TiVo connection -- phone line or network?

stircrazyAugust 9, 2006

Hi, all,

In my old home, my TV setup was right next to a phone jack, so I just had my TiVo hooked up that way.

I have digital voice in my new place, so that means paying extra for a phone line, which I don't want to do.

I know that you can set up TiVo with either a wired or wireless home network. I have both, and am trying to decide which to use. Anyone have any experience? It seems like the wireless might be a bad option if your wireless router hangs (mine does sometimes).

Also, if you have your TiVo hooked up through a home network, could you please tell me what kind of network adapter you're using?

Thanks very much!

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I'm on a wireless network, have both my tivo boxes on it. It works great, I can access and change programing from my work computer and I can also access all my music and pictures on my computer thru TIVO on my TV. Plus lots of yahoo games and weather. Also can transfer programs between tivo boxes.

Good Luck

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Hooking up to a network is way better than a phone line for the reasons already posted and more.

The Tivo only needs to "talk to the mothership" every 7 to 14 days to download the EPG.

When I set up my wireless Tivo's (I have 2 wireless, 1 wired), I needed a "real" phone line for the initial setup and system upgrade. Once the system was upgraded, the wireless adapters worked fine.

The last time I set up a Tivo was with a wired network adapter and it did not need a phone line for the initial setup.

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