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nhsuzanneJune 30, 2008

Good morning sunshines,

How was your weekend?

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Good Morning to you. Mine was very good ty & yours? We went to a stamping convention on Sat where I learned new ways to do things. Sun I spent resting which I haven't done any of lately so it was nice. I started Marci's book. The author is from NH & FL. I thought about you!! Did you get to ride SP this weekend?

Hi to everyone else. I hope everyone get a chance to drop by & say hi this week. Patti :-)

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Patti, I leave on Thursday for my New England and Canadian cruise. Return on Saturday, the 12th--- so take your time with the book.

QOD: What did I hate as a child that I like now? That would be cheese. I absolutely love most cheeses; not blue or really smelly stuff, but creamy mozarella, goat, feta. Love it on salads, pasta, pizza, hmmmmmmmmm. Fat-free stuff is awful, but low fat versions are really nice too.

Be back later....

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Hey, did we all get out of bed at the same time?

Here's a repost of my dribble!

Good morning everyone.

Major happy news for me - I've reached my high school weight of 135 lbs. MAJOR GOAL. Part of me would love to lose more but I have to be very, very careful right now because of my emotions that I eat all my meals. Yesterday I was in grieving mode and could hardly eat and threw up dinner. I cried and it felt great. It took me 2 years to really grieve at 21 when my Dad died. I drank heavily and lost a dramatic amount of weight for many reasons - some of them wrong.

So now I'm switching to slowing down the weight loss and focusing on maintenance / health eating. I will let MY BODY determine where it wants to settle now. I could lose another 10-15 pounds but I'm not 21 anymore. At 5'3" this is a healthy weight. Not skinny, not fat - healthy. When I was good in my 20's I maintained 128 in the military. It's a future goal that I'd love to hit but with more exercise not food.

The major factor at any time in my life when I followed the advice of a dietitian for 2 years in the military diabetic clinic was the drinking of water, incorporating 3 fruit and 3 veggie service and watching how much bread/carbs I ate during the day. Bread/carbs is my comfort food - cereals especially. It was suggested I replace that with fruit like apples, peaches, plums etc. That made a huge difference having a mid-morning fruit snack and in the afternoon. Sometimes a couple of crackers with peanut butter if I was run down or tired to sustain me. Water really is a catalyst to let your body shift pounds, fat and reshape yourself.

I'm going to rename the detox diet to the Gag Diet. Man that first day sucked. But, I'd do it again every once in awhile because I have had more compliments from friends on my skin and overall appearance in my face it's unreal. I still can't believe I the red veins in my eyes have shrunk. Has to be the food. I've also made a conscious decision to spend the $9 on a big bottle of liquid Stevia (health food store) natural sweetener and get off all artificial sweeteners when possible. I am seriously wondering over the years if they have contributed to my overall not feeling well.

So excuse me while I happy dance all over this board today!!!!

I could not have reach this goal without your continued support and wonderful friendship. You have all made a difference in my life so much I will continue to post here all the time because I am now working on lifelong healthy living strategies. I deserve to take better care of myself inside and out - you help me with that. I love all of you and hope I can return the support you have given me.

WE can all do this together. If it's not the right time for you to lose weight for any reason I can personally tell you it is the right time to take care of yourself with healthy eating. Don't deny yourself any pleasure just try to remember portion sizes and


By loving yourself first and not blaming yourself the rest will be easy. Love yourself so you can love others with east.

That's what I am working on this week. LOVE MYSELF

C'mon and join me - LOVE YOURSELF

Say this with me - I LOVE MYSELF

Make today count. We are all special and have many gifts to offer each other. Friendship is sacred. We can do this by continuing to share our journey together. Don't sweat the small stuff!



Okay -

QOD: Clam chowder. Never liked it until I tried it while visiting Vancouver.

Dee - enjoy your cruise! WOW! Can't wait to hear about it - every last detail!

Hi Patti! Glad to see people back on board (geez now I'm thinking about cruising!).

Okay, everyone else get up now!!!!!

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Hi, everybody. I've been away for over a week and feel so "out of water." We went to visit my mother and brought her back for a week, so didn't have much time for computer. Had the best time with her - we did something fun every single day. Took her home on Saturday, decorated her house with her new purchases, and came home last night. What a whirlwind, fun, but still a whirlwind!

Tried to watch what I ate, but didn't keep a journal. Need to work in more exercise, too. Did okay, except yesterday on the way home we stopped at a Wendy's and my husband and I both got a milk shake and cheeseburger! I would lie and say it tasted awful, but it was so good. It will do me for a while, though. I think what triggered it we were talking about who had the best milkshakes, and I remembered a store downtown in the old days who made the shakes in the silver shaker and would pour the shake into a tall glass in front of our eyes. Yum. Wendy's was good, but not nearly as good as the old days.'

Peggy, congratulations on not only your weight loss, but everything! I thought of you the other day. How do you do your landscaping without getting bit by "critters?" I use bug spray, but it doesn't always work. I was bit on both of my ankles and on my calf by what I think must have been some sort of spider, but not sure. Didn't even feel it when I was bit. They were round bites, then formed one big blister on each, and then looked like a cigarette burn. My doctor prescribed antibiotics, just in case, which I'm still taking. I had the exterminator out last Friday to spray inside and outside really, really good. It's so hard to work in the yard in this heat all covered up, but I guess it beats getting bit.

QOD: I despised liver as a child. There were 6 kids in our family and my dad thought liver would be good for us, so had Mama cook up a batch for us. I still gag at the memory. My sister thought she was smart and put hers in a napkin then stuffed it in a hole underneath the tabletop. Months later my mom discovered was even grosser then.

Sorry to ramble. Missed being here.

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Peg - I LOVE MYSELF and YOU TOO. Everyday I say "I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself just as I am". If I am also feeling a negative emotion. I will say the above and then add "even when I feel (mad/sad/anxious/stressed). This way I am removing the guilt associated with my emotions - if that makes any sense LOL. Congrats on yoru goal!

QOD - oh my - if we are talking food it could be so many things - I was a picky eater. I love artichokes, asparagus, clams, sushi, mushrooms, and many other things that I wouldn't even want to look at as a child. I know love history and hated it as a child.

Suzanne - have you fully recouped from the big event?

Patti - another convention, you will be the queen of scrapbooking soon, if you aren't already LOL.

Dee - that is a cruise I think I would enjoy. Which cruise line is that?

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Raeanne, Royal Carib's Explorer of the Seas...., come down to CT on Friday (our first stop) and we'll pick you up!

Here is a link that might be useful: my vaca

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Dee~Whoo Hoo! Sounds like fun!!

Raeanne~I'm the queen of broke. LOL I have lots of projects to do though & I'm trying to apply what I'm learning so I don't forget.

Wodka~I really, really missed you. I noticed that you asked a ? about flank steak. I was going to e-mail you but didn't see an addy. Did you ever get an answer? I'm glad that you had fun. Sorry about the bites. I know that it is hot, humid, & I don't like the creatures that are out & about to bite here either.

Peggy~Congrats! WTG!! That's really, really good. You deserve a gold * but I don't know how to do gold so I'll give you black ones. Sorry. ;-)

Milkdud~Are you ragged yet? I know our Aubrey has lots of energy & I'm certain yours does too.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Milly? Didn't mean to scare you off!

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Happy Monday!

I've been MIA, lots of stuff going on but none of it bad, just crazy.

Peg, congratulations on that loss.

Dee, your cruise sounds fabulous - enjoy (of course I know you will)!

Suzanne, Marci, Wodka, Patti, Raeanne and everyone - hi!!!

QOD: I despised broccoli and green beans as a kid, flatly refused to eat them. Today they are 2 of my absolute favorite veggies and eat them regularly.

Tomorrow night off to get my hair highlighted, meet with my new trainer Wednesday night and Thursday night meet with a former co-worker about part time in home jewelry sales for a little extra money.

Another QOD: What's on your agenda for Friday July 4th? Mine is grilling with family and friends who will be over. I will go to my town's July 4th parade in the morning, it's a great parade that gets bigger and better every year. I didn't go last year, my dad really loved that parade, knew so many people in it and it was just too hard but I will be there this year.

I will try not to be so absent this week - I miss you guys when I'm not around!


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Hi! I know it's late to be posting, but I've been without a computer all day.

Yes, Patti, I'm worn out! We awoke at 6:30, and the child was non-stop until naptime at 1:00. The a/c guy came out around 8, so it was good that I was already awake and dressed, but still...... I took a nap when Aubrie did because I have to keep up with her. I did run over and weigh in at WW, but we didn't stay for the meeting. Once DH got home from work, I went to work out as he'd already wanted me to. I didn't feel as perky and energetic as I usually am during it, but it was nice to be around adults after 12 hours of discussing current events, etc., with a 21-month old! LOL

Well, I'll send hugs to everyone whether you need them or not because I am too tired to read y'all's posts. Sorry! But, I have to say that as tired as I am, I have loved every minute with this little one. She is learning so much so quickly all of a sudden that it's a delight to wait and see what happens next!

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Good morning everyone!

Yep, couldn't sleep last night. Did have a 4 hour nap to catch up from the other night of not sleeping yesterday afternoon. I'll take my sleep wherever I can get it right now.

Woke up hungry today - good thing since yesterday all I could manage was yogurt and a baloney sandwich. I looked at food yesterday and hated it. Absolutely hated it. Recognize this feeling from years ago. I'm grieving. At least I know what it is this time so I can work on it. Like all things this will pass.

So it's Canada Day. I know the QOD asked about Jul 4th but for today I'm taking it easy for the morning and if I can muster up energy before napping hoping to get some time moving garden dirt. Maybe haul a few bags of charity stuff to the car trunk too. I know tomorrow when I go downtown to work on my hotel gardens I will have to clean out garbage and stuff from them (oh yea.). It's amazing the crap other than cigarette butts people put in gardens. I could throw up sometimes from all the cigarette butts. They harm the plants and disgust me. Don't get me talking about condoms either. Sorry, I shouldn't gross you out so early. And yes, I do have to think about needles too and be careful when working.

It's starting to get light out at 4:51, over cast in Ottawa. Should be a beautiful afternoon on Parliament Hill with sun. Thank heavens after all our rain. (More to come of course!). I'm beginning to feel like I'm living back in Scotland this summer.

QOD: Friday - working downtown in my gardens.

Going to surf the net for awhile. See ya later!


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Rabbit, rabbit!!!

Happy Canada Day Peggy. Hope you have a great day.

Wodka, good to see you back.

QOD: I did not eat meat when I was a young child because cows had eyes, etc. the only "meat" my mother could get me to eat was turkey until I saw one at a zoo and my cousin kept yelling hey look at that turkey. My mother tried to convince him it was NOT a turkey but I knew that my mother lied to me and I was devastated. LOL I was a teenager before I would eat meat although I did eat seafood. LOL

After 6 months in rehab DSS broke out last night. I have suspected he was never fully sober even in the halfway house but when he got kicked out of there last month I knew something was up. He is on his own now as we are not going to do anything more to help him until he helps himself and if that means living in a dumpster then so be it. He has to reach a bottom ( presumably) eventually. What we are doing for him is not working so he's going to have to figure it out himself this time. God give us strength because we are going to need it.

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Donna~You go & have fun at that parade in your Dad's honor. What a loving tribute. You are a wonderful daughter.

Milkdud~It sounds like you are tired but a good tired.

Peggy~Happy Canada Day! I am always shocked at where I see c0nd-ms. I never thought about you having to clean them out of the flower beds. I guess that you wear gloves then? Keep smiling! It sounds like you are doing good in your quest for a balance.

NH Suzanne~[[[ H U G S ]]] Rabbit, Rabbit. I thought I was going to be here early but you were the early bird! I'm so sorry about your SS. They can be such a source of joy at times & such a source of heartache at others. I'm sorry that this is happening to you. Good things DO happen to good people.

Hello to everyone else.

Marci~I'm thoroughly enjoying the book. Thanks for the little "extra". :-)

Dee~I'll try to time things so that the book will be there right about the same time that you get home.

QOD: We will probably do something at home on Friday. The town closest to us is not doing their thing until Saturday & there are so many towns around that are having to cancel out due to the economy. We didn't want to go far but wanted to do something so I think that's what we have decided.

Have a great day! Patti :-)

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Can't believe that it is July 1st already. Slow down summer! Rabbit-Rabbit back at ya.

Patti - Glad you are enjoying the book. I didn't laugh as much as I usually do, but it was still a good quick read. I would love to see some pix of your projects.

DeeMarie - You're next cruise sounds wonderful. Right now I would welcome a cruise down the Ohio river if it would give me a change of scenery! LOL

((Peg)) - Take it one day at a time. Each day is a step in the healing process and each day will bring changes, some good, some bad, but all necessary to reach your final goal.
Just make sure that on the days you don't feel like eating much that you are drinking plenty of fluids.

Donna - Good to see you checking in. I just looked in the mirror and realized my highlights need touched up too. And I think I am going to treat myself to a manicure this week. Usually my nails are in terrible shape, but I have been wearing gloves when my hands are in water and for once, my nails look good.

Milkdud - Aubrie sounds like she is so much fun. I just love that age when they are discovering the world around them. You are so lucky to have this chance to bond with her.

Wodka - Welcome back. I wondered where you were. Glad you had a nice visit with your DM.

NHSuzanne - That is funny about the turkey. What did your DM try to tell you the turkey was instead? LOL

QOD - If DH is feeling up to it, we are going to a local State Park for a cookout with my family on Friday. He has a birthday next week and so does my DBIL, so we are going to celebrate their birthdays on the 4th.

QOD - Spinach. I don't think I ever ate spinach as a child just because it looked so gross. I do believe my mother bought spinach in a can (gag), so that may also explain why I wouldn't eat it. Now I could eat (fresh) spinach every day and I try to sneak it into all kinds of foods.

I picked out my new kitchen counter top, sink and faucet and I have to go finalize the order tomorrow. I don't know why I dragged my feet on this for so long but I am glad that I got the ball rolling.

Hello to everyone I missed!

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Good morning!

Yesterday I was sooooo lazy, today I'm going to get back on track.

nhsuzanne, I'm also very sorry about your DSS. I have a family member who has suffered from alcohol addiction and he has been through at least three rehabs. The first time we all thought worked - he remained sober for 10 years, really had it together, then relapsed. Stayed sober another two, relapsed again, etc. He was killing himself before our eyes, and it took him literally facing death before he turned himself around. Even then, he fought it. It was a very difficult time for all involved. I pray that your DSS finds sobriety and peace soon, because I know how heartbreaking it can be.

I am still taking antibiotic for my spider/insect bites, and the doctor said to stay out of the sun until I finish my medication. It's killing me - there are mushrooms and weeds popping up in my flower beds. I would much rather be weeding than staying inside.......

I need to get re-energized about my eating. I didn't do badly with Mama here, but I wasn't as strict, either, as I had been. Last night I did pretty good, got in bed to watch tv, and then got out to find a Nutty Buddy that was calling my name.

QOD: More company is on its way. My sister and her family are coming for the long holiday weekend. Our neighborhood always shoots fireworks, so we will have a free show from our backyard.

Hope everyone's day is a great one!

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Nhsuzanne, my thoughts are with you to be strong. You have done all you can and it's time to let go. So sorry you have to go through this.

Wodka, I always wear pants like jeans when I am gardening - I've learned over the years. Also wear socks and shoes. I'm clutzy when I start to get tired, I crawl in the garden at times so proper clothing is important. Also I do spray my clothes with bug spray when needed.

Managed to crash again and slept about 5 hours so that's good.

Beautiful day today, i have to go move some more dirt around. Have a great one today!


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rabbit, rabbit

Belated Happy Canada Day to Peg. Boy you are one busy gal. Don't know where you get your energy (unless those naps do it for may have to patent them! lol)

[[[[[[[[[[[[[Suzanne]]]]]]]]]]]], I am so sorry about your ongoing family issues. They just pop up without any regard for whatever else is going on. Stay strong in how you and DH decide to deal with it. Sometimes it's the best way to help someone. I'm thinking about you and sending out prayers to all of you.

Marci, you are also welcome to join us on this cruise. I'm taking my books, reading sunglasses, my sign-and-sail card for an occasional rum-and-diet-coke, and a will to stay away from all the bad food. Oh yes, better take some clothes too! Not a pretty sight without them.

I've received 2 strange invitations to meetings relating to my major project. This afternoon with some IT people, and tomorrow at 7:30am with the senior VP of our department (my director's boss!). Something tells me I'm not going to get funding for what I want. We'll see, but I'm glad it will be resolved before my vacation.

Need to run and get ready for yet another meeting.

Take care, eat healthfully, and never, never give up!

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((((((Suzanne))))) - my heartbreaks for what you are dealing with. It sounds like it is time for some tough love. I just hope that you can find a way to be at peace with this decision. Hang in there.

Peg - Happy Canada Day. Seems like playing in the dirt allows you to sleep a bit better.

Dee - My fingers are crossed that you get your funding.

Wodka - they do sound like spider bites, glad you are on the antibiotics, even at the expense of not weeding LOL.

Marci - glad you got motivated to pick out your kitchen finishings.

BJ - are you buried under boxes. I hope all went well with listing your house and the move.

QOD - I am on the raffle basket committee that supports our fireworks show in town, so I will be collecting gifts and making up baskets. I have to work until 1 on Friday and then all day on Saturday. We will be going to a party on Friday at our friends home, they have the most amazing view of the lake and we can see at least 2 firework shows from there. DD#2 will be home and she will be going to the party too. Aside from that I plan on getting out on the lake at some point. I almost forgot I have an art show Sunday at the Sagamore Resort.

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Small graces...finally cool enough I went for a walk to the corner to get DH a couple of chocolate bars (I had ONE bite) - the ESSO station has Crystal Light cherry slushie - yay! So I got one for myself. Okay, it has artificial sweetener but it's much better than a chocolate bar and it's cold. Real cold. My nose, head and stomach aches like h@ll but is it




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Good Wednesday all,

Peggy, I am on day two of the fruit flush. I thought yesterday was pretty easy and I attribute it to being prepared! I REALLY enjoyed my salad and chicken for dinner!

Today I think will be more challenging - just fruit. I am brining a protein shake with me just in case. How much can one hurt? We shall see.

The weather here stinks. For at least two weeks we have been in pea soup humid stuff. Some days we sun for a little while but then it's thunderstorms and humidity. Things need to dry out a little soon.

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Okay Suzanne, what protein shake are you using? Mine was touted to be excellent and healthy for women but holy cow Batman - the taste - Yeach!

I found I lost a further 2 pounds a couple of days later because I was having trouble eating - at any rate it sure made me feel flushed out overall and set things straight. I will go back to this but with a different protein powder next time.

Good luck with your adventure Suzanne!

I slept last night - I slept last night. Yeah! So I'm ready for my downtown garden clean up after Canada Day (I hope they weren't pigs....) It's going to be hot this afternoon - 27, and probably humid to boost with all the circulating rain.

Have to pack some honeydew and raspberry yogurt today for snacks and lots and lots of water. (I have access to the kitchens for water.)

So my friends across the border are getting ready for 4th of July - I hope it is a safe holiday for all of you with lovely weather. Last night the fireworks pretty much died off by 11 pm so I could get to sleep. My poor cat was hiding under a bed. Animals are so sensitive to the noise and frightened.

It appears I'm holding my new weight so far. Which is good. My friends, this has been a 3 year journey for 30 pounds. I have learned over time a little off and maintenance/healthy lifestyle focus is the key for my success. I not a large woman. It's a different journey for each of us. Our health is the most important aspect throughout all of this - both mental and physical. Don't despair and don't give up when you have set backs. Please don't give up. I could have easily over the last 3 years and returned to 167 lbs - with beer drinking, cereals and breads. I had my periods of just being tired of it all. I let it pass. I started/continued again focusing on healthy eating, walking, seeing my doctor and just trying to take better care of me. I got books from friends, library, magazines. Anything that helped me feel good inside. Smelly bath soaps, quality food. One day, one step at a time. I still have a life time journey of this focus so I don't return to a heavier weight. It's parallel to having diabetes for me - diet control still. It's a lifetime commitment to myself.

You can do this too. There is no clock. There are no losers, only winners no matter what because the skills you are learning now about yourself you will have for life.

It's a great day today. Join me and make it count. You deserve nothing but the best in life - even if it's a special moment today. Take it and relish it. Let's be thankful for our freedom, our choices, our friends and family. Make today count for all the right reasons!

God Bless and LOL

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This was in the newspapers today:

Munching on marigolds
Enjoy array of edible flowers

Thanks to the recent rain we've experienced, gardens everywhere are a riot of rich colour and heavenly fragrances.

According to Breakfast Television's Frank Ferragine, resident gardening guru as well as weatherman, now's the perfect time to enjoy flowers in all facets of our lives -- pretty to look at, even nicer to eat.

"Care must be taken that the flowers you do ingest are organic in nature and free from pesticides -- so your best bet is to purchase them from nurseries that specialize in this," Ferragine says.

One such business is Boncheff Greenhouses in the city's west-end, famous in the food industry for their excellent edible bouquets as well as herbs and miniature vegetables that grace tables nation-wide.

According to Flowers Canada, when you begin to experiment with edible flowers, start slowly and exercise the same care you would take in choosing vegetables to eat.

Eat only part of the flower or plant that you've confirmed is safe for human consumption. And if you don't know, or are unsure of the toxicity of a flower or plant, ask a qualified professional before you consume it.

Here's a handy list, courtesy of Ferragine:

- Violets: Flowers can be eaten raw, put in salads, or candied and used in desserts. Violets are loaded with vitamin C.

- Dandelions: The common yard weed can be used in salad, or fermented and turned into wine. Flavour tends to be bitter and the plant serves as a good diuretic. They are sweetest when picked young.

- Herb blossoms/chives, rosemary, basil, dill, fennel, lavender, mint, marjoram, oregano, sage and thyme -- have edible flowers as well. The flowers usually have a similar flavour as the leaves, but are more delicate.

- Marigolds: Technically called calendula, this flower is sometimes referred to as "poor man's saffron" because of its flavour, which ranges from spicy and bitter to tangy and peppery. Sprinkle on soups, pasta, rice, scrambled eggs and salad.

- Clover: Flowers have a sweet flavour that is nice as a tea, and can also add a licorice-like edge to dishes.

- Impatiens and pansies: Flowers have a light taste and make pretty garnishes or salad additions.

- Nasturtiums: The bright orange, yellow or red flowers have a peppery flavour like radishes or watercress. Perfect for salads, garnishes, with cheese, on sandwiches or added to savoury appetizers.

- Roses: Sources list all roses as edible, with the darker varieties having a more pronounced flavour, like that of strawberries or green apples. The petals can be used in ice cream, frozen in ice cubes and floated in punch, or cooked into syrups, jellies, butters or spreads.


Pick flowers in the morning when water content is at its highest. Shake each flower to dislodge insects. After removing the stamen, wash under a fine jet of water or in a strainer placed in a large bowl of water. Drain and allow to dry on absorbent paper. The flowers will retain their odour and colour, providing they dry quickly and are not exposed to direct sunlight.


Frank Ferragine says these lovely flowers are long-lasting and are perfect decorations for cakes, cupcakes and more. Follow instructions carefully for perfect results. Note: Use only unsprayed flowers. This cannot be emphasized enough.

Flower blossoms (see end)

1-2 egg whites

11/2 cup (375mL) finely granulated white sugar

Tiny, clean, artist's brush

Cup of cool water

Wax or parchment paper for drying flowers

Paper or cotton towels

Cut prettiest blossoms from flower, taking care to keep enough stem on them to allow you to hold them easily (3 to 4 inches/8 to 10 cm).

Gently -- but thoroughly -- wash blossoms in cool water to remove all dirt, dust or unexpected life form. Dry gently with absorbent paper or cotton towels and place each stem in a glass of cool water, until ready to be frosted.

Beat whites with a whisk or fork, until lightly frothy. Place finely granulated white sugar in a soup bowl -- this will be used to dip flowers.

Taking a single flower at a time, use tiny brush to gently -- but thoroughly -- coat the entire flower blossom, one petal at a time. Do not immerse blossom into egg white, as this will cause flower to take up too much egg white and will not harden properly.

Gently dip egg-washed blossom into sugar, taking care to get sugar onto each petal. Gently shake off any excess. Place blossom on wax paper or parchment paper and snip flower blossom off its stem-holder. Allow blossom to completely dry and harden. Store in an airtight container -- they will keep for weeks. These candied flowers add an especially nice touch perched on a frosted cupcake or cake. Or top an iced tea with candied flowers for an unexpected touch.

Flowers that can be used include: Bee balm, calendula, carnation, chrysanthemum, cornflower/bachelor button, dandelion, fuchsia, geraniums, gladiolas, hibiscus, hollyhock, honeysuckle, impatiens, marigold, nasturtium, pansy, rose, snapdragon, squash blossom, sweet william, tuberous begonia, tulip, viola and violet.

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Thanks for such a motivational message this morning! I sure needed to read it. I have not been able to get back on track this week after having company all last week and expecting more tomorrow. My biggest challenge is making healthy living a lifestyle. As long as it's just my husband and me, I seem to do fine. But I can't live the rest of my life in solitary - ha! For some reason yesterday I "grazed" all day. Up until last week I had checked in daily here and also at, and did so well. Right now I feel upside down.

It hasn't helped that I can't get out in the sun for a few more days because of this medication. Seems silly to me, but they really stressed that I don't. Only a few more pills left, then I can get out and work some of the pounds and anxiety off!

So glad you got a good night's rest last night! You keep inspiring me.....Hope everyone else is having a good day.


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Hi Jan! I'm so glad to hear from you too!
I hear you loud and clear with company challenges. Sometimes it's just so darn hard and well meaning people want you to have more, taste this...blah blah blah....have a drink...

If you are hosting - strategies might include a huge pitcher of a beverage that you enjoy and can share - keep your glass full, always try to include healthy nibbles too. I've been surprised sometimes to see the guys grab celery and carrot sticks to munch on while yakking. Pick up some treats for yourself that do less damage but are still tasty. Again, get enough to share. A day or two is not bad, a couple of weeks is emotionally tiring for me. Whatever the outcome and I mean whatever - pull up your socks, don't despair at the scale or wait a week before checking yourself after you've had a chance to recoup with better choices (so you don't beat yourself up!). One step, one day, one choice at a time. Heck I fallen all over the place with my journey and it continues every day. The key?

Don't quit. Come back. I'm in this for the long haul - for me and no one else. Are you?

I'm so glad you are here posting Jan. So glad.

Smile and breathe.


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I'm off to the ship in 2 hours, so I need to finish packing and jump into the shower.


I will open an internet account onboard and hope to check in (depending upon the speed, as we are charged by the minute)!

Everyone needs to promise me that you will all behave yourselves. I will have my spies watching! Also, DH and I have promised ourselves that, although we will have a good time, we will be careful about what we eat. Not stressful stuff, but at least limit the amount of meals (DH can pack away about 6 big meals a day on a cruise) sheesh! We brought our fitness center clothes, and will walk the decks the minute we think we are 'bored'. Also, our friends can take the elevators; we will do the stairs.

Besh, I will wave to you in MA. DH decided to take the Fenway Park tour (watch the news because our friend who is a Yankees fan is going to bury a jersey there!) LOL!!!! We don't care, as we are METS fan.


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Have a safe and enjoyable trip Dee! We'll be watching you too!

It's pissing rain this morning. Good day to catch up in the house. Wicked night of tossing and turning so I came down to the couch until 5:30 am and then returned to bed for a few hours. I'm not too bad right now but ask me at 3pm when the afternoon snooze button hits! At least there's a cool breeze running through the house.

How are you this morning? (This is not QOD just me asking). Lots of MIA around here - do check in - I'm nosy ya know and would like to hear from you!

Enjoy today, make it count! I'll check in later.

Have fun Dee!


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Good Thursday!

Boy, it's quiet here this week. Maybe everyone has started the holiday weekend early!

Peggy, I use the Fat Flush Whey Protein; it's not bad at all. Peggy, you would be interested in the fat flush detox diet. I have done it several times and it's really easy to follow. The author is Anna Louise Gittleman and she is a nutritionist. Check it out.

Dee, Bon Voyage mon ami be safe.

Jan, I hope you can get out and enjoy some sunshine soon. I am glad you are back. We missed you.

Raeanne, good luck with your art show.

Marci, a new kitchen is nice! It's amazing how a few small changes can make a big difference.

Milkdud, hope you are having a great time.

Patti, where are you?

I am on my third day of the fruit flush. I feel great although a little hungry from time to time. I have not weighed myself yet but I can tell I have lost water weight and I have alot of energy!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fat Flush Whey Protein

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DeeMarie, have fun. Sounds like you've got it all planned - can't wait to hear about it.

Peggy, thanks for the tips. Company is arriving tonight and leaving Saturday, so I shouldn't have too much trouble. I love the Lipton's Citrus Diet Green Tea, and have plenty of those in stock. The veggie tray also sounds like a good idea, too.

I weighed in at the gastro doctor yesterday and no weight gained, Still shows a loss of 18.5 pounds, and that's with company last week, eating out, etc. So that made me feel better and concentrate on eating better the rest of the day. I take my last antibiotic pill today so can get back in the yard and get my workout there, and start walking again. Might be wearing a haz-mat (?) suit to keep the critters away from me, but that's okay......

"Don't quit. Come back. I'm in this for the long haul - for me and no one else. Are you?" ---- Yes, I am!

Happy 4th, everyone!

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Good morning! I'm sneaking in to read and post while Aubrie's taking a nap. TG for naps!!!

I've been having the best time being with her. Yes, it's harder than it was when I was a young mom with kids, but it's all the more precious because I get a 2nd chance to savor every moment and do things better than my first go-round.

My eating has taken a beating, I'll have to admit. I find myself doing the same dumb things I did when my kids were little - finishing what they didn't eat! I hope that today I can control things better because I went to bed last night totally disgusted with myself.

I actually carved out time this morning while Aubrie was playing on the front porch to cut out new cloth napkins with my sharp new pinking shears! She was in charge of putting any dropped "strings" into my pocket for the trash. Her vocabulary has really grown since she's been here. She has our undivided attention when she talks, so she seems to try harder to help us understand her. I think her parents will be pleasantly surprised at how clearly she's talking when they come on Sunday. So will her big sister!

Dee, have a wonderful cruise. I admire your good intentions to work out and make good food choices!

McPeg, a good thing about keeping Aubrie is that I go to bed fairly early now and get a full night's sleep because I'm so tired! LOL I hope your insomnia disappears quickly.

Wodka, nothing like a little success (hey, no weight GAIN is success in my book!) to get you back on track!

Suzanne, I'm so happy to see you posting this week. I miss you when you're not around. I'm so sorry about your DSS, but he's obviously going to have to come to terms with himself before he wants to get better. I'm impressed with you doing the fat flush thing, too. Such ambitious women we have here!

Hi, Raeanne! I'd love to see photos of your recent works if you feel like posting them. I so envy you having such talent.

Hi, Marci and Patti! Aubrie's stirring, so I'll stop now. Have a great 4th if I don't get back online before then!

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Hey, hey, hey. Guess who finally lost 2# this week? It was me! Yea! A total of #60. I'm hoping that means that more weight is going to follow--coming off that is.

Milkdud~You sound SO happy. I'm so excited for you.

Wodka~I'm glad that you are getting to go back out in the sun. I take meds all of the time that prevent me from getting too much sun so I've just accepted the fact & forget from time to time. I don't even think about it much. Enjoy your company.

Peggy~What are we going to do about our insomnia? About 4 hours of "fitful" sleeping with "help" is all I get a night. Even if I'm worn out I don't get much more than that. It isn't that I don't want more.

NH Suzanne~Yesterday I was on early but rested the latter part of the day & today we went to the east coast for a dr's appt. Another dr's appt on Mon & hopefully the rest of the month will be smooth sailing. Have things settled down from the wedding reception?

Dee~I hope you have a wonderful time. I've never been on a ship but have been on little boats. I hope that I would like it. They sound like fun.

Raeanne~Have fun with DD. I talked to mine yesterday. Her b'day was the 1st. The mother/daughter bond is so wonderful & even though she isn't my bio DD, I cherish the moments we share.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

QOWeekend: LOL The year is 1/2 over. Have you been able to keep your New Year's resolutions or whatever goals you set for yourself for this year so far? What are you doing to make certain you will reach them? (The 2nd part of the ? is more for yourself if you want than to have to answer here!)

I think for a change, I might be exceeding my goals & resolutions. I don't remember a specific resolution but as far as goals, I find myself growing by leaps & bounds.

Next...Patti ;-)

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Good morning everyone!

Patti - I'm not as bad as you are with my sleep. Last night I cheated and took an allergy medication because it usually makes me so drowsy for the first couple of hours. It was enough to get me to sleep. I'm relearning to sleep, somewhat. I have had to take naps now which have been helping. Normally I never nap because of irregular sleeping. We do what we can. What does your doctor say for your insomnia? CONGRATULATIONS on your loss! You go girl!

Milkdud - Isn't it wonderful looking at the world 'anew' again with Aubrie? She sounds wonderful. Do what you can with your eating but don't sweat it, just carry on after she goes home. Enjoy your time together. Wish I were a fly on your wall! LOL

Wodka the fact you are holding your own on the scale is fantastic with the company. I'm with ya because I experience the same each time we visit the in-laws every month. Drinks, nibble bowls of nuts and chips - very hard. Sometimes I have to 'plan' those visits by bulking up on more veggie/fruits, less carbs a day before and after the visit to allow myself a few extras while there. The key to that was 'planning'. It's much harder when you have a visiting situation that goes on for a couple of weeks. So pat yourself on the back for holding your own! You are doing great! I'll be thinking about you when I working downtown today - I know you will be happy to get outside again!

Nhsuzanne - how is your flush going? Mine helped a lot to refocus and remind myself how little fruit and veg I've been eating! I get lazy.

Marci glad to see you post! I hope you'll post a pic when the kitchen is done.

Happy 4th of July to my neighbours! Have a safe holiday.

I'll be thinking about everyone today when I'm downtown. We are a wonderful group of friends to share our journey. All of you are helping me find my inner peace again. I feel strength, love, joy, friendship and so much more.

Let's make this a special day today. Be true to yourself, smile when you look in the mirror. We have been blessed to live in countries that give us opportunity. Things are getting tough around us with fuel prices rising but not as tough as other areas in the world today. It may mean we have to adjust but we can adjust. We have the freedom to choose. There is strength in community - let's hold fast together during the challenges that face us. We are blessed to have the internet and this forum. We are blessed to share as one our troubles with all the miles between us. When you feel weak, remember you are blessed.

Make today a great day! Our countries give us freedom to choose. Make the right choice today in all aspects of your life.

Happy Birthday!


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Happy 4th of July to everyone in the USA!

Aubrie's taking a nice long nap (her only one today!!!), and I've spent that time on the phone with first one son, then the other one. Seems that my youngest DSon, Aubrie's daddy, has been in the emergency room in Galveston for hours today because of mysterious aches, pains, and fever. The drs. are finally discharging him after replenishing his fluids and giving him beaucoups of anit-inflammatories, pain meds, and antibiotics. They are pretty sure that whatever it is will run its course and he'll be fine by morning. Bless his heart, every trip they've been on since being married has ended up with him getting something!

We had a lovely, cooling shower late this morning, no thunder or lightning, and since Aubrie and I were already playing out on the front porch, we decided to remove our shoes and go dance on the grass until it started raining hard. Talk about fun watching her! She'd never done anything like that before, and she was very happy. I've enjoyed sharing so many little fun things like that with her this week. I'll tell you about our spaghetti-eating incident another day! LOL

We're hoping to see more "pretty lights" tonight. It looks like more rain's on the way, but we'll hope for the best.

Peggy, you're so right about seeing the world through her eyes. She finds everything interesting, and nothing is too small or unimportant to study. It's the best being a grandmother!

Well, I've got to make hay while the sun shines (no it's not shining here!), before Aubrie awakens and wants all my attention. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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Happy July 5th!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th - belated Happy Canada Day Peg.

I must catch up but....


Dee, enjoy your cruise!

Congratulations to all of you "losers"

I went to our town's parade yesterday and it was great. I don't care how old you are the best part of the parade is the end with the fire trucks with their lights, sirens and horns :-)

Last night at dusk the most beautiful doe was standing across the street from my house - right in the middle of our cul de sac - she bolted between two houses. This is very unusual to see deer right in the neighborhood. I have woods behind my house and occasionally see deer there but I have never seen one right in the middle of our street before. I know they visit because last year they ate my roses. We are experiencing some building so their habitat is disturbed so I guess that's why she came so close to houses.

Hello to everyone! This week has been nuts as usual and I haven't been on the computer much except to pay bills and that's just not right!

Today is is overcast and humid, forecast is intermittent showers and I think they got it right for a change.

Will stop back later - enjoy the long weekend!!


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Good Saturday afternoon! It's warm (85 d.) and very humid here today.

The fireworks last night were magnificent! We had a very good view - right beside them as it turned out! The first one went off, and Aubrie literally wet herself (and me!). I did manage to change her diaper with her on my lap and clean myself up in the process. LOL I have to say that I was most impressed with the display this church provided for everyone.

I got out alone this morning to run to the library and to buy something to wear to church tomorrow. It's heck not having anything fit anymore but not wanting to buy a new wardrobe yet. I did pick up some black slacks and a dressy top and black slides for tomorrow.

Turns out that my youngest Dson had a stomach virus that caused all his pain. He's much improved today, thank goodness!

Hope everyone's just having too much fun to post here today!

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Donna~I'm so glad that you had an opportunity to post. My DB is a fireman. My DGM had a firehouse right behind her home & used to take us to the fire station every time we visited. They let us get in the trucks & honk the horn. I still remember it fondly & DB says it is the best job ever. He could retire but isn't ready. LOL

Milkdud~I'm so glad that you've had this bonding time. Does DS come back tomorrow? Glad that they were able to find out the cause & that it isn't anything that requires surgery or is permanent. Sorry that it had to happen while he was trying to have fun.

Peg~You've been a blessing to me as well. I feel more at peace since you & Wodka have been here.

Marci~I finished the book & will send it on to Dee later this week so as to hopefully get it there on Saturday when she returns.

NH Suzanne~Are you getting to ride SP this weekend?

Raeanne~How was your time with DD?

BJ~Are you on the island now?

Besh~Are you lurking?

Gretchen~Are you still around?

Jen~What are you & the girls doing this summer?

John~I've been thinking about you.

A special sweet hello to those I've missed. Please post a note & let us know how you are doing. Patti :-)

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Hi Everyone!
It's hot today and will continue to be hot over the next couple of weeks. Today I've been tackling clearing out my Mom's old room. Lots of stuff from all over the house for clothing gone into garbage bags in a pile outside - I'll be calling for a charity shop pick-up ASAP. Bagging up stuff to go to other family which is going into the back garden shed (it's been swept out and also getting an overhaul today. I can't keep stuff in this house for other people to pick up. I need my living space.

One corner, one step at a time.

My brother came for a visit after work and stayed overnight. We always have a laugh and enjoy each other's company. Great for DH to yak sports with another man. They also yak about their 'war' years in the military too.

Taking a wee break right now but have to get back at it soon for one last shot at this today. It's been bugging me when it's hot that I can't crash in the spare room because of all the stuff I've pulled out. I need to depersonalize the room, paint it and make it a 'new' room that I am comfortable in. One step at a time. I'm okay and ready to do this now. I have some ideas on what I'd like to do to redecorate it - bright and cheery.

Glad to see some posts this weekend. I will be checking in later to catch up some more.

Ta ta for now,

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I'm pleased with the small dent I put in the 'tidy this place up' list. It always seems overwhelming. Pick a corner and just do it. Yep. The other day I did a little in the basement. I can tell and I'm pleased. Not much but it's a little bit less to do each and every day. I really want to purge this whole house. Start small. Kinda like weight loss. I'm putting my house on a clutter loss diet. Too much and I want to get more painting done but I can't move in some places.

Oooopsy today - thought my yogurt taste beautiful. Smooth, creamy - picked up the WRONG one - 3.5%MF. Not the ZERO fat I normally get. Oh well, pay more attention next time!

Tomorrow is going to be hot so I hope to get motivated early to do stuff. More sorting, cleaning and outside I have to get some strings up for my beans - they are soon to start flowering and are just sprawled all over the bed. Also trying to keep the water clean for the bird bath (its a huge plastic bottom to a plant pot). Just love watching the birds have drinks and splash around - so does my cat! They help keep the bugs down in my garden too.

Gotta get in my jammies and find my book. Soon be time to say g'night!

Pleasant dreams - I'm getting a little better with my sleep.


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Just thought I'd do a quick drop by & say hi to those who are checking in. We've taken a lazy weekend. I have made some cards for our DMs who both have birthdays this month & am sending some pics to a friend who lost his DD 1 1/2 years ago & I found some old pics of her. I found lots of pics that I thought were lost forever. Some of DS that I was so afraid had been thrown out or someone else had. I can certainly see the resemblance between him & Aubrey.

Peggy~You have the right attitude about cleaning the house. Putting one foot in front of the other will get you to the goal every time. You just have to take it one step at a time. I'm very proud of you.

Keep your heads up and your weight down. LOL Patti ;-)

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Aw, thanks Patti. I learned a lot quilting actually - one piece at a time, one square, one bit gets you a quilt in time. My first quilt taught me so much in that aspect. I apply it to many areas in my life.

So far today have a load of laundry done, pulled stuff out of my closet and my bedroom looks like a yard sale. Repacking the clothes and double checking my wardrobe again for things I don't wear and don't fit anymore . Washed out the trash can - it's 82' outside, dry heat but man o man is that trash can bad. It's plastic and really embeds odours. Dish soap and borax - scrubbed that sucker down good with my mop and it's now airing out in the sun. I hate smelling trash cans. Eeeeooouuuuuuuwwwwww. Anchoring some support lines for my beans outside - dummy here planted pole beans instead of bush beans and there's a zillion flowers. If the bees can't see the flowers I won't have beans!

Still had about 4 wheel barrels or more of dirt on the front lawn (and a few huge piles in the back yard). My neighbour asked if I was going to use it - told them they can have it all and lent them my wheel barrel. They're expanding their garden bed too. I got a lot more dirt than I ordered (not complaining) so now I have someone else clearing the last bit so I can reseed that area of the lawn soon. And yes, there's still a fair amount of garden in the back to be cleaned out from last year - a perennial flower bed running amuck I say! Day of the Triffids out back. Kinda like it but I'm not loving the weeds stuck poking their heads up. Rascals.

Almost done my water and going back to finish my beans, dismantle my grow lights (decided to sell them) from the basement and get another large rubbermaid container for the bedroom closet.

Be back later for more water and keep an eye on everyone!


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