems from the bathtub handles so we could update them with something more modern. Instead of turning the stem with a wrench for removal, DH takes a plumbers wrench to the bolt it's attached to, totally strips it and bends it out of shape so now we can't even put the old handles on if we wanted to. $700 later and a plumber, the problem is fixed and we have all new plumbing in our bathtub.

DH decided to beautify our landscaping one day, unbeknownst to me. I come outside to find that he trimmed my beautiful lilac trees into 3' high square bushes, removing all the foliage and leaving only the branches. ??????? I asked him why he did that, he said that's what his Mom always does (and she does!). DH and MIL are not allowed to touch any of my pruning shears.

DH and Best friend went out to the family land this past weekend for guys night out. They purchased groceries - including a dozen eggs, put them behind the seat, loaded up the car with their goodies, and DH had to slam the front seat back (repeatedly) as hard as he could so best friend could fit in the front seat. They realized 2 1/2 hours into the drive that there were eggs behind the seat.
After laughing hysterically, they said to eachother, "yeah, I guess our IQ does lower when we're around eachother".

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Wait..I forgot one more goodie.

When we purchased our home a few years back, we did a walk-through to decide what we needed to fix and/or replace first. We have an airing porch off the back of our house on the second story. The door has no lock at all. I insist on getting a deadbolt installed. We go back and forth about this repeatedly, and DH insists that nobody can "break" into our house - the airing porch is too high.

I'm in my mid-30's. After growing tired of this conversation after a week, I finally walked out the back door, climbed onto the railing, grabbed onto the support beam to the airing porch, wrapped my leg around it and pulled myself up, scaled over the porch railing, walked in through the door on the second floor, came back downstairs to find him outside standing sheepishly, and said, "Now can we get a deadbolt installed?"

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Did you marry Homer Simpson?

Why didn't you destroy every tool in the garage years ago?

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My mom tells this one on my stepfather. A few years ago, he went out to spray some plant food on some of the landscaping. My mom used to keep two tank sprayers, one with pre-mixed plant food in it. But my stepfather grabbed the wrong one.

Guess what was in the second one? You guessed it: Round-Up.

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