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aka_raeanneJune 29, 2009


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Maddie - I read your post with disbelief. How awful for Rog. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. xoxoxo

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Maddie posted this yesterday, too important for anyone to miss.

Posted by maddie_in_ky (My Page) on Sun, Jun 28, 09 at 9:02

My dear, sweet, funny FIL died yesterday morning from a massive heart attack as he and Rog was hiking. Rog gave CPR for 30 minutes until help arrived, but it was too late.

He was only 57, and excercised everyday.

Please keep my extended family in your prayers.

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[[[[[[[Maddie, Rog, and family]]]]]]]

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(((((Maddie, Rog and family))))) I am so sorry to hear this sad news. My condolences go out to all the family and friends.


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Hi all--

Thank you all for the kind words. I am just devastated. He was such a good man, and not only did I love him as a FIL, I genuinely liked him as a person. I just canÂt believe it. He was the sweetest, kindest man. In the 15 years that Rog and I have been together, weÂve never had a hint of a cross word between us.

His biggest joy in his life (and there werenÂt many), was his woods. He loved to just walk in the woods on his property, and admire the trees. So, it was fitting that that was were his life should endÂon a trail, in a forest, on a beautiful June morning, with his oldest son walking with him.

He was a great man, and I am missing him so much.



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Maddie and Rog, I am so sorry for your loss. Maddie that was a lovely tribute to your FIL - we all only hope to be so lucky as to leave this earth doing what you love most with someone you love! Thinking of you sister and hope you come here to grieve and share. XXXXOOOO

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Good morning!

Once again, Maddie, just wanted to express my sympathies. As difficult as these days are, memories of your father-in-law's goodness and joy will help you, not only through these days, but in the years to come. There will come a time when you can smile, and cry, not out of sadness, but of the sweet times you shared.

A friend of my younger sister's, who Daddy drove to school (carpooled), dreamed about him the other night. She said he looked good, like his pre-cancer days, and kissed her on the cheek. My mom was delighted to hear this, but said she was jealous - ha!

QOD: 4th of July plans? We are going to visit my mom, as well as my husband's father (who has Alzheimer's but still recognizes us), and meet our nephew's fiancee. Hopefully, take some down time and sit out by my mom's pool, maybe shop a little bit. (I have to buy a new swimsuit, though, because last year's Delta Burke skirted one swallows me - "yea!" Thank goodness, because I looked like a giant jellyfish in it!) Weight loss so far - 41.4 pounds.

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((Maddie)) - I was sorry to read about your beloved DFIL. My sympathies to you and Roger.

When my FIL passed away, he was working in his garden, his pride and joy. So I know what you mean about his feelings for the woods.


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Good evening!

((((Maddie & Roger))))

I posted a long post early this afternoon, but I somehow didn't manage to hit 'submit' well enough, so it didn't take.:(

Jan, congrats on doing so well and needing a smaller swimsuit!

Marci, Suzanne, Dee, and Raeanne, it's great seeing y'all posting!

I've been busy with VBS at church this week. Tomorrow is my last day of prepping and serving snacks to all the children. I've really enjoyed doing this.

This afternoon one of my sorority sisters invited us to her home for a tea. It was so lovely, fancy little finger sandwiches, spiced pecans, fresh fruit, and 3 different teas. Yum! Our first tea was blackberry black tea by Lipton's! The 2nd one was green tea wth lotus blossom and jasmine, and the 3rd one was something that had caramel in it somehow, and that was our dessert tea to go along with our hummingbird cake. We sat around her beautifully appointed table and ate, sipped, talked and laughed for about 2-1/2 hours.

Well, I had wished y'all a wonderful Wednesday in my earlier post, so I'll still do that and also wish y'all sweet dreams!

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Good early morning!

I'm trying to get some caffeine in me before walking at 7. Probably not the healthiest thing to do, but it helps open my eyes!

Ooh, milkdud, what a great afternoon you had! The caramel dessert tea sounds especially nice!

Yesterday after my hair appointment, I stopped in at a nearby K-Mart, and they had almost everything 50% off. I bought several really cute tops and tanks and walking shorts, and found a swimsuit for $17.50! I know I'm cheap, but I just hate to invest in a lot of clothes if I'm not going to stay in this size for long. But I still want to look decent during the process. Make sense?

I know it's a sign of old age, but I read the obituaries every day. Today there was a picture of a woman in all green - big, beautiful green hat, green dress. In the obit, it said how much she loved hats, and invited everyone to wear their favorite one to the memorial service. She sounded like a fun person to be around!

In another one, they had the gentleman's favorite saying, from Dr. Seuss, which I had not heard before, but love:

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." What a great motto to live by.

Happy 4th, everyone!


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Good thankful-it's-Thursday! Another scorcher here where I live, but I'm thankful for a/c!

VBS is over for this year, and today's adventure in ice cream-sundae-making is but a memory!!! I'm worn out from bending over and spooning on way too many toppings. Thankfully, it was only a 4-day week!

A big group of us who worked the VBS went out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. I ordered my usual healthy salad and enjoyed visiting with people I've only ever nodded to at church.

Hubby will be home soon for a long weekend of R&R. Hopefully, he won't get any calls from work, but that's rare. We have no plans other than going to our friends' home on the 4th for a big cookout and bunco/bunko.

Jan, congrats on findng bargains in your current size. Feels pretty darned good, doesn't it? :0

I'm going to sneak in a nap as I'm just plain tired. We did major cleanup after the last snackers came through the line, so my body is protesting right now.

Wishing everyone a Thursday for which to be thankful.

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Maddie, How sorry I feel for you, Rog, and the rest of your family. Rog must be inconsolable. Your words describing him were wonderful. NHSuzanne was right about passing when doing something you love, with someone you love. It might be the one bright spot you and Rog can hang tight to. Like Marci's FIL, my brother passed doing something he loved--being on the ocean in Alaska.

Jan- I've heard of many people having dreams of deceased loved ones, in a comforting setting. They say it's the brain's emotional way of coping, but who knows? Maybe it IS the person visiting from the after-death world. We may know if science keeps advancing at the rate it's going. And like you, I read the obits when I get my hands on the big city papers--some people's life stories are so interesting...I like the creative obits that REALLY tell a story. AND...Congrats about your Delta Burke swallowing you (!) Have fun swimsuit shopping.

Milkdud--BLESS YOUR HEART for doing VBS! When I was a child growing up in a small village, we looked forward to attending many sorts of VBSs when the missionaries came to our village. I still remember the songs and activities. VBS's lessons makes a life-long impact on children and how they treat humans and animals and fosters a love of music that lasts forever! Your "high" tea sounds wonderful! How fun!

QOD: The 4th--- We have a big parade that lasts and hour and a half in my new little town! Before that, a pancake brekky at the fire house and afterward, a BBQ at the historical museum lawn. Later, a BIG fireworks show on the water. Lots going on around town, so we're going to take the family and make it Baby V's biggest 4th ever! It'll likely be the last one we spend with him, so we want to cherish it.

HAVE A SAFE AND SANE 4th, everyone. Has anyone "seen" our resident firecracker, Patti? I'm worried about her lack of checkin' in. And Besh---where, oh, where are you?

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We're off to parade, picnic, and fireworks. Tomorrow, pancake brekky at the firehouse and then we're going to take a LONG nap!

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Just "popping" in to wish every one a Happy 4th of July.

We are going to a wedding this afternoon (they must want to start their life together with a bang! LOL) and I may go to a picnic tomorrow, depends on the weather.

Have a great weekend.


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Good afternoon and Happy Independence Day!

It's sunny and "only" 92 so far! I slept really late because this summer cold is kicking my behind.

We're invited to a cookout and Bunco party tonight at our friends' home. The guest list looks interesting + a few people we don't already know. I haven't played this game in 35 years, but I vaguely remember that there is lots of rotation, so we'll get to meet them.

Marci, our friend Susanne's anniversary is today. They married 28 years ago on the 4th. She's spending this weekend with an old friend, just to get away from the memories, or maybe to take time to cherish them. It seems like an odd time to marry, but hey, at least the decorating should be easy!

We're just taking snacks for this evening at our hosts' request. They're provding the dinner and homemade ice cream. We're taking dark chocolate M&M's and sugar-free Jolly Ranchers. Everybody else is bringing snacks, too.

BJ, I have good memories of VBS, too, which is why I volunteered to do it. I was the snack lady, but I made time to go out and visit with the kids while they were snacking, and that was nice.

Since I slept late, I think I'll spend the afternoon doing some much-needed picking up around here. Wishing everyone a great day doing whatever makes you feel good!

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