DH's little league glove ruined-my fault!

chery2October 5, 2002

Not the hugest disaster as disasters go, but DH set HUGE sentimental value in that glove. Somehow it ended up outside [during remodel] in a topless box. It rained, and box was forgotten. You can imagine. The leather glove was green, fuzzy, and all-around NASTY. It's the old-timer kind with a different slot for every finger, tied together with rawhide strips. I dunked it in a huge bowl of Murphy's Oil Soap [hot], gently scrubbed w/ sponge as fast as I could, then took it outside to dry and rubbed it down w/ olive oil -- didn't have any wax or anything. Lost just one strip of rawhide, but the worst is the lining inside the piece of leather that wraps around the hand. It looks something like lambswool, tightly woven. It just came off in my hands, so I removed it all. Now what? Should I get some boot polish or something to rub it down? What about replacing the liner stuff? Would a cobbler know what to do? Thanks! chery va

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You should be able to find a sports store that can guide you to a repair person. I did find an interesting link that might help you. If you click on "About Us" you can see some photos of gloves before and after repair. Looks like it's possible to have any baseball glove repaired. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Glove Repair

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