magnavox tv model#55P8288, shuts off by itself

lulu_2007August 27, 2007

I have a 6 yr.old Magnavox big screen TV that shut itself off while watching.I could unplug & let sit for awhile and it would come back on. I did this for awhile and then it finally would not come on at all. Also when I would turn up volume on the Tv itself it would change the channel, or I could change channel and it would go to the AV1 or AV2. I put it in the garage for about 6 months and brought it back in and it worked again for about 2 months now it doesn't work again. Any suggestions would be so very helpful. model# 55P8288 serial# 58962295, chassis# PTV910.

Thank You.....

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you might want to try asking your question again at the following site: as they seem to be more active than this one wrt responding on issues regarding tv repair

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Don't know if this would help. I read a while ago that dust inside can lead to the auto shut off problem in older sets. Try cleaning the vented areas as best you can with suction.

Worked for my brother...

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Thanks pamminger much appreciated. I will try that site also. Celticmoon we did clean all the dust out the first time the TV quit working. That helped for awhile but then it quit working again. Thanks for the info it is much appreciated.

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my magnavox turns off after a few mins

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