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leukmanAugust 12, 2010

I have multiple TVs throughout the house and want to have webTV accessable on all of them individually, but from a single source. Is there some kind of device I can use, connected just after the cable source and upline from all splits, that would allow me to override a channel with my own input?

In other words, if my daughter in her room wants to watch cartoons, she'd just put a regular TV channel on. If my son in his room wanted to watch a web broadcast, he'd flip to channel 3 and see whatever was being fed from the upline source (which would have input from the PC).

Is there such a device?

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If I understand what you are trying to do, I think what you want is a Diplexer. It looks like a 2 way splitter but allows you to run 2 different types of signals through one wire. They run about 10 or 11 dollars at Radio Shack. I've seen them on line for as little a 2 bucks each. Then you'd use a diplexer at each tv to unsplit the signals and go into an A,B switch. You can get a manual A,B switch for around 10 bucks. There are remote controlled A,B switches for a bit more. The inputs for the diplexer are usually marked as one terminal for satellite (allows voltage to flow back from a satellite box to power an LNB...not an issue in your case) and the other terminal is marked "Antenna". Google "DIPLEXER" and you can see what the different configurations are and see what suits your needs.

Please note...don't confuse DIPLEXER with a DUPLEXER.

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