Small bugs in home

savvieOctober 20, 2013

Hi everyone,

Recently I have been finding these tiny little black bugs around my home. I first noticed them in the bathroom, and now theyre always in my room especially when I come home from a long day. They are usually dead or half dead lying on the floor. But I have also found 2 or 3 dead on my bed and also some alive crawling on my table.

I have also noticed them in the kitchen as well. I have been searching around online but no one seems to have posted anything that looks like that.

Can anyone identify them or be able to tell me what is causing them to come. I usually see them on hot days.

Thank you !

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Check your local colleges for entomology or farm programs. One of our state universities takes bugs and will identify them for you if you drop them off or mail them in. If you have a good enough picture they may be ablet to id that way too. Good luck!

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You could also try posting on the Insects Forum.

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