Another squirrel question

cindy_lou_whoOctober 19, 2002

In the past few years, my parents have had issues with squirrels.

First they chewed away at the shingles, so a new roof was put on. Then they pushed back the soffit, and started nesting in there. Roofers came back 3 times to replace the same piece.

The problem now is that since they can no longer get under the soffit, they have built an enormous nest in a tree by the front porch. This nest has the main electrical line that comes into the house running right through the middle. How does one go about removing it?

They have called a few places, but they seem to always get referred somewhere else because of the power line.

Any thoughts??

Thanks!! :)

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Have they talked to their power company?

I know if you are planning on doing tree work near lines you should contact them first, and knowing (from experience!)that squirrels like to chew wires, the power company may take care of it.

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To rid their house permanently, they must trap the rodents (for that is indeed what they are) and seal off the areas with hardware cloth. Squirrels will chew through *anything*. Trouble is, once they get in somewhere, their scent lingers so it becomes a magnet for other squirrels -- you get the idea.

Definitely call the power company to get advice, but they need professionals quickly.

Having been infested with them in the attic of my apartment building, I know the misery these creatures can put you through. I HATE them!

Here is a link that might be useful: United Exterminating Company

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lasershow, I have squirrels in my attic, pshed up the soffit, what is hardware cloth???

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Hardware cloth is metal meshing. If you follow the link in my previous post, he talks all about it and gives pictures, also.

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Here are some good web sites about squirrels and the damage they do:

In some cities in Canada, there is a company called "Wildlife Control Inc." which specializes in squirrels & raccoons. They are in the yellow pages under "exterminators" if they exist in your area. I used them when I had a squirrel problem, and they did a good job.

Hardware cloth is heavy gauge wire mesh that squirrels cannot chew through. Usually a one-way gate is installed over the entry hole so that the squirrels currently inside can get out (dead, rotting squirrels in the attic is a bad thing). After a few weeks, the hole is covered with hardware cloth, and later you should have a professional roofer repair the hole permanently.

If you have a squirrel infestation, your MUST get rid of them, since they can chew through electrical wires and cause fires, as well as damaging or supporting wooden beams, removing insulation, making holes big enough for rats to get in, etc.

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" You... should.... have .... bought.... a.... squirrel...."

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