metal exterior door paint bleeding?!

ashleyreeOctober 29, 2011

Hiya. I've moved into a "renovated" 1921 house. I tried to wipe away dust and grime off the newly painted (2 months ago) exterior metal door, and when I rinsed the damp sponge, the wash water turned raspberry from paint that had bled into the sponge. Now the spot where I "spot cleaned" (ahem) is a bit lighter than the rest of the door. What the heck did the painter use on my door?

I want to repaint it with a new color and heavy duty glossy finish. I've no idea what the original paint is. Can I just paint over the existing paint, or prime and paint, or should I strip it down to the metal then prime and paint?

BTW, I also want to repaint the vinyl window wrapping to match. Not sure what problems I might run into there too.

Thanks for your help. For what it's worth I got some info from an old Gardenweb post (see link below).

Here is a link that might be useful: Any experts? Painting metal front door

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What was on the sponge besides water?

It is most likely as latex paint on metal, and most of those rarely bond very well.

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It IS Halloween........what is so surprising about a bleeding door from a 1921 house?

Brick could be onto something.....was that sponge used for other clean-up duties that could have involved harsh chemicals?

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